Wrestling Roundtable

The Final Four of the March Madness tournament

plus, Should JBL be fired after his bullying comments? What would we do to shakeup the WWE landscape?

Hello again wrestling fans and welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. We are down to the Final Four for our March Madness tournament. Which two superstars will advance to the final round and be called March Madness champion? Goldberg, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, or John Cena? You vote, you decide the winner. Sit back because the Roundtable is coming up.

Here are the pairings for the Final Four. We will give a brief statement on why we feel the superstar should advance.

4 Dean Ambrose

1 Brock Lesnar

1 AJ Styles

1 John Cena

Steve: I am going to say Lesnar over Ambrose and AJ Styles over John Cena. We have seen Lesnar’s dominance over the course of the past several years. The only real loss he has sustained was to Goldberg, and had he advanced, I may think about putting Goldberg over, while Ambrose had a nice run and defeated some key guys (keep in mind I had him losing in the first round) He made a little Cinderella type run, but it ends against Lesnar.

In the other match we have seen this before AJ vs Cena. Im going AJ Styles here because honestly, I think he is the best wrestler right now on the roster. Cena has run his course, and absolutely deserves to be in the Final Four. Im a little surprised that he won with such ease over Braun Strowman in the Elite 8, but alls well that ends well. Great match up once again, would steal the show on any event, but AJ would come out on top.

Frosh: Lesnar beats Ambrose.  Lesnar is too dominant.  Dean will get a few offensive moves in, but this match lasts less than 5 minutes.  Styles beats Cena.  Styles is too good and deserves to go to the championship.  5 years ago, Cena would be winning the whole thing, and honestly, I would have had Cena losing to Samoa Joe, but that wasn’t to be.

Tyler: Brock.  He’s a monster, and a match between him and Styles would be freakin’ amazing!

Styles.  He’s the better wrestler overall, and can work both heel and face better than Cena can.

Chad: Brock dominates and AJ #BeatsupJohnCena


With the recent bullying comments made by JBL to Mauro Ranallo, and given the fact that JBL was a key part to the WWE’s anti bullying campaign, “Be A Star.” Should JBL be fired from the WWE?

Steve: Fired? I don’t know about that, JBL has been with the company steadily over the past 20 plus years, I think he should be at the very least removed from television for awhile, suspended, and fined. I think he needs to make a public apology to Ranallo and to the entire WWE Universe for his action, and especially the Be a Star foundation. Bullying is horrible, and I personally do not tolerate it in my household. It can lead to some very serious actions, including suicide. So while yes, JBL’s actions are reprehensible, I am not sold on terminating him as the best proper action, unless of course he refuses to apologize.

Frosh: I don’t know enough about what ACTUALLY happened.  If this comes down to some smart alleck comments and a couple of practical jokes, then Ranallo needs to grow up a bit.  Please do not think that I am minimizing depression or bullying, but there is a difference between some teasing and actual bullying. If it comes out that JBL did bully Ranallo, then a suspension and public apology would be appropriate, though I do not know about termination, again, depending on the severity/accuracy of these accusations.  Some questions I have: What EXACTLY did JBL say or do?  How often did this happen?  At any point, did Ranallo ask him to stop or report the behavior to his superiors?  IF it was known by corporate, what did they do to stop it?  Or did they encourage it, whether explicitly or through failure to act on it?

Todd: I am taking this very personal on account Mauro Ranallo was suffering from depression from what I was reading. I have been Suffering from Depression/PTSD for years now and take several medications for it so I respect Ranallo for trying to work through it because I am unable to work. Because of my strong feelings I think JBL should be fired. I have stopped watching the product and will continue to boycott the WWE until he is fired and I hope every other veteran out there is with me. There is no room in this world for bullying especially someone dealing with mental health issues. If WWE does nothing about this they are just showing they are a bunch of hypocrites. We all know JBL is a hypocrite.

Tyler: Abso-fuckin’-lutely.  He’s an asshole who just drags down the commentary whenever he opens his mouth and is just a stain on the company right now.  He needs to be fired yesterday.

Chad: There are some unknowns in this situation I think at the very least his presence should be cut. He should be replaced on Bring it to the Table with Peter Rosenberg and the Legends with JBL show needs to be taken off if in fact there was bullying and not ribs taken out of context. Again it does depend what did actually occur and by no means am I trying to downplay bullying.

Kane is running for Mayor of Knox County (Tennessee), and is starting to garner some support and getting into the local news. What is your opinion on wrestlers turning to politics? We have seen this with Rhyno, Rick Steiner, and of course Linda McMahon and Jesse the Body Ventura? Do wrestlers have a place on the political stage?

Steve: What are politicians? They are public figures. What are wrestlers? They are public figures in the Entertainment industry. And let’s be realistic, some politicians, including our President Donald Trump, who I may add has appeared at four Wrestlemania events, and is a WWE Hall of Famer, are entertainers. So why not get into politics. Kane is a very well educated person despite his on camera demeanor. I think he would make a fine Mayor, and even go on later to run for state offices down the road. I have no problem with this at all.

Frosh: Do these wrestlers live in places that are governed and care about the direction of said government?  There is a stigma around wrestlers that can hamper their public image….especially of one who may or may not have lit people on fire on live television…..but if they want to, there is nothing to stop them.

Todd: Sure, Why not?

Tyler: I think they do.  Anything that can give a positive spin to the business in this era of bullying and sex tapes is a good thing.

Chad: The great about the political stage is that We the People (How you doing Jack Swagger) can walk into a voting booth during an election and choose who we want as elected officials. If a majority want a former pro wrestler to be mayor, or governor, or rep/senator then they can elect that person. Plus Kane away from WWE has been involved politics this doesn’t seem to be a campaign on a whim.

Agree or Disagree: The Superstar shake up was a waste of time, and the WWE got it all wrong?

Steve: Agree!  Got it all wrong is an under statement, AJ Styles needed to be moved to Raw. I have no problem with the Intercontinental and US titles swapping shows as that is to be expected. I still think the women’s division needs to be on both shows, with one championship, as I don’t feel there are enough top tier women wrestlers to have two shows. Obviously Smackdown gained a gold mine with Charlotte, as she immediately becomes the face of that show for the women. Raw, we still have Bayley and Sasha, but the addition of Alexa Bliss and Mickie James does nothing for me. You wasted a golden opportunity here to really shake things up and I don’t see the point in it. It was honestly a waste of time.

Frosh:  There were some good things about it.  Some kind of change needed to happen.  I am getting more and more sold on Alexa Bliss, and Charlotte is a god-send to Smackdown.  AJ stayed where he was needed as he will be the TOP guy on Smackdown.  It also creates some interesting opportunities.  Jinder Mahal moved to smackdown and is now the #1 contender for the world championship…yes, you just read that correctly.  Many will have varying opinions on this ranging from “WTF are they thinking?” to “Who the f*** thought this was a good idea?” But personally, I love it.  Mahal has been a solid worker/jobber for a long time and deserves a small push.  Do I expect him to win?  No, but I  would be totally fine if he did.  At least it is something DIFFERENT.  That is what WWE has needed for a long time, different.  Although I think we can all agree that Curt Hawkins is a waste of time.

Todd: Agree. It was completely stupid. Didn’t even watch the Smackdown part. Who realy cares where every one went,this product is so jacked up I don’t know if it is worth saving.

Tyler: Pretty much.  While there were some good moves, it mostly was exchanging one jobber for another.

Chad: Yeah, I mean the mid card titles changed spots, It can be argued the biggest name to change shows was Charlotte who I think can help Smackdown’s women’s division.

You have the ability to run the WWE for 24 hours. Anything you do will not be underminded and will not be changed after that 24 hour period. What do you do to change the landscape of the WWE?

Steve: Well first as I mentioned in the prior question I move all the women to one set roster and allow them to compete on both Raw and Smackdown. Hell why not just do that anyway, I get rid of the whole draft aspect and put everyone on the same roster. If you watch Total Divas, this can cause a lot of friction in your locker room as you break up friendships, and even couples like we saw with Paige and Del Rio. I think the brand split is a mistake, and would be much more suited with Co-General Managers, you can still do that on both show like have Angle run Raw, and Bryan run Smackdown, and I think it could make for some interesting TV if both of them counter act each other. Let’s say Angle makes a decision on Raw to make a match for a pay per view, the Bryan either scraps the match or even adds to it. They will try to one up each other, that may be fun. Also I cut Raw to two hours, and keep Smackdown two hours. I also only have Pay Per Views once a month on the Network. Here is how I do it. The main roster goes every other month, while NXT gets a Takeover event every other month. This would still give the viewers a special event every month, but would allow time to really develop story lines, and get fans intrigued for a show, instead of throwing one together at the last minute. Finally, I make Renee Young divorce Dean Ambrose to be with me or both will be fired. Okay okay Im kidding….or am I?

Frosh: I take Raw down to 2 hours.  I have one PPV every other month.  The main championships will be off of part timers.  I then hire the team that does screenplays for the walking dead to do creative for WWE….get some good writing in there…maybe kill off a character or two.  WWE’s main issue isn’t with talent.  They have a lot of great performers.  The issue is with creative.  That has to change.  I ban Vince McMahon from ever touching the product again.  I also make it a rule that there must be at least 20 years in between each interval of the “evil boss” storyline.  I am really tired of that one.  Having Angle and Daniel Bryan run the shows is refreshing.

Todd: Well, first Im gonna get rid of this stupid brand split. Then Jinder Muhal is gonna capture the WWE title. James Ellsworth is goona get the Universal title. Golden truth is gonna get the Smackdown tag title. Breezango are gonna get the Raw tag team titles. I wouldn’t even have Smackdown any more because that show is always stupid. Raw would only be an hour long because the other 2 hours is always talking or previews. If I want to watch a soap opera I will turn on General Hospital. I hope someone from WWE reads this. This is how ridiculous the WWE has turned into.

Tyler: *deep breath* Bring RAW back to 2 hours, actually pull the trigger on the Reigns heel turn, give Stroman either an IC or US title reign, put either Styles or Balor with Gallows & Anderson and do the Bullet Club in WWE, stopping turning the ring goddamn purple for the Cruiserweights and either integrate them better in the show or stop using them altogether (with a few exceptions such as Neville, Gallagher, Aries), unify the RAW and Smackdown World, Women’s and Tag Team titles and make it so the champions can be on either show, like it was in the original brand extension.

Chad: I bring Raw back down to hours, I have some form of the Club feud with the Shield reunited. Part-Tmers no longer get Title shots. I cut back on the number of Network Specials to 1 a month 4 Smackdown, 4 Raw, and the Big 4 Events (Rumble, Mania, Summerslam, Survivor Series) and at the Big 4 events incorporate the NXT titles on the card to give them a bigger stage to perform.

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