Numbers: Fun with Liberals

A certain conversation on Facebook.

Them: Anyone else flabbergasted at the number of people suddenly believing that climate change is a hoax and the earth is only 6000 years old? What happened to the thirst for knowledge? People are believing a used car salesman of a game show host, a so-called President, over the most intelligent, and well educated minds in the world. THIS affects us ALL. Americans, Canadians, Australians, Belgians…everyone.
OK, if you’ve bothered to read this far, and gave a status like this a tiny bit of time away from the gossip and cat videos all over Facebook, maybe drop a comment if you believe climate change is real or not. If you believe the Universe is 6000 or 13.6 billion years old. Should be interesting. You know what I believe. For those believing what some men said 1000 years ago as truth and fact, stand up for your beliefs. Let’s match or opinions. I’ll bombard you with facts, studies, research, etc. You’ll quote for me from a book of fiction, and side with the dude in a swamp in Louisiana. Let’s do it lol

Me: I dunno, anytime you say the words “so called president” I question your so called brain. Not to mention the fact that the 6K age is from “young-earth creationist” that is religion. A state of affairs that is dropping for decides, So there is actually studies that show religion is in decline in this country.

Them: whats tobelieve ? The universe is 13.5 billion years old its a fact not a theory

Me: Really? That’s a fact? We sure it’s not 14, or 13.6Billion? There is 0 chance it’s not 13.9 Billion?

In all seriousness. the 6K number has been around for a few hundred years, and not all religious people take that as a fact (like myself)

Them: Meh 13 13.5 14 it doesn’t really matter the exact age at all. All that matters is that it is the truth. Oh and by the way the earth is NOT flat…….

Me: So the earth is 13.5 B years old FACT. Bottom line. Wait, could be 13.6 or 14. Still the 13.5 is a FACT.

Gotcha. Alternative facts

Them: As I said the exact age doesn’t matter. The fact is the big bang happened. How long ago is debatable to be sure. But saying the planet has only been here for 6 thousand years is just plain ignorance.

Me: No, you said “13.5 billion years old its a fact” 13.5 is an EXACT number. You didn’t say “Around 13.5” or “Between 13 and 14 Billion” years old. Numbers don’t bend, unlike Studies (can change) Research (can be biased or updated) etc.

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  1. You make a good point here, David.

    I subscribe to the “science” viewpoint, but criticize both viewpoints for using language which is not understood by other viewpoints. In science, for example, it is part of scientific literacy to recognize the context in which a figure (like 3.7 billion years) will have an error of +-.3 billion years. This is, however, seen as hypocritical and arrogant by others. Similarly, there is lack of precision in language used by “believers” and understood by believers which offends those who aren’t fluent in believer language.

    There is a story about two men on a camping trip. Around their campfire one night they get engaged in a discussion of “evidence” versus “belief.” The Nobel chemist in exasperation finally exclaims, “No one has ever proven to me scientifically that God exists!” The Jesuit theologian calmly responds, “And no one has ever proven to me theologically that an atom exists.”

    Both viewpoints have failed to understand that their language does not serve well in some ways outside their particular community. This is due in large part to those holding these orientations do not see the problem. Let us hope both begin to see and change in time to save the world.

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