Species: Series Overview

This franchise starts off really well, as I said, we send out a space probe, with a basic map of our solar system, some biology on Humans and so forth.
We get a response, and everyone is all excited. The first part is the always fun clean energy instructions, to make us trust them. For some reason a clean energy source is always a fun SCI-FI trope. We have a clean energy source already, it’s called the SUN. You know that big glowing thing in the sky? Yeah. What we need is a more efficient way of conversion and a better battery to store that energy.

The first movie is a true classic. It’s a simple setup, we get something from space, try and follow directions, and it goes wild, so now we need our superteam to stop it. The team is done well, with enough good actors surrounding Ben Kingley that the movie has gravity and a good bit of fun.
We then flip over to a magic substance on Mars infecting a human, so this isn’t really a followup, could easily be another series, maybe call it The Astronaut’s Wife? The first movie setup for a sequel, as does this one in threads the followup doesn’t care about. We still have some strong performers in this one, and that helps.
Then the rest of the series is all about the second generation trying to setup a TV series or a cash grab crapfest.

Bottom Line. Grab the first two, but the first one is by far the superior one, and it’s on TV all the time. If you don’t care about special features, I think you could skip the whole set and keep an eye on the DVR schedule.

The ratings

Species   – 9
Species 2 – 4
Species 3 – 2
Species 4 – 2

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