2017 NFL Mock Draft part III

Here at 7poundbag, we love the draft. We love arguing picks, we love the wish-lists, and we love looking back and bragging on how we did. The hardest two parts of any draft predictions, are: 1) the trades, and 2) all it takes is one idiot to blow it up

So three writers split up the NFL, and made our picks, plus gave our opinion on if we would trade the pick.

22. Miami Dolphins – Dan 
Pick: Haason Reddick – OLB – Temple
They need front seven help and he’s an absolute beast. He can be a great pair with Kiko Alanso and a big need for them is someone who can be a play maker and be everywhere and that’s him.
Trading? Nope. Don’t need a quarterback. If someone comes with a nice offer, don’t be surprised if Miami takes it.
23. New York Giants – Dan
Pick: Ryan Ramcyzk – OT – Wisconsin
If you try to tell me the Giants aren’t picking an offensive tackle, you haven’t been paying attention to football at all. Or were under a rock. They need protection badly because one of these hits is going to injure Eli Manning and the hits are already taking a toll on him whether he shows it or not. The edge protection is most important.
Trading? No. It’s not a good offensive line class and they need to get one of the best and I believe Ramcyzk is the best offensive lineman in the draft. They’re not going to pass that pick.
24. Oakland Raiders – Chad
Pick: TJ Watt – LB – Wisconsin
Defensive help for a strong team
Trading? not really
25. Houston Texans – David   
Pick: Forrest Lamp – G/C – Western Kentucky
The Texans have QB issues, but I don’t want to jump that high to pick the Texas Tech product, considering the next dozen teams have a QB. What I need here is someone to protect my QB, and Lamp can play anywhere on the line.
Trading? Depends on what is out there.
26. Seattle Seahawks – Chad
Pick: Kevin King – CB – Washington
A tall long athlete and he played his college ball in Seattle sign me up.
Trading?Not seeking out the trade- if one comes along I listen.
27. Kansas City Chiefs – Chad
Pick: Dalvin Cook – RB – FSU
I need to get a guy to try and replace Jamaal Charles.
Trading? If i get what I want at the spot No Chance.
   28. Dallas Cowboys – Dan
Pick: Takkarist McKinley – DE/OLB – UCLA
They need a play-maker on defense and with Randy Gregory’s off-field issues, this is a great pick for the Cowboys. They get some up front help especially with the pass rush to shore up their defense to make a bigger push at a Super Bowl run.
Trading? Yes, but at this point in the draft, it’s rather unlikely a team moves up to 28th.
   29. Green Bay Packers – Dan
Pick: Jabrill Peppers – S – Michigan
They need secondary help BAD. And the nice thing about Peppers is not only can he play in the secondary and help with the coverage need (since they got torched all year, especially in Atlanta), they also can replace the hybrid player that went to Buffalo in Micah Hyde since Peppers can also move up and play LB.
Trade? Not at this spot. If they want to move up in the draft, then go for it, but there’s no real point especially if a player of Peppers skill is available at this point.
   30. Pittsburgh Steelers – Chad
Pick: Patrick Mahomes- QB- Texas Tech.
Pittsburgh uses this opportunity to draft the QB to hopefully replace Big Ben whose time is coming to an end.
Trading? not if a QB is there.
  31. Atlanta Falcons – David
Pick: Jordan Willis – DE/OLB – Kansas State
Willis has a lot of places he could play on the front seven, and The Falcons will find a spot for a guy of his talents.
Trading? I can’t see a trade here, as they have a great value pick here.
   32. New Orleans Saints- David.
Pick: Zach Cunningham – LB – Vanderbilt
The Saints need a pass rusher, and Cunningham can help spring a guy free. I think he’s got a low ceiling, but I think he has a high floor. I can see him playing for a decade, but never making Hawaii.
Trading? Late first round picks are good to get that extra year on the rookie deal, and the Saints are hurting on the cap. Unless there is a Cornerback they can trade for, I don’t see it.

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