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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. There have been 3 teams advanced to the second round of the playoffs The Cleveland Cavaliers, The Golden State Warriors, and The Houston Rockets. This week we will discuss the biggest surprise thus far in the playoffs, Paul George’s comments after game 1 that, and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Here we go:

What is the biggest surprise thus far in the playoffs?

Todd: Most might say the Boston Celtics being down 2-1 after Friday nights win over the Bulls. I say it has to be the Toronto Raptors being down 2-1 to the Milwaukee bucks. You would think after the Raptors made it to the Eastern Conference Finals last year that they would put on a better showing this year. Kyle lowery hasn’t played well all series and both DeRozan and Lowery stunk up the court in game 3.

Steve: Coming into Sunday as that is when I am writing this, I think the fact that both Chicago and Memphis have two wins in the series. I had projected that both would lose in 5 games. I would say that I am surprised on how good the Cavs have been, especially coming back from 25 down Friday night. I am surprised on how dominant Milwaukee has looked against Toronto, but I expected that to be a tight series. There have been many surprises, I don’t think I cant think of just one.

Chad: I think it is How the Bulls went into Boston and convincingly won 2 games in the Garden which nobody does in any series. It definitely did not happen in the Bird/McHale, and Paul Pierce never let it happen. I thought Jimmy Butler could steal one but did not expect two good wins.

What are your thoughts about Paul George’s comments after game 1 about him needing to get the last shot? (in case everyone didn’t see the game CJ Miles took the last shot)

Todd: I think they lost the series right then and there. That was a very selfish statement to make even though he is the star player. It show a lot of immaturity on his part.

Steve: It tells me that he thinks he is the Indiana Pacers and has no faith in his team. Well to his respect, he may be right. I agree that he needs to take that shot, but he does not need to publicize that.

Chad: Big Time Players want to make big time shots in crunch times especially the playoffs. I am completely okay with his comments and it’s a shame that Indiana couldn’t steal one against Lebron and make Cleveland work just a little bit harder.

How does Rondo’s injury affect the series between the Bull-Celtics as they head into Chicago for game 3?

Todd: Well, after the Bulls won both games in Boston I thought it would be a sweep. Then I heard about Rondo’s injury. I think his injury changes a little bit. I think the Bulls will drop game 3 and this series will probably end up going 6 games if Rondo does not return. Lets face it the Bulls don’t play all that great without rondo on the floor. He is the only point guard on the team worth a damn.

Steve: Rondo is a playoff machine, and his absence will definitely hurt Chicago as evidence showed in Game 3, it will be interesting to see if the rest of the Bulls can pick up the slack and steal this series from Boston.

Chad: Clearly it has thrown the Bulls; which makes no sense as Rondo was barely there during the Reg. Season but losing 2 without him going back to Boston who has reclaimed home court it’s devastating in the upset bid. Even getting one in Chicago makes it 3-1 and makes Boston have to win 3 in a row.

Should the NBA consider going back to the 2-3-2 format in the playoffs?

Todd: I think the current format is stupid. I don’t know why they changed it in the first place. They complain about traveling for just one game during the regular season, with the old format there was a lot less travel and I thought it made more sense.

Steve: No, I like it the way it is now, it makes for some more interesting basketball, and we have the ablility to see more Game 7’s, or make a top team win on the road, which is tough to do in the playoffs.

Chad: Honestly, with the format I am really indifferent on it I know Baseball does it that way which actually helped the NL in the AL park in the World Series. But because there are not any rule changes that affect play like the DH in baseball I don’t think you need to mess with it.

How big was Rudy Gobert’s injury in the first 17 seconds of game 1 n the Jazz-Clippers series?

Todd: This was a huge loss for the Jazz. He gives them the inside presence that no one else on the team can give them. I think if Gobert would have never been hurt this is a totally different series.

Steve: Massive, and may cost the Jazz the series honestly, while they were able to take Game 1 in a buzzer beater, they looked sloppy in game 2, and fell down 2-1 to an injury plagued Clippers team. With Gobert, the Jazz are likely either up 2-1 or 3-0 entering Sunday.

Chad: It hurts Utah. In the first round they got a break there way in that the Clippers have lost Blake Griffin which may help Utah squeak by the Clippers before a date with Golden State in the 2nd round that I would not pick them in.

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