2017 Draft Diary Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the NFL Draft Diary!

The Saints are on the clock, have to go defense, and Lattimore is the scary guy here. IF he’s 100%.

The New Orleans Saints select

Marshon Lattimore      CB     Ohio State

The highlight package shows him committing pass interference- called out by the other guy. Thats funny. Gruden is worried about his injuries, and says he’s not polished. All I can say, I’m not happy with this pick by the Saints as a Panthers fan.

Oh Hell. This could not have worked out better for the Browns, WATSON IS THERE. Damn. Get Garrett and the best QB is just sitting there.

Earl: I’m a Michigan fan so what I’m about to say is sacrilege: kid can play. His hamstrings are torn up but I think he can have a solid couple of years if he can hold up.

We have a trade

Watson has GOT to be the pick here. The Texans got a NFL ready and BEST QB out there. Damn what a great move here by the Texans.

We get an awesome story from Suzy about Warrick Dunn giving the Watson family a home through his program. Damn, that just makes me love the dude more- even if he was a Clemson Tiger

The Houston Texans Select

Deshaun Watson      QB     Clemson

Great pick. I mean really. I have no idea what the hell the Browns were thinking.

We still don’t know what the Texans gave up, because ESPN had to talk about other things and show commercials. I’ll give them a pass due to the awesomeness of it.

Kiper actually mentions the Browns letting someone else have a QB on them. Kiper loves the dude, but has problems with his accuracy.

Earl: That sound you are hearing is Cardinals fans crying that the Texans have traded ahead of them for Watson. That sound you are also hearing is me screaming that the Texans won’t be offering a late round pick to the Jets for Hackenberg. Damn…

You have NO REASON to bitch about this draft dude.  Gruden says they looked at his picks, and some where his fault. Says some were 50/50 jump balls that didn’t work out. In college you can do that.

Wonder if Watson is going to push some of that money to Warrick Dunn. Suzy even seems like she’s about to cry. She mentions that Watson’s mom’s birthday is Saturday. Hey mine was 2 days ago, and Christian McCaffery DAMN SURE wasn’t what I wanted.

Still no idea what the Texans give up. I would go look, but if it was important, I’m sure ESPN would tell us.

The Arizona Cardinals Select

Haason Reddick      LB     Temple

How in the hell is Johnathan Allen still there? He’s from Philly, so the crowd loves him. I bet the Eagles wish they had gotten him, there is more love here than they have had since Randall Cunningham was playing.

Earl: The kid from Camden, NJ and played for Temple in Philly gets drafted by the Cardinals. Thought Reddick would have gotten to Philly at 14 but he goes at 13 instead. He had a great combine and moves well for his size but adjusting to LB in the NFL might be too much for him.

Yeah, I see the pick, but this is a REACH, our first non-qb REACH of the night. Tells you something about this draft that there is no Offensive Lineman gone yet.

Reddick is the 4th Temple player EVER drafted. Damn.

Eagles are on the clock, and the crowd is going nuts. Jaws is in the crowd- did he get fired? They kill the lights and the green glo-sticks are out. Nice visual there. They have needs all over the place.

Damn we got strobe lights and everything. Kiper is wanting a corner. The frikken crowd is SINGING. The Rocky theme is playing. Might be the only time the commish is cheered. He comes out with members of the MLK high school football team. The crowd still boos as he hits the podium. Damn, Pander much?

The Philadelphia Eagles Select

Derek Barnett      DE     Tennessee

Wingo is so impressed that the Eagles can cheer. This was the Vikings pick for Sam Bradford. Oops.

Allen was the better pick here, Barnett is a bit slow, and I wasn’t overly impressed with him. Gruden likes his first step speed. That means a lot coming on the edge, but he can’t move inside, and he damn sure won’t be sliding backwards.

Earl: And the Eagles fans do not boo the pick! They don’t cheer it out right though. Barnett is a good player but why not take Allen if you are going to take a DE? Not a knock on Barnett but Allen is better.

There are a TON of corners so I guess the Eagles are going to stock up later. Speaking of stocking up, more commercials.

Mel’s best availible is 3 Alabama guys at the top of his list. Damn, lose one game and see what happens. I wonder if Sabin is in the green room. Trade up for OJ Carolina! What is wrong with Johnathan Allen? Was he smoking a bong on twitter?

The Indianapolis Colts Select

Malik Hooker      S     Ohio State

STUPID pick. Luck needs HELP. Hooker is a very good player, but Allen or OJ should have been the pick. There is still no Offensive Lineman taken.

Hooker would have been there later. Just a dumb move from a dumb franchise. Gruden says it was a need pick. The Colts need everything on defense, no kidding. Gruden shows him missing tackles, says this was a bad pick.

Earl: Malik Hooker to the Colts? Don’t like it. Like the player but the Colts should have taken Dalvin Cook.

Oh, Cook would have been a very good pick there. Wingo wants to know if fixing bad tacking can be done. Uh, no.

Make a wish kid is there with the Commish for the Ravens pick. Gotta love that. Hell, if it was me, I’d have every 2nd rounder done by a make a wish kid.

The Baltimore Ravens Select

Marlon Humphrey      CB     Alabama

Ok, someone pull up Allen’s Instagram.

Kiper says he has more talent than he showed. Thats what you want at Alabama. If SABIN can’t make you play to your potential.

Earl: I like Humphrey but still surprised his Alabama teammate is still out there. Allen is still on the board and I’m confused.

Me too! What the Hell! Whats the price to move here for Carolina? This is the first Bama player to go.

Still don’t know what the Texans gave up.

Just saying

Gotta love how Gruden has no clue what his brother is going to pick. Kiper mentions Allen has a slight shoulder issue.

The Washington Redskins select

Johnathan Allen DE Alabama

Holy Cripe. The Redskins AND the Jets pick the right players? This dude was 2nd overall on Kipers board.

Earl: Jonathan Allen finally comes off the board. He should be pissed to fall to 17 and he better terrorize the NFC East. The man can play and he’s going to kick some ass. Him falling makes no sense.

No kidding. Not overthinking, and just lucky he fell to them. Other guy thinks he might play DT. I don’t see it. Keep him on the outside and let him go. Gruden of course loves him, Wingo brings up the shoulder, but still, it gets hurt, flip him to the other side!

Titans back on the clock for the second time.

The Tennessee Titans Select

Adoree Jackson CB USC

Dude is FAST. He’s raw as all get out, going to need some coaching- but the Titans can do that. Kiper thinks it was a reach, but a need pick. Gruden says he’s a track star, and it might divide his time, plus keeps him out of the weight room. Interesting.

Earl: Was hoping Adoree Jackson would have fell a bit because I would have loved for the Jets to take him in the second round. However he goes to Titans at 18. Kid is a freak athlete and if he doesn’t work out at CB he can play WR. So if Davis is a bust, you can give Jackson his snaps.

Kipers Big Board

OJ Howard: 5th Overall
Reuben Foster: 8th Overall

Still out there.

Earl: Buccaneers should take Howard and Jameis should celebrate with some crab legs.

We will be here all night.

Cam Robinson would be a SOLID pick here.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select

OJ Howard TE Alabama

Sumbitch. Just a very good player, and who should be on ANOTHER NFC SOUTH team. Going to hate this dude for years, I can feel it.

Earl: Great pick for the Buccaneers and Jameis just cracked open his crab legs. The Bucs are getting Jameis some weapons and the Bucs look like a team that might make some noise this season.

Oh they are going to be scary if Doug Martin can get his head on right.

Earl: Made too much sense

We are on a speed round here as Denver has picked

The Denver Broncos Select

Garrett Bolles OT Utah

First offensive Lineman off the board. Dude brings his baby son with him to the stage and even on the jersey presentation. Thats cool, and I can’t remember that happening before. Kiper had him as a second rounder, thats not cool. Maybe having the kid matured him, as the background would scare the hell out of me. Gruden says the Broncos have a lot of line problems, and likes Bolles a lot more than Gruden.

Earl: We have a baby at the draft. Garrett Bolles is a Denver Bronco and his little man is about to meet the commish. I like this guy already.

Wingo recaps the story- in case you missed it when they JUST said it 3 minutes ago. Suzy asks him about his feelings, and he mentions his son. Suzy goes over the story AGAIN, and Bolles sounds like Bill Simmons horrible Andre Luck impression. Bolles credits God and Family for his turnaround. 5th oldest player drafted since 1970 in the first round.

Last word in part 2 goes to Earl

Yeah I heard before the draft that he’s older. I think he’s Mormon. The mission would have set him back two years.

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