Movie Review: Species III

We kick off right where part 2 stopped. With the Army Ambulance riding though the woods. One of the soldiers is giving flashback info. The driver misses a turn and then pulls over threatening the other guy with a gun and telling him to get out. The kid in the back of the ambulance bursts through the glass and kills him as he is yelling on the radio. The driver for some reason gets out and looks for Natasha Henstridge, who has gotten a haircut during the ride. She sits up, giving birth in a HUGE drop in Special Effect Quality, but the kid shoots out it’s tongue and strangles Eve. The driver runs though the woods holding the new baby, as the kid just flips his forked tongue at the helicopter. Soon a government agent shows up and tells them to burn everything and find the driver.

We move over to some clean energy discussion where some kid is giving a talk to some people, but he has to run, he is late to class. Oh Lawd. They give the clean energy talk to a graduate student? Then we get some gibberish about viruses and scholarships and I stop caring. Thankfully, we get back to the driver, who somehow now has a house and is raising the kid. She is growing like a weed, literally, six inches in a day? He tells her how important she is and that she is a third-generation DNA strand. Pretty impressive knowledge base from a medical van driver.

The government discovers that Natasha was pregnant, and want the medical examiner to burn the body.
Flip over to the driver, and- oh I get it, he was teaching the Biology class that the Clean Energy Kid was taking. The Prof is visited by a bald guy who tells him he was the boy in the back of the van, and that there are others like him out there, and he wants to be taken to the girl. Finally the guy starts to melt and spew tentacles out of his stomach before dying.

So long story short, our girl is now grown and hot- and yes we see her naked for a good long bit, and the clean energy engineer and our Army Driver team up to find out what Natasha Junior can be.

Oh Hell.

Species III tries. It really does. I almost feel like it’s trying to be an R-Rated TV pilot more than anything else. The big problem Species III has it that it tends to slow down where we want it to speed up like the whole trying to make the Army Driver and the college student important and skipping over what we care about- like what the “half-breeds” want and what they expect with Natasha 2.0, or Sara, they call her. We get introduced to another young lady through a long naked walk, but we don’t know what she wants to do why she cares about Sara’s Eggs. The problem that we have is we know the Alien DNA is supposed to be used to merge with our DNA and create things that will kill us. That’s the whole point isn’t it?

But this Army Driver who is also a Biologist, is able to grow Sara as a pure strain, ignoring what happened in Part 1 when Marg did this, and it was just a black mass that started trying to destroy everything. But now we get a blonde hottie? I’m giving this one a 2. It’s not a good movie, and it’s not a fun movie. I blame the director, as I think the script had potential. I do think another rewrite and this could be a solid movie. There are seeds here of something good.

Spoilers here, but not like you should care.

The Government Agent does nothing. If you ever watch the movie, and I do not recommend it, but watch the G-Man. His part could have been taken by an Uber Driver for the most part.

Natasha can detect when someone’s genetics are faulty. It leads to one of the best moments in Sci-Fi history in Species “The Kiss” and is also why they are able to kill Eve in Part 2. But at the end of Species III? Not only is Sara unable to have kids, due to they having removed all her eggs and put them in a thermos bottle. Women have all their eggs at birth. They don’t make more. Sara is, for all practical purposes, sterile. But as the roommate finds out. So is the Male. He’s genetically sterile, as somehow Our Hero removed those strands of DNA. Its been a time since I took genetics, but I was unaware there was a strand of DNA that makes my testicles work. Are they on the same pair that gives me large feet or blue eyes? So we have two people that are bred by aliens to reproduce and wipe us out, going out in the world- both as sterile as a mule.

Thankfully, there is a part 4, but it’s a TV pilot, and as its not on my DVR Marathon, and I have yet to see the DVD anywhere. I’m going to ignore it.

No Wait, I found it,

Coming Tomorrow . . . Part 4!

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