NBA Second round playoff Predictions!

Welcome to Round 2!

Let’s check into the leaderboard, as you might remember, each person was given 200 bucks and had to pick the winner in the right number of games with a Max of 25 bucks.

Earl 232

Steve 220

Chad: 200

David: 180

Joe 170

Dan missed round one, so he has a $50 cap on each series.

So lets get to the picks!

#1 Boston Celtics vs #4 Washington Wizards

David: The Celtics had a harder run than expected, and if Rondo wasn’t hurt, the chances are good that we are not breaking down this matchup so soon. When Brad Stevens is getting flak, you know it’s a hard series. Washington let the Hawks play their game, and it cost them rest. I’m going to take Washington here, simply because Rondo killed them, and Wall is better than he is. I think the Celtics can handle Beal- but not Wall, who has his official coming out party as the best point in the East in 6 games. $20

Steve: Boston over Washington in 7 games. 15.00

Joe: Boston in 7; $5

Chad: Celtics in 6-20

Earl: Boston versus Washington: The Celtics survived against the Bills. Going down 2-0 and with Isiah Thomas dealing with the tragic passing of his sister it would have been easy if they just collapsed.
However they fought back and now they face the Wizards. The Wiz are good and I like their chances. I like them so much that I’m going to say Wizards in 7 games. John Wall is going to make his mark in this series. Count on it. $10

Dan:  Boston in 7. $50

#2 Cleveland Cavilers vs #3 Toronto Raptors

David: This one should be fun. Paul George screwed Indy out of at least 2 games, and I can’t see anyone on Toronto playing that badly that they will count on. Cleveland is going to have some problems in the early going, but I do think that LeBron can take over on both ends of the court enough times to take a hard fought victory in 6 games for 15 bucks.

Steve: Cleveland over Toronto in 6 games. 25.00

Joe: Cleveland in 6; $5

Chad: Cavs in 6- 20

Earl: Cleveland versus Toronto is a good series. Toronto struggled against Milwaukee at times but they are built to compete against the Cavs.
With that said the Cavs will win this series in 5 games. They are that good. $25

Dan: Cleveland in 5. $50

#1 Golden State Warriors vs #5 Utah Jazz

David: Utah is playing with House Money here, Is this the round where we see the lack of depth catchup to the Warriors? Is this the round where the lack of Kerr hurts the Warriors?
No. Warriors in 5 for 20, please.

Joe: Golden State in 4; $25

Steve: Golden State over either Utah or LA Clippers in 6 games. 25.00

Chad: Warriors in 5-15

Earl: Golden State versus the winner of the Jazz/Clippers series. I’ll be honest when I say that it won’t matter who wins that series because the Warriors will sweep them. The Warriors are on a roll and neither the Jazz or Clippers will stop that. $25

Dan: GSW v Utah — Golden State in 6. $50

#2 San Antonio Spurs vs #3 Houston Rockets

David: This is the fun one. The Spurs have all the experience, but LaMarcus just isn’t as dependable as Duncan. The Rockets just took out the MVP with ease. I think this comes down to Tony Parker. If he can recapture some of his glory days, then they could win this one in a walk. If they have to put this series on LaMarcus’ back, then they will be going home early. The REAL MVP is going to take out Harden, but I think the Rockets can still score. The question is, someone has to step up on the Spurs. I think they can in 6 games, but I think there is a solid shot of an upset. 10 Bucks.

Steve: San Antonio over Houston in 7 games. 15.00

Joe:  San Antonio in 6; $10

Chad: Spurs in 7- 10

Earl: Houston versus San Antonio is the best matchup of the 2nd round. James Harden versus Kawhi Leonard is must see television.

With that said I like San Antonio in 6 games. The Rockets will fight but the Spurs are too good. 20

Dan:  Spurs in 6. $50

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