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Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It is the 5th of May and it is Cinco de Mayo. May 5, 1862 is the day that the Mexican Army beat the invading French Army at Puebla in what was an improbable victory. However, in the United States it’s a big drinking holiday. I would expect plenty of tequila and beer to be drank tonight, and I for one expect that I will be watching some playoff basketball while drinking a tequila sunrise or two.

Speaking of playoff basketball I need to state that I had picked the Wizards, the Cavs, the Warriors and the Spurs to win their second round matchups and advance to their respective conference finals. So far the Cavs, and Warriors have won the first game of their respective series’, but the Wizards and Spurs have some work to do.

The Washington Wizards are down 2-1 to the Boston Celtics. Isaiah Thomas is dealing with the tragedy of losing his sister the best way he can, which is leading his team to victory every night. I was expecting that this series would be the breakout of John Wall and he has not disappointed but so far he has been outplayed by Thomas. The King In The Fourth has been big for the Celtics and so far it has been a team effort against the Wizards.

Washington jumped out to sizeable leads in the first three games but the team play of the Celtics has brought them back (Washington did hold on to their lead to win Game 3). Al Horford has had a great playoffs to date and the Celtics are getting good contributions from Marcus Smart and the rookie Jaylen Brown. I expected more from Washington but as long as the Celtics are getting great play from their starters and their bench, they look tough to beat.

I expect Washington to win Game 4 but it still looks like my pick of the Wizards won’t get the job done. Celtics in 6 games looks like the choice and the Cavaliers better prepare themselves to come to Boston for Game 1.

Cleveland is having no trouble against the Raptors and that is something that must be giving Raptors General Manager Maisai Ujiri fits. This Raptors team was built with Cleveland in mind and so far, even though it has been one game, the Cavs have had no problems. In acquiring PJ Tucker and Serge Ibaka, the Raptors figured they had two players that would give LeBron trouble. Tucker has given LeBron fits over the years and Ibaka is a stretch four that is tough to guard,

However, no problem from Cleveland who has won their five playoff games so far with ease. Cleveland struggled at points in the regular season but it looks like they were just laying low for the games that really count. Now that we are in the playoffs the Cavs have been clicking on all cylinders. With that said, Toronto will win a game or two. They are a good team. It’s just that the Cavs are better.

Out west I expect that the Golden State Warriors will have no problem at all with the Utah Jazz. Credit to Utah for being the team that will likely end what the Clippers have been building for the last five seasons, but they are no match at all for the Warriors. Golden State is on autopilot right now. They jump out to quick leads and they crush their opponents. It is far bigger than their core four players too. They have been getting some great bench play and JaVale McGee, a player long made fun of around the League for being a goofball, is having a resurgence this season in Oakland.

The Warriors should sweep by the Jazz with ease. I’m not downplaying Utah this time around because Gordon Heyward and company did impress me with their play against the Clippers but this Warriors team is far better than the Clippers and far superior to the Jazz themselves. Easy sweep for the Warriors.

So, assuming its Golden State, who they will face in the conference finals. I still think it will be San Antonio but Houston’s team effort in Game 1 should be appreciated. The fact that they blew out the Spurs and only got 20 points for James Harden is impressive. The man that may win the MVP award was more facilitator than scorer and that led to a team effort that rushed the Spurs out of their own building.

The Rockets did it on offense and defense. They stifled LaMarcus Aldridge and they did enough to keep Kawhi Leonard in check. Mike D’Antoni’s team looks good. Too good. I’m not counting out San Antonio and their vast experience. They have been in a fight before and if anyone can overcome a bad start, and losing a key player like Tony Parker, it is them. Spurs in 7 games.

Plenty of good NBA action this time of the year, but I will also like to close out this blog by reminding you all that I love the sport of boxing. We have seen a few great fights so far in 2017 and another one will take place this weekend when Canelo Alvarez takes on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

It seems fitting that on Cinco de Mayo weekend that the two biggest Mexican names in the sport enter the ring against each other. Taking place at 164.5 pounds neither man has a clear advantage. Canelo has to bulk up to hit that mark, while Julio has to slim down. It will likely be an easier mark to clear for Canelo, especially in the light of Julio having problems making weight before.

This fight is the epitome of force versus the moving object. Canelo can crack, and Julio can take a punch. This should be interesting. My gut says the power of Canelo and his vicious uppercut can take the day, but Julio has the reach, size, and weight advantage and he should be able to absorb what Canelo can dish out and Julio can give out punishment as well.

So while my gut thinks a late stoppage by Canelo, my head thinks that this fight will be a close decision for Canelo. Either way, I think we will be entertained.

I’m done. Thanks for reading.


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