2017 NFL Draft Diary Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the 2017 NFL Draft Diary!


The Detroit Lions Select

Jarrad Davis ILB Florida

I would have went Rueben. The talent is just there, and I think he’s getting railroaded.

Earl: Jarrad Davis is a former running back so he moves well. The pick makes sense for the Lions but it doesn’t necessarily move the needle for me.

I can see wanting high character, but the Rueben was accused after he kicked her out of the house. Just doesn’t pass the smell test, not like this is Mixon here.

The Miami Dolphins Select

Charles Harris DE Missouri


That is just too damn funny.

If Chewbacca is a wookie, then you must rush the QB.

Earl:Surprised the Dolphins did not take Foster. Nothing against Charles Harris but the Dolphins are an organization that reaches for players with talent despite character issues. They might regret passing on Reuben.

I kinda like the good cop bad cop thing that Gruden is trying out with the other two.

The New York Giants Select

Evan Engram      TE     Ole Miss

Gruden calls him a slot receiver not a tight end, of course, he called McCaffery a slot guy too.

Earl: Engram makes sense for the Giants. Foster would have been better but the Giants haven’t taken a LB in the first round for a long time now. In Engram, Eli gets an Ole Miss guy that can stretch the field.

Can’t find a picture of Chewbacca with Charles Harris. Might have to back it up and take a picture.

The Oakland/LA/Las Vegas Raiders select

Gareon Conley CB Ohio State

Earl: The Vegas Raiders take a gamble on Gareon Conley. Kid is facing rape allegations but it sounds unfounded at the moment. If he can play, he fills a need but for the team heading to a town known for gambling in a few years, they take one tonight.

Lets not talk about his talent, let’s talk about the charges. After talking about Conley’s defense of the charges, Wingo has to pop up that they are not saying he’s innocent, GEEZ ESPN. Now onto his talent. Kiper has him 18th on the big board.

Browns pick is in, but we gives a damn, commercials!

Hey ESPN tells us what the trade was!

Nope, just the combination of the Brock Trade

Browns get two first-round picks, a second-round pick, a sixth-round pick and Brock Osweiler

Texans Get: DeShaun Watson and a fourth-round pick.

Still not sure the Texans gave up enough for that jump. They are in a win now mode though with JJ Watt.

The Cleveland Browns Select

Jabrill Peppers S Michigan


Thats a solid pick there. I’m not a huge fan of his, but he can play anywhere they put him on the secondary. The Browns need talent, and Peppers wont ever be a star, but I can see him play for years and pop up every now and again doing something. Captain Munnerlyn type of player?

Earl: I’ve watched Jabrill Peppers play since high school and as a Michigan fan I have seen a lot of his games. Let me say this: amazing athlete and a good kid that will play anywhere but that playing anywhere leaves him without a position. He’s not a linebacker. He’s not a corner and he’s barely a safety. His best position might be running back but he should make an impact early on special teams.

Gruden likes the pick, and says he can return kicks as well, and must be reading EJ as he can play running back too.

Earl: I’m not against it but I don’t know how long he lasts in the League without a defined position.

Had to take a break, sorry people

The Atlanta Falcons take

Takkarist McKinley OLB UCLA

He has a picture of his grandmother with him. She raised him and he promised her that he would go to school. Good on him. He’s yelling all over the place. The panel loves the pick.

Earl: Once again not Reuben Foster but McKinley makes sense for a team that was shredded in the second half by the Patriots. They needed a speedy linebacker.

The pick is in, but we gotta talk more. Suzy is down to talk about Grandma McKinley again. See this kind of stuff I can get behind. The guy that recruited him to UCLA is a LB coach for the Falcons and pushed hard for him. Great, a loveable guy I gotta hate twice a year.

The Buffalo Bills select

Tre’Davious White      CB     LSU   

Oh, this dude is GOOD. They show his monster return that was just unreal to see live. One of the guys says he was the top corner. All I know is Rex Ryan wishes he was still here. I would love to see this dude at Carolina, and to be honest, the Bills could have got this dude before the trade down and I would have been fine.

Earl: White was a good pick by the Bills they needed a CB and he was the best one available

Since the Cowboys are next, nobody cares about anything else going on. Everything stops and for the first time in seemingly hours we talk about what a team needs, everyone is thinking secondary. Does LSU have any defensive backs left?

The Dallas Cowboys  select:

Taco Charlton      DE     Michigan   

Earl: Taco Charlton is a good football player. Loved him at Michigan and he will fit in well with what they are building in Dallas.

They are going to love having a dude named Taco in Texas. Kiper has all kinds of holes in his game. Well duh, he did go to Michigan. We get the fun scene of people jumping up and down when the pick is announced.

The Browns are here for the second time, and I have to think they are going Kizer, right? Fall once and pass on Watson, and Kizer can sit a year to train.

We have a Trade but no details but the commish is there to announce the pick and we can’t even speculate. At least the graphics team knew not to throw up Green Bay’s logo.

The Cleveland Browns   select

David Njoku      TE     Miami  

Earl: Njoku is raw but he is good value for Cleveland. Don’t know who will be throwing him the ball but he can move well with the ball and he’ll be a good safety valve

Should have been Kizer, I mean every other QB has been traded up for, why break the streak?

Gruden loves him, but he can’t block very well. I am STUNNED we don’t hear the words “Slot” the whole time Gruden was speaking. He’s 6’4 and from the U. Hard to argue here. I thought he was a pretty good player, but do the Browns NEED a TE? No idea what they gave Green Bay.

The Commish pays tribute to Dan Rooney, and for one the fans for the most part pay respect. Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis are out to talk.

The Pittsburgh Steelers  select

T. J. Watt      LB     Wisconsin    

Earl: Once again Foster gets passed over but Watt to the Steelers makes sense. JJ Watt’s little brother got some game. He gets to the QB, and he moves well.

Solid pick, but I guess people are really thinking Foster is going to be a problem.

I love how the people in the crowd are always happy about these picks. Christmas is Watt vs Watt I. Geez, I’m going to get tired of hearing that.

We have a trade!

Niners get: #31

Seahawks get #34 and 4th Rounder (111)

Got to be a QB right? I mean you get that extra year in the rookie contract, so why wouldn’t you?

The San Francisco 49ers select

Reuben Foster      LB     Alabama    

Earl: Thought the Niners would take the QB but instead they are the ones to take Reuben Foster. A top 10 talent goes at 31. Good for Niners.

Kiper has him at 5th best player. This dude is frikken scary. They frikken stole this dude. I do still wonder what they are thinking at QB?

Wingo says the crowd is still hanging out.

The Panel think Defense. I bet they are upset Foster didn’t drop one more, and all the LSU guys are gone. Hey, Lamb is still out there if they want to go O-Line.

The New Orleans Saints  select

Ryan Ramczyk      OT     Wisconsin

Earl: The Saints close out the first round by taking a tackle. If you’re going to keep a 38 year old Drew Brees upright then you need Ramczyk

Solid pick there, and the Saints need protection. The oddity is with only 7 picks, and 5 to go, that D is still going to suck.

Kiper thinks he COULD play left tackle, but more than likely a right tackle. I could see that.

Well, I want to thank Earl for spending the time and staying up past his bedtime to help commentate. Don’t forget he still has the Blog About Nothing coming tomorrow.


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