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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. While the first round of the playoffs is well on there way, we have had some excitement already with the 8th seeded Bulls taking a 2-0 lead over the 1st seeded Celtics with game 3 headed back to Chicago. This week we will discuss LeBron James resting the final 2 games, the Knicks picking up Jackson’s final 2 years of his contract that and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Lets get started:

What are your thoughts about LeBron James Sitting out the last 2 games of the season when the number one seed was on the line?

Todd: Well, LeBron is supposed to be the best player in the world, Just like Jordan and Kobe once was. The difference between Jordan and Kobe though is that they played sick or injured or even tired. They are 2 of the greatest players to ever play the game, while LeBron James is just another lazy bitch who wants to get paid but don’t want to play.

Steve: My thoughts are that everything that people are saying about LeBron James being a pussy is exactly on point. I understand why he is doing it, and I understand that the number one seed is not the most important thing to the Cavs, but resting your superstar with something to play for is just proof that LeBron can never be considered even in the same breath as a Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or any other major superstar. Shit, even Shaq didnt take that many days off and that dude was 300 plus pounds.

Chad: Just more proof that he can not be in the same discussion as Jordan and Kobe for best ever because they did not take days off. Especially with the one seed on the line. I get it is not the most important thing but come on guys.

The New York Knicks picked up the last 2 years of Phil Jackson’s contract. Was this a good move for the Organization?

Todd: A huge mistake by New York. Phil Jackson is the problem with the organization. If they get rid of him you get rid of the problem. As good of a coach as he was he is not a very good fit in the front office.

Steve: No, it was stupid on all accounts. Carmelo is who you want to make happy. Phil is not going to bring you a championship and it is obvious that he does not really care about the success of the organization. Phil is not happy in New York, you can just tell. He needs to be back out West. This move has already ruined his personal life with his relationship with Jeannie Buss. They should just sever ties now before it gets to far out of hand.

Chad: No, It was one of the dumbest option pickups in the history of sports. This team is going nowhere in a big hurry and it is a crying shame.

What are your thoughts on Kristaps Porzingis skipping exit interviews because he was frustrated with drama surrounding the team?

Todd: I don’t blame him. Look at the Knicks, they are a mess and until they get rid of 2 guys they will stay that way. it is time to move on.

Steve: I think he is solid on point. I would be too with the disaster of that organization known as the New York Knicks. Glad he has a chance to move on.

Chad: Look at the Knicks; wouldn’t you? He can’t wait to get out of town.

Did the playoff seedings go as you expected in the East and West?

Todd: Well, I was a little Surprised Boston grabbed the number one seed toward the end of the season but I guess when cleveland rest all their players that is to be expected. I am also a little disappointed that Miami didn’t make the playoffs after making a strong push. They just fell short at the end. I thought they would have made a better 8th seed than Chicago.

Steve: Im a little surprised that Boston got the top seed, but considering the Cavs just basically tanked in the end, it doesnt surprise me at all. I wonder if they were just trying to avoid the Miami Heat who owned them the last couple months of the season. That was my other surprise. I am surprised the Heat did not sneak it. They are clearly the better team over the Bulls and the Bulls really got in by default because they played a High School Brooklyn Nets team the last night of the season. The West was pretty much chalk all year round, and no surprises there. I am a little surprised that the Warriors won the West by as much as they did. I thought the Spurs and Rockets would have given them more of a push late.

Chad: With the exception of the Boston leapfrogging Cleveland yeah but with Lebron sitting they feel comfortable to play them in a best of 7 and beat them.

Who do you think deserves coach of the year honors? 

Todd: Well, its a good thing playoff performances don’t count or I don’t think I could pick this man. Brad Stevens would probably have to be the coach of the year for grabbing the number one seed even though Cleveland gave it away.

Steve: Personally I would say Brad Stevens of Boston, because he took a team of no major superstars and turned them into a number one seed in the Eastern Conference. I think the award will go to Mike D’Antoni of Houston. He took a pretty bad club, with no chemistry, and turned them around to a 50 plus win team and really could give the Spurs and Warriors a series in the West.

Chad:  For getting the #1 seed I would have to say Brad Stevens the work he has done to turn Boston into this much of a threat is amazing.

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