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The Finals of the March Madness Tournament

Hello wrestling fans and welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. We are down to the final two competitors in the March Madness tournament. We started with 64 and we are now in the Finals. Who advanced, who went home? Plus we will discuss the new arrival of Drew McIntyre back into the WWE. What are out thoughts about this? All this and much more!

Here are the Finals of the March Madness tournament. Before I unveil the winner, I have to say that I was shocked when I saw that both swept the point totals at 5-0. the fans vote was split but both still won that by over 85%. Amazing. So here we go, the championship round will feature.


There you have it, vote for your March Madness champion.

Steve: Im going AJ Styles here for the championship. I think that while Brock is a beast, and probably can destroy anyone on the main roster, AJ’s technical ability and in ring skill can overcome the massive Lesnar, and take home the championship.

Frosh: AJ Styles wins here.  Lesnar is imposing, and if this was his early run, I would say he would win, however Styles has too much experience, and while trickery may be involved in the finish, I think Styles pulls it out.

Tyler: Styles in a 30 minute classic.

Chad: Because of his consistent contribution to the sport of professional for the last 15+ years I have to go with AJ Styles. did he always perform on the biggest stages…no. I think his ability to have a good match with just about anyone makes him the face that runs this bracket.

Now here are the questions this week.

How interested are you that Drew McIntyre will once again compete in the WWE, after a successful run in TNA?

Steve: Very much so, I like Drew McIntyre in his first WWE run outside the 3 man band idiocy. I had thought that he could have been the World Champion at one time. Now that his skills are polished up and his mic skills have developed, the time may be right for McIntyre to shine in the WWE.

Frosh: I would be more excited if he had ever actually succeeded in WWE.  As it was, he got relegated to jobber before he left.  I see no reason for anything to change.  He will probably get a half decent push to start, and then go back to jobbing to everyone. See – Curt Hawkins.

Tyler: Very interested.  He basically relaunched his career in TNA and the indies, so I’m looking forward to see what he can do this time arround.

Chad: I am interested I watched what he did as Drew Galloway. I hope he brings some of that over to the WWE and maybe even get a quick run in NXT to polish some things.

It is rumored that Mike and Maria (Kanellis) Bennett have signed with the WWE. Good move by the WWE?

Steve: This is a good move by the WWE because Maria is already a name, and her husband Mike Bennett could be a star in this business, with the right build and the right gimmick, he could be something special. I could see him making an immediate run at the US or Intercontinental championship. Also I look for him to feud with Dolph Ziggler, these two match up really well together.

Frosh: I am kind of “Meh” here.  It could be a good move, if they are utilized and booked correctly, but this is the WWE….

Tyler: Very good.  Both are good mid-card heels, and Maria has turned herself into one of the best heel women in the business.

Chad: There is name recognition there and it can’t hurt to bring a talent who has succeeded other places into the WWE/NXT world and help push their career to that next level to make the talent around them better?

Was Jinder Mahal winning the number one contender spot on Smackdown the right move? What are your thoughts?

Steve: My thoughts are that Smackdown just got a whole hell of a lot worse. This is the most ridiculous choice for a number one contender since the Great Khali.

Frosh: I will probably be disagreeing with every other panelist on this one.  But I LOVE THIS.  1) It is something different, a new face in the main event picture 2)Mahal has been jobbing for so long that while it is hard to picture him as a contender, I think he deserves a good push.  3) With WWE making a push into India, there is a small chance they might actually strap him with the belt, leading into a small bit of uncertainty and suprise.  Honestly, I would have never, in a million years, booked Mahal to win the contendorship.  However, now that he has won it, I would put the belt on him.  He is the classing anti-American foreign heel.  He doesn’t have to do a lot to get heel-over with the crowd.  Come out, talk down about ‘Murica and how much better he is than all of us…instant crowd heat.  Plus with the Bollywood Boys joining him, we have the makings of a pretty legit stable.  I honestly think, as good as Mahal can actually go in the ring (he actually does have a lot of in-ring talent), a feud for the belt between him and AJ would be amazing.  And the Orton feud has promise as well.

Tyler: I have no fucking idea.  While I appreciate mixing it up in the upper card…Jinder Mahal? Really?

Chad: To me it’s too much to quick this push is really out of Left Field and now with Rusev announcing he wants the title match at Money in the Bank or he is taking his ball and going home I can’t see Mahal winning but it looks they are building a nice group to feud with Orton. Right now, I say too much to soon but in the future it could work out.

It is rumored that Braun Strowman will face off against Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship later this year. Considering how dominant Strowman has been, and the fact that Lesnar rarely appears on TV. Should they put the title on Strowman?

Steve: Im all for it. I am not sold on the fact that Brock Lesnar is the Universal champion. I don’t like part timer champions as it takes away any prestige that the championship has.

Frosh: I didn’t know Raw still had a Universal Champion….I haven’t seen it on TV in over a month now.  At this point, put the belt on Hawkins, or anyone, just get it off of the part timer.  So yes, Strowman should be the next champion, as EARLY AS POSSIBLE.  I mean at Payback have Lesnar come out and talk some smack, then Strowman come out and challenge him, impromptu style and Strowman wins.  The only problem with Strowman winning the belt is that sets up a Strowman//Reigns feud for the belt and we all know how Vince will book that one….sigh.

Tyler: Fuck yes!  It’d be nice to have a champion that actually appears on TV, and Stowman’s been getting the crowd reaction that Roman Reigns wishes he had.

Chad: I would rather have the belt on a full-time guy Strowman can beat Lesnar; Lesnar can get revenge and beat Strowman at Survivor Series or the Rumble, and then Reigns can beat Lesnar at WM 34 in his 4th straight main event and get booed out of the building for the 4th straight WrestleMania.

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