Movie Review: Sausage Party

I was a bit worried about this movie, Seth Rogan is kind of like the Movie version of Vince Russo, when it’s filtered, it could be stunningly good, but when not filtered or allowed to go on too long, it’s utter shit.

I will say, Rogan got everyone in this one: Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Michael Cera, James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Paul Rudd, Nick Kroll, David Krumholtz, Edward Norton, and Salma Hayek. Plus damn near all of them do a great job.

We enter a Supermarket where all the items are alive. They all begin the day with a song, praising and hoping for the day that they get selected by the customers and get to move to the Great Beyond past the automatic doors. The other side of the corn is when the manager comes by and tosses the expired food into the trash bin.

Our story proper starts with Frank, who is in a package of Fancy Dogs with his buddies, and we start off with the sex jokes early and often as they are next to a package of buns and Frank has his partner already picked out in Brenda. Once they arrive in the Great Beyond, Frank and Brenda will finally put the Dog in the Bun. Literally. One thing I do like about this movie is that they don’t just slap a mouth on these characters, Brenda’s mouth is sideways so it fits on the bun. Everything is going well until a jar of Honey Mustard is returned to the store and he tells them that the Great Beyond is a lie. There is nothing but death beyond those doors. When a customer picks the Honey Mustard, as well as Frank and Brenda’s packages for the upcoming 4th of July holiday, The Honey Mustard goes over the edge, and tries to commit suicide. Frank tries to save him, as does Brenda, and this causes a two cart pileup and a mess, with the remaining franks and buns going into the Great Beyond without the pair, and bending the nozzle of a douche. No, a literal Douche, who is also denied entry into the Great Beyond in the spill.

So our story splits. Frank and Brenda trying to get back to their aisle to try and get back into another package, and Carl finds out the truth about the Great Beyond.

So how is Sausage Party?

If you like Rogan’s humor, and just have a ball with odd things saying dirty words, then you will enjoy this movie. If you are looking for an adult version of Toy Story, you will enjoy parts of this movie. If you are looking for highbrow smart humor? Keep along.

There are some generally funny parts of the movie, and some generally stupid parts of the movie. Keep in mind that It all comes down to the basic fact that this is a story about a hot dog wanting to get into a hot dog bun and get out a grocery store.

Sausage Party is much better than I thought it was, and even the wife laughed out loud a few times. On rewatch, it loses everything, and I can’t really see a reason to get the DVD, as I’m sure any outtakes will be on Youtube. I’ll go a 7 here, and yes, I’ll be watching the sequel. This movie is frikken funny.

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