Pounding 7s for 4/24

Hello People, and welcome to Monday, I’m sorry about last week, but Steve is taking a few weeks off to complete his Roman Reigns action figure collection.

So this week on Pounding 7s, I present:

Stupid Gimmicks that should have flopped but didn’t

I’ll give you the pitch, you tell me how it made it out of creative, and then how in the heck you sold it to a guy wanting to feed his family on it, and most importantly, HOW IT DREW A DIME.

Honorable mentions:
Val Venis, The Godfather, Doink The Clown- well, I love the EVIL Doink.

Just missed the cut: TOMMY FREAKIN DREAMER.

Alright. Let make this guy into the Model Rick Martel, but since this is ECW, lets really ramp up the gimmick. The was ECW, where the beatings continue until the fans care. And they did. For no other reason that this guy could take a beating- in EC F’N W, he got over. Geez, Tommy Dreamer.

7. Black Machismo

Ok, let’s take Jay Lethal, who is a fine worker, and make him do a decent impression of a guy who didn’t do squat in TNA when he was here two years ago, and was last seen in WCW in 2000!

But it worked. It was fun, it was goofy, and it made people care about Jay Lethal. Sadly, trying to make So Cal Val in Elisabeth worked for a short time, but putting Sonjay Dutt into the Hulk Hogan role just killed the gimmick, and the final gasp of the actual Hogan blowing him off to lose to Jim Neidhart sunk him in TNA.

6. Kane

Name me the last brother of a headliner that got brought in for a quick beating of the headliner that last 20+ years. I’ll wait.
How the heck did this last? He’s just the Undertakers brother, but can make flames come out the ringposts. How did this guy become a Hall of Famer in his own right?

5. The Hurricane

Stand Back! There’s a Hurricane coming through!

Dang, if only the PACKED WWFWCWECW had made a legitamate cruiserweight division. How much fun could a Malenko/Christian/etc vs Helms program had been? Who wanted to see the Big Show sell a chokeslam from this dude, just once? The WWE could have lived off this gimmick for a decade if they had booked it right, but even so, the signs, the masks and the T-Shirts were out in force.

4. Mr Socko

Really? A sock? This frikken thing makes a mad-man a hero to millions and allows him to stand toe-to-toe with the GREAT ONE? Who thought this crap up, and how did it get OVER so much? Mick Foley could be on here as well.

3. Goldust

Alright, let’s take the grandson of a plumber, the son of one of the greatest minds in Wrestling, probably a top-3 second-generation wrestler at the time on the face of the planet, and pretty popular in his own right, holding a deserved secondary title down south, before getting fired for blading on PPV.
Let’s make him a movie mark, talk in catchphrases and quotes- and maybe later, we will bring in his wife, but make him a flaming homosexual in a PG world.

2. The Undertaker

The Greatest Gimmick in History.

This was perfect for the WWF. A deadman with a creepy manager who could turn off the lights and make all kinds of magic happen.
So why is it here? PEOPLE STILL LOVE THIS GUY IN 2017. How in the hell does a place where everyone is a generic guy in tights but one guy is still coming out with druids and vanishing into mid-air? Even when her became a biker to dump the gimmick, he got put BACK as a zombie because it was more marketable.

1. The Honky Tonk Man

I got it! Elvis is still big in New York City in 1984! Lets make one a wrestler. Not only that, lets have him beat one of the best workers and hugest babyfaces in the WWF. Oh, and let’s have him hold the title for over a YEAR with frikken MEMPHIS HEAT.

And here is why it’s number one on the list


For well over a YEAR, The Honky Tony Man DREW, and drew serious money. So much so that Vince let him run with it with guys like JYD, Ricky Steamboat, Bret Hart, Rick Rude, Jake Roberts, Don Muraco, and Tito Santana on the roster.

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