Wrestling Roundtable

The Elite 8 of the March Madness tournament

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. We are now into the Elite 8 with the March Madness tournament. Are the number one seeds still alive? Or was someone knocked off? Plus we will discuss the latest happenings around the world of wrestling. All this and much more.

Here is the latest bracket for the Elite 8!

5 Triple H

3 Dean Ambrose

1 Brock Lesnar

2 Bray Wyatt


1 AJ Styles

2 Seth Rollins

1 John Cena

3 Braun Strowman


So our first number one went down with Goldberg. I guess the 4 minute loss to Brock Lesnar paid a factor in that. The AJ Styles vs Finn Balor match really went down to the wire as it was only decided by one fan vote. So great job on the voting everyone.


Here are some questions this week.

The WWE recently said that they are keeping the door open for Bill Goldberg to make another return to the ring. At 50 years old, have we seen the last of Goldberg in the squared circle, or do you see him returning for “one more match”?

Steve: I think it would be a mistake for the WWE to bring back Goldberg. I think he wrestled a total of 10 minutes including the Royal Rumble in the 5 months that he was back in the WWE, and he was the freakin Universal Champion? Come on, the guy is 50 years old, don’t be a Flair, just stay away. I have no problem with him returning in a non wrestling role as like a one time appearance, Hall of Fame, something like that, but in ring? Not a chance.

Tyler: At this point, I think he’s done, as he’s mentioned in the past how hard it was to get himself back into ring shape.  Of course, never say never.

Manny: I think one more match would be silly, Goldberg is a gold mine for WWE! They would be silly to close the door, but they have to build a reason again! They are making a strong Strowman push and with bray coming back what’s next! Goldberg is a huge combustible asset if used correctly.

Chad: Never say Never in Wrestling but I would say he will fight somebody in more match maybe Summerslam, or WM 34.

Todd: To tell you the truth no one cares. He should have never came back for this last run. All his matches were ridiculous.


There is going to be a little shakeup between Raw and Smackdown where some superstars will be switching brands. Who are some top superstars that will find there way to the other brand?

Steve: Well this question was a little late, but oh well, I think they should have moved AJ Styles to Raw, but I can see why they kept him on Smackdown. Other than that, I really have no opinion on it. Not a fan of the brand split period.

Tyler: Well, we’ve already seen Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose switch their respective shows, as long as AJ and Finn stay on their current shows who cares?

Manny: Man the women’s division just got an upgrade on raw! Men’s talent isn’t quite as good big names not really interested when they announce smackdown I will revisit this but raw women’s is about to be off the chain! I looked at the shake up Smackdown major upgrade, THE NEW DAY, Charlotte, KO and Sami. Big time reason to check out smack down, well mostly The New Day and Charlotte. Bray and Braun, new dynamic! Raw just got a down grade.

Chad: Writing this after the shake-up I was surprised at the lack of big names switching brands. But the biggest ended up being Charlotte to Smackdown and Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens switching places.

Todd: This shakeup is dumb. I wonder whose bright idea this was? No one cares once again. this is complete stupidity.


Brock Lesnar is not slated to defend the Universal Championship at Payback. Is this another case of why a part time wrestlers should not be the World Champion? Or does it really even matter?

Steve: Let’s face it, if you want to make the Universal title relevant, then Brock Lesnar should not be the Universal Champion. From what I hear he is going to hold the title for all of 2017, and through Wrestlemania before Roman Reigns beats him for it. No way should this happen, and the title will be meaningless if that happens.

Tyler: Perfect example.  If you’re going to put a belt on someone, have them defend it.  Bottom line.

Manny: I think that his presence obviously hurts but who the hell is he going to fight, blame the bad writing on this one guys! Number one contender? Who is it? We going to have a reigns Strowman rematch h for a contender.

Chad: Part-Timers as Champions in a short-term is OK in a long term it is a very bad idea because you don’t get that feel of a Title Match at a big show.

Todd Once again this is dumb. Brock Lesner is horrible. A monkey would make a better champion. Enough said.


Demolition was recently asked if they have strong feelings about not being inducted into the Hall of Fame, they responded that they don’t really let it bother them, but agreed they should be in. So it is in your hands now, Should Demolition be in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Steve: They are a three time tag team champion, and just recently had their record broken by the New Day as the longest reigning tag team champions of all time. Absolutely they should be in the Hall of Fame. There is some bad blood between Vince and Demolition, but we have seen it with the Warrior, hopefully he will do the right thing for the Demolition.

Tyler: Hell yes.  They were bad-ass!  Long overdue for an induction.

Manny: Absolutely but for what ever reason they deem them unworthy they will eventually get in.

Chad: Absolutely longest reigning champions until the New Day; they do belong in the Hall of Fame

Todd: Absolutely. They deserve than half the superstars that have been inducted the last 3 or four years. If people like Koko B. Ware, The Godfather, Jaquilen, and Teddy long can get in Demolition should be able to get in. WTF is wrong with WWE. Give them there due.


As a child growing up, who was your wrestling childhood hero?

Steve: Ricky Steamboat. Watching his matches against Randy Savage, Ric Flair, and Lex Luger really made me watch this guy and made me a huge fan of his. His technical and high flying ability made him worth the price of admission. After he came back as the fire breathing Dragon though in WWE, I admit I lost interest.

Tyler: I gotta say the Hitman, as cliched as that is.  I also thought face Roddy Piper was funny.

Manny: Stone cold and The Great One, The People’s Champ, The Rock best mic person ever!!!!!

Chad: Probably The Rock just because when I started watching Austin was gone and the Rock was the one carrying the fight against the Authorityat the time.

Todd: The Brooklyn Brawler.

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