10 years gone: A true American hero

Charles Barkley has often said athletes aren’t role models and that they shouldn’t be. Pat Tillman is an example that some can be if they choose to. It just takes them thinking about their actions (something a lot struggle with) and how they want to be remembered should the unthinkable happen.

Today, it will be 13 years since Pat Tillman died serving his country…..after snubbing an opportunity to continue to make millions in the NFL. Tillman was offered 3.6 million dollars a season by the Arizona Cardinals to play football and they weren’t the highest bidders. He could have gotten more from another football team most likely.

Tillman felt an obligation to join the military after 9/11. He had family members who had served and he felt the need to give up millions of dollars playing a game to do something more important. As a society we wonder what he must be thinking, right? Because, most of us are motivated by the almighty dollar to try and keep up with the Jones. Yeah, it might be a cliche but it’s true. So many people in our society pick a career because of the financial rewards, the need to make as much as possible.

Tillman did what true heroes do, the older I get…..the more I understand. Sports are just games that talented and lucky people get
the opportunity to play.

RIP Pat Tillman, you’ll never be forgotten.

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