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A lot draft talk this week in the RoundTable, so let’s get to it…

1) is reporting that “The City of St. Louis filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the National Football League over the Rams’ relocation to Los Angeles, alleging the league violated its own relocation guidelines and enriched itself at the expense of the community it left behind.

In your opinion, since it’s now 15 months after the fact, is this lawsuit an example of “too little, too late?” Or, does St. Louis have a legitimate gripe?

St. Louis sues Rams, NFL over team’s relocation to Los Angeles

Chad: The team has played a full season and been on Hard Knocks since they left for LA… at this point who cares.

Dan: I think it’s too little, too late. They already played an entire season in Los Angeles. If, they truly had a problem with the way the whole move went down, they should have said something immediately instead of waiting until a season has passed.

It’s too late for them.

David: It’s a cash grab, nothing more. The City of St Louis really doesn’t want to force the team to return, expansion is not an option, so F* lets sue the NFL and get some of our money back on those bad deals we wrote.  

2) Do you place any credence in the rumor that the Cleveland Browns are considering taking QB Mitchell Trubisky instead of defensive end Myles Garrett as the #1 pick in this year’s draft?

Or, is this just a bunch smoke meaning absolutely nothing by some writers who need something for their overdue columns?

Mitchell Trubisky (L) & Myles Garrett

Chad: This is a smoke screen. I would totally expect Garrett to go #1 to the Browns.

Dan: I don’t think Trubisky is going to Cleveland number one. To me, he’ll still be there at number 13 when the Browns pick again and they’ll be able to get both of their players.

They need to go with the best overall player in this draft and that’s, by far, Myles Garrett.

David: It’s the stupidity of the Browns in action. The draft spots are slotted now as far as salary, so there is no negotiating tactic. Any other team and this would be ignored as writer trash. The Browns? Yeah.

Remember when the Texans had the first pick and it wasn’t a guess who was the pick? Exactly. How about with Indy and Luck? That’s what the Browns should be doing.  

3) Continuing with the thought of the 2nd question… which would better serve the Brown’s needs?

a) Stop overthinking it and just take Myles Garrett as the #1 pick OR

b) Trade down and accumulate even more draft picks?

Chad: At this point A is the better option because at some point you have to go get guys. Trading down for more picks just seems silly at this point.

Dan: Drafting Myles Garrett. You could trade down but you need help right now. And, Garrett can provide long-term defensive help. Draft him and get it over with. They have another pick at 13 that they can trade if they feel like they want more picks. They also can fill a huge need at 13 as well as this number pick.

It’s a no-brainer to me. Keep this pick and draft Garrett.

David: Depends on how much of a prick Garrett is. They need a face of the franchise, in the LT/Von Miller mold. Also depends on what is there. They need a TON of picks to move down, and I don’t see anyone doing it.  

4) By many accounts, running back Leonard Fournette is a top 10, if not top 5, pick in this year’s draft.

What is your opinion on Fournette? Where does he ultimately go in this year’s draft and which team is most likely to take him?

Leonard Fournette

Chad: I think Jacksonville could be the best option early. But, I could see him take a Aaron Rodgers tumble in the draft, too.

Dan: Fournette is one of the best running backs in the draft. I can definitely see him going to the Jets and in a top-10 position. I think he’s going to Carolina, Jacksonville or the Jets.

More than likely it’ll be Carolina, in my opinion.

David: I have watched Fournette since Day 1. He’s going to be a MONSTER if he’s 100%. The problem is, he got nicked up on a regular basis in the SEC. True, that is the best conference in America, but it still isn’t NFL guys slamming into you.

He has been linked to Carolina pretty much since the end of the season, but has even been put up to the Jags in some mocks. I really hope someone else takes him, even though he will make life miserable if he’s 100%. All reports is he’s a good dude, so I hope he gets drafted by a team with a great medical staff.

I’d like to see the Bills take him, so Mike Williams drops to Carolina. But who takes him? Sigh. Carolina.

5) Spot quiz… first five picks in this year’s draft?

(You can put in your rationale, but it’s not necessary.)

Chad: Garrett, Solomon Thomas, Malik Hooker, Leonard Fournette, Jonathan Allen

Dan: Here’s my current top 5: 1) Cleveland – Myles Garrett – DE – Texas A&M 2. San Francisco – Solomon Thomas – DE – Stanford 3. Chicago – Jonathan Allen – DT – Alabama 4. Jacksonville – Marshon Lattimore – CB – Ohio State 5. Tennessee – Jamal Adams – S – LSU

David: We are doing a Mock Draft this week,

Picks 1-10, 11-21, 22-32

Myles Garrett – DT – Texas A&M
Solomon Thomas – DE – Stanford
Jonathan Allen – DT – Alabama
Jamal Adams- S – LSU
Mike Williams – WR – Clemson

In some order.






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