Movie Review: Species

Holy Moley, the opening graphic for this thing is right out of the 80s. Just bad looking, and I’m not exactly looking forward to the rest of this movie if this is the kind of graphics we get.

LONG opening credits. I mean LONG.

In a room, a young girl is sitting there, and no, it’s not Natasha Henstridge . Looking down at her is Sir Ben F’N Kingsley. Two technicians come up and hook hoses to the room, filling it with white scary government death gas. Ben mouths “I’m Sorry” as the girl mouths it back and falls to the floor. She pops back up, puts an arm through the bubble, and a quick run, skip and jump over ONE fence, she’s gone. I wonder what Air Force base this is. Thankfully, there were some trains that passed by the place in the night not too far from here, so who knows where she is.

Not Natasha Henstridge is already a klepto, as she tried to swipe some food but gets caught, but is able to steal some luggage and get aboard a train, where she steals some food, and breaks into a cash drawer. Meanwhile Ben Kingsley has found a bum she killed, and sets up a team to track her.

I have seen so many shows where a team gets an alert and just bum-rushes off. I don’t know what to go with. Michael Madsen and Forrest Whittaker are called up first.

Not Natasha Henstridge has a bad dream, and like any young girl, makes herself feel better with pudding! Tentacles and whatnot start spilling out of her.

Madsen has arrived with the rest of the Joes, and introductions are made.

Forrest Whittaker is an empath. He “feels things” and reads Madsen to give us a creepy guy.

Standard White Guy namedrops Harvard and is a cross-species specialist. He introduces himself to Catherine Willows rocking a dye-redhead job, who is a molecular biologist- who goes after Madsen as he’s the bad boy. Generic White Guy wants to nail down what Madsen is here with all the egghead for and Madsen says his occupation is:

“Freelance solution to some of our governments problems”

That’s just awesome, and you can almost hear Willows get wet. SWG won’t shut up, until Forrest says he’s a people hunter.

Back on the train, Young Natasha is in a cocoon, and is found by a train conductor, who she kills, giving Natasha enough motivation to come out of the cocoon. We have frontal nudity.

Finally Ben Kingsley arrives and briefs the team on SETI and the information we sent into space, and how something got sent back, and that was Natasha. Yes, Aliens sent us instructions on how to make HOT CHICKS. Beam me up Scotty. They put the Alien DNA into a female egg, and grew Natasha is a matter of Days. Ben Kingsley charges the group with catching Natasha and killing it. Catherine is upset that they are not going to try and capture it.

Natasha has arrived in LA, as the team scrambles.

So how is Species?

I love Ben Kingley, he plays a perfect governement flunky, at one point caring, at another screaming about protocols. Catherine Willows hasn’t come into her own, but you can see she can act, and Michael Madsen is just a hit everytime he comes on the screen, he’s never going be a great actor, but give 10 words or less and good direction, and he just rocks the role. I will never understand how Forrest Whittacker wasn’t a bigger actor, and yes, Standard White Guy is Standard, but he tries. He later became Doctor Octupus, in case you are trying to figure out where you know him from. To be honest, I want more from this group. I enjoy everytime they are on screen. The other half of the movie is Natasha. She’s too much of a HOT CHICK to really make you hate her, you feel sorry for her, until she goes EVIL, and then DAMN she goes evil, and the movie does a stunningly strong job of making that turn.
The ending is the only point where it kind of hurts, It just doesn’t give the titanic fight it should. Yes, the Sil monster does look good, and it’s a different attempt at how to have humans face aliens but still.
The movie is pretty smart in some ways, a lot of what Natasha does later on is setup earlier, plus you have things like Natasha is able to avoid the government screeners as she is wearing the uniform of the conductor.

I’m going a 10 here, again, keep in mind I don’t give a 10 meaning a perfect movie, I give a 10 meaning this is a movie that you have to not only watch, but own, for it is a solid rewatchable flick.

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