NFL Draft thoughts and Media Predictions!

Ok. Lets talk about the IRONCLAD guarantees for the Draft, as I actually heard on ESPN/NFL network.

(Insert Team Here) is open for a trade.

No kidding, every pick is on the table. No? Have the Niners call the Browns and say we will give you our next 5 first, second and third round picks to move up one slot. So yeah, all picks are on the table for the right offer.

(Insert Team Here) is looking to fill a hole in the first round.

Really? What a concept. I’m so glad the NFL Network flew you to (Insert City Here) to get that scoop. This tidbit was so awesome, that it was the header under the talking head as she spoke.

(Insert Team Here) is looking for a QB.

Really? You think a team that has a bottom 10 QB might be looking for one?

and finally.

(Insert Team Here) could be looking to move up or down in the draft, but would be happy to stay where they are depending on who falls to them.

Lotta options there.


As for tonight, the question is where do I watch the draft. I did the NFL network last year. And with ESPN firing over 100 on camera people, let me do that one- since I don’t think I have watched 10 hours of ESPN this year. Geez, could I name 20 ESPN on air “talents”?

As a Panthers fan, I hate the mocks. I was seeing Leonard Fournette on everyone’s mock, and I was praying the Jags would take him, letting the Panthers get OJ Howard or Mike Williams. Now I’m seeing them take Christian McCaffrey. Damn.
If the Panthers take McCaffrey with Williams AND Howard on the board, I’m going to be more ticked than when the Hornets took Big White Guy instead of 4 draft picks from Boston.

I would love to see OJ Howard, failing that, Mike Williams, and failing that, trading down. There are a TON of corners out there, and to get a half dozen of them with a trade down or two would be great. How about we swap with the Browns (8 for 13, R2 swap 4th) so they get Mitch and then again with the Texans (13 for 25, R2 R4 and next years 2, then get Kevin King or Chidobe Awuzie and maybe Jabrill Peppers will be there at 33? Hurt my feelings please.

2016 Draft Diary:






Feel free to play my favorite game, pick the top 10 draftee that will be a bust. No points for taking a QB.

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