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This week’s questions… 

1) In your opinion, which team (or teams) had the best draft this year? 

Chad: To me the 49ers won the draft by getting the picks from the Bears and getting Thomas and Foster on Defense in the 1st round.

Niners get the guy they wanted in Solomon Thomas

Dan: I really liked the Packers’ draft but I don’t think they were the best. They were able to trade out of the first round, acquire more picks, and still got the player they wanted.

The 49ers had a nice draft as well, acquiring later picks to move down one spot and were still able to grab the two players they had wanted in Foster and Thomas. What a great move by San Francisco.

But, the Browns had the best draft, in my opinion. And, I loved what the Browns did and that they didn’t overpay for a quarterback. They grabbed Kizer at number 52 which is a steal in my eyes and they were able to grab a couple huge players in Garrett, Njoku and Jabrill Peppers (who I really, really like) all in the first round.

Earl: I like what John Lynch did in his first year as General Manager of the 49’ers. He played the newbie card well by fleecing the Chicago Bears to move up one pick and take Mitch Trubisky. In return the Niners get the guy they wanted all along in Solomon Thomas and a boatload of picks.

I also like their gamble to trade back into the first round and take Reuben Foster. Reuben has some issues, but if he can keep it together, he will be a good fit in San Francisco.

2) In your opinion, which team (or teams) had the worst draft this year?

Chad: I think Cleveland was slightly worse the than Chicago due to the fact that outside of Garrett their picks have talent but may take  a lot of time to develop or in Peppers case find a position.

Did the Bears need only 10 minutes to make the worst trade of the 2017 NFL draft?

Dan: The Bears had an awful draft. Not only did they grab a project in the second round from a D-II school, but they gave up a lot to move up one slot for a player almost everyone knew wasn’t going to get drafted by San Francisco. And, not only did they grab Trubisky at number two with only 12 collegiate starts under his belt, they also have a quarterback on their roster in Glennon who they just signed to a 3-year, $45 million deal this off-season. The moves were just a huge head scratcher all around.

The Rams also had an awful draft in my eyes. Their 2017 first round pick was sent in a trade last season to grab Jared Goff who hasn’t proven his worth at all. He’ll have a sophomore season to try and prove that he’s worth what they paid for. The rest of their picks are projects with a Sun Belt TE drafted in round 2, who I believe they reached for a little bit, then a WR from the FCS and a defensive player in round four that really isn’t all that.

Earl: That honor goes to the Chicago Bears. Trubisky may be a star but they overpaid to get him and they now have two unproven QBs on their roster with Glennon and Trubisky. Outside of the trade up, I was underwhelmed by their other additions. 

3) What was the biggest 1st round surprise? Why?

Chad: Jonathan Allen falling to the Washington Redskins.

I know this is a passing league, but I surely expected Allen to go a lot earlier in the draft.

Jonathan Allen falls to Redskins

Dan: It has to be the Bears moving up from three to two and giving up what they gave up for a quarterback after they just signed Mike Glennon to a rather significant contract. To make it even more surprising, they swapped spots with San Francisco to get a quarterback that nobody was expecting San Francisco to pick. Everyone thought the Bears moved up to grab Thomas or a top defensive player, not Trubisky. Even the 49ers thought Thomas was going to be gone.

Earl: Trubisky may be the obvious answer but I will say the Titans taking Corey Davis at #5. I didn’t think this was a draft where a receiver should go in the top 10 and by taking Davis, it allowed Jamal Adams to fall to my Jets at #6.

4) On Sunday the Buffalo Bills fired Doug Whaley their GM. This is not a decision a team would make lightly especially during the NFL draft, or at the conclusion as the case seems to be… Bills’ co-owner Terry Pegula said that Whaley “put the whole(draft) together.”

In your opinion, do you have any reasonable hypothesis why the Pegula’s would pick now to fire their GM?

Chad: There is more to this story then we know. Right now, I cannot fathom a good reason to do this.

Dan: The only explanation I would have to wait until after the draft and not attack right after the season is due to the draft. They didn’t want possible leaks to get out, exploitation used by other teams, etc…

The Bills also have came out and said that he was a crucial part to setting up the entire draft plan for the Bills, so they wanted to get through the draft with him and his team before letting them go. Which makes sense. Now, they will start new and fresh with a new crop of talent and can begin scouting for next year’s draft with the new crew immediately.

Earl: A new head coach wanting his own guy would make sense to me. By easing out the GM, and scouting staff, he can lobby the Pegula’s to put people that he would want in place.

5) Now that the draft is all said and done… who the hell is the Brown’s QB for 2017?

 And, once decided, does will that QB have anyone to throw the ball to?

Chad: I think right now it’s a QB competition between Osweiler and Kessler for the starting job.

As far as who they are throwing to: ????

DeShone Kizer in the running for Browns’ #1 QB?

Dan: Kizer will be the Browns’ quarterback. And he’ll have to make it work with what they have. They have Corey Coleman, who was a nice addition last season, they have their new tight end (who they’re so comfortable with they cut Gary Barnidge) and they have Crowell & Duke Johnson in the backfield. They also have Kenny Britt. So they have some options, but this will be another developmental year for the entire Browns’ offense. They have five picks in the first two rounds next season so they’re sitting nicely. They need to develop a connection between Coleman, Njoku and Kizer that can last for five-plus seasons and they’re on the right track.

Earl: I think DeShone Kizer will be the starter in Cleveland because he has the most upside of anyone on the roster. I’m sure Cody Kessler will get a fair chance but is he really that much better than Kizer? I don’t think so.

As far as the receivers? I can’t help you there.



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