The Blog About Nothing 4/28 Edition

Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 28th of April, and another month has come to an end. First off I would like to apologize for my infrequent blog schedule lately. It seems like my life is in overdrive and even when I do get a moment to catch myself, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer and string words together.

Nope. I’d rather watch television. Be it sports, or binge watch season one of Game of Thrones which I did last weekend. I watched all of Season One on Saturday and liked it so much that I did it again Sunday. The second time through was done in part for a site I’m part of called We Drink And We Know Things ( but since I genuinely do like Game of Thrones, it was all worth it.

Yes, a man that already claims that he doesn’t have time to write is taking on another writing project. This should be fun (sarcastic voice). However, I’ll have to find time for that site and this one so that in time, I’ll no longer have to get beat down by a 9 to 5. Nope. Hopefully in time my passion projects will be the ones that actually put money in my pockets. We’ll see.

This week I’ll talk about something I used to love but now completely exhausts me. That could be a lot of things since I’ve grown a bit bitter and cynical in age. It could really be anything but what I’m talking about this week is my exhaustion with the NFL Draft.

With the 6th pick in the NFL draft the JETS select…

The NFL Draft kicks off on April 27th and it will come to a conclusion on April 29th. The three day process starts with Round One on Thursday, Rounds Two and Three on Friday, and Rounds Four through Seven on Saturday. The Draft used to be two days, and honestly I still think it could be done on one day if you schedule the minutes between picks correctly, but the NFL has done a very good job of spreading things out.

That includes the process itself. The NFL Draft process starts in earnest when the College Football season ends in early January and goes all the way through to the Draft which not too long ago was in mid-April but now takes place at the end of the month. Three months of the dog and pony show is way too much. By the time you get to the Draft it feels like there’s overkill.

Prospects are nitpicked to the death. Diluted drug test samples get talked about to the hilt. Twitter debates are endless. It has all gotten to be too much in my opinion.

Which is a shame because I once did genuinely love the Draft. I used to look forward to it. I once did my own mock drafts and I even kept a running tab of all of the picks. I would watch the entire draft process and record each pick on sheets of paper which I would reference once preseason started.

With all of this said: I will still watch the Draft. I will not stay up to the end of the first round on Thursday, and I’ll likely miss picks being announced because I have other things going on at this time, but I will still try to watch as much as I can. I still like to see the players come out and shake the commissioner’s hand. I still like to see the players holding their jerseys and taking pictures with the family. I even like the crowd participation which should be intense this year since it’s being held in Philadelphia. As we all know Philadelphians can be an intense crowd.

So, I’ll watch the Draft. I’ll miss some of it, which is just how life goes, but I wish the NFL found some way to make the process feel like less of a played out burden. However that isn’t how the NFL works anymore. Everything is drawn out and everything is a show.

I’m done. Thanks for reading.


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