This week’s questions…

1) Yeah, it’s only April but is last week’s Chris Coghlan slide the best play already for 2017? Or, at least the craziest?

And, have you ever seen any “slide” into home to compare with his? When, who and where?


Earl: I can’t say that I have seen a slide as crazy as Coghlan’s.

There have been some that have come close, no doubt, but none as cool as that.


Steve: That was just plain sick! The only one I can think of was the Pete Rose All Star game where he knocked the catcher out. But this slide by Coghlan had me watching it over and over again.

Amazing! That is all I can say about that.

2) The Mets’ Noah Syndergaard complained of arm soreness and had trouble even lifting his arm above his shoulder. The Mets moved his start from Thursday to Sunday. The Mets also wanted him to get an MRI. He refused. The Mets complied with his refusal.

Thor off to NY for MRI

He started the game on Sunday and was forced to leave the game in the 2nd inning as he grabbed at his arm. He had a line score of 5 hits, 5 earned runs and 2 walks and 2 strikeouts in a game that turned into a 23-5 lambasting by the Washington Nationals.  He is now scheduled for an MRI, and likely will now face at least a stint on the 10-day DL.

Is Syndergaard’s refusal a dumbass move for whatever his reasons were? And, if you agree it was, then on a scale of 1 to 10 how dumb was it?

However, were the Mets… first complying with his refusal to get the MRI. No, they can’t demand he take the MRI; it’s the player’s right to say no but they could have said they would place him on the 10-day DL… and… THEN letting him start the game on Sunday… more dumbass?


Earl: There’s a whole lot of dumb here. Noah needed to sit. Yes, the Mets have gotten off to a bad start, and yes there are a ton of injuries but there is no need to add on and make things worse. It’s only May. Nothing would have been wrong if Noah missed a couple of starts and got healthy again. So, yes the whole organization gets the dumbass treatment.

Mgr. Terry Collins is tired of talking about all the Mets’ injuries

Steve: Syndergaard is becoming Stephen Strasburg 2.0. All the talent in the world but cannot finish a regular season without an injury. This is his second injury in this short season.

This was a huge mistake by the Mets by not proceeding with an MRI to error on the side of caution. A guy who throws 100 mph is bound to have arm problems. Your body is not meant to throw that hard every five days. This is disappointing to me as a former pitcher that a young kid like this refuses to get checked out, and even more disappointing that the franchise allowed it.

On the scale meter this is a 10+.

3) It appears like there has been plenty of hitting early this season. It’s just a casual observance, but it seems as if HRs up, especially multi HR games by individual players and that the HRs are tending to be tape measure shots.

In your opinion, is the ball juiced, or at least are some of the players juiced, or, hell, it’s just an anomaly and things will eventually settle down to a somewhat normal HR pace as the pitchers adapt.


Earl: Just an anomaly of pitchers not fully in their stride and hitters taking advantage of early season mistakes.

It will all balance itself out once the summer gets here.

Steve: Here we go again with the PED talk. I can only answer this by saying; I have no idea. With this era of baseball, you want to think as a fan that they are doing this the right way.

I honestly think the tape measure home runs are from these guys who are just incredibly strong, and work the weight rooms quite a bit. PED’s will help you with your recovery from an injury, and may give you an extra little oomph on the ball, but they are not going to help you hit the ball almost 500 feet. I think the Home-run ball has returned in some fashion or another.

Is it being done honestly? I want to say yes as the fan in me, but I don’t know.

4) Speaking of anomalies… considering the Nationals kicking the Mets’ butt 23-5, with light hitting Anthony Rendon leading the way with 6 hits in 6 AB, 3 HRs and 10 RBIs, are the Nationals beginning to look scary good and as if they are headed for a monster regular season record (presently on pace to win 110 games), or will they too settle down as the season moves along?

Bryce Harper off to a ho start in 2017

Earl: This is an anomaly as well. I think. The Mets are banged up and sometimes a player like Rendon will have an awesome game. The reason I say, I think, is that the Mets might be really bad and the Nationals might be good enough that they can have a game where a light hitting player like Rendon steps up and leads them to a statement win.

Steve: The Nationals are loaded with talent, while Rendon is a great player, don’t expect him to have too many monster games like that. But, hell, that was fun to watch.

Harper seems to be the player of old and has rebounded from last season, they have a stellar pitching rotation, and a decent bullpen. They have an experienced manager in Dusty Baker, so yeah, they are going to steam roll through the regular season, and will win close to 100 games, maybe not 110, but they will hover around 100. The real question will loom though… Can they win in the playoffs?

History shows they cannot.

5) In your opinion, are the Yankees this good (tied for 1st place in the AL East with one of MLB’s best records, or is it just a case of “It’s long season; stuff happens… they will fade to the middle of the pack”?


Aaron Judge (99) is hitting tape measure shots as he leads the Yanks into an early 1st place

Earl: I think the Baby Bombers are this good. They are too young to let themselves get intimidated and the division really isn’t that strong. Boston, and Baltimore, should be hanging around, but the Yanks are already better than the Rays and Blue Jays, so even if they fall off a little, they should still be in the Wildcard hunt as the season wears on.

Steve: If, they can be a little more consistent with their pitching, then yes they can be there in the end. This lineup, starting with Aaron Judge is extremely dangerous, and is one of the best in baseball. Even Starlin Castro is starting to show his All-Star form once again. Sabathia seems to find himself, Tanaka is looking strong, and Pineda looks good as well. So sure they have all the talent in the world to take the AL East and get back to the post season. It is too early to tell at this point, but I could see them being there in the end.

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