Tony Romo retires & other football news @ NFLRT 4/14

NFLRT is heavy on the Romano this week… pardon the punniness… that is… in some way, form or shape, the first three questions deal with the “retiring” Mr. Romo.

Also, the Seahawks may have some deciding to do… word is Marshawn Lynch is thinking of unretiring and Richard Sherman may be on the trading block…

This week’s questions…

1) Last week Tony Romo was finally given his release by the Dallas Cowboys. Then, almost immediately an announcement was forthcoming from CBS that he was being hired as an announcer and he would replace Phil Simms as the color commentator to lead announcer Jim Nantz on their #1 broadcast team. 

a) What is your opinion (assuming he eventually doesn’t return to the NFL with another team down the road) about his decision to retire and go into broadcasting?

b) What is your opinion on this move by CBS?

Romo retires, signs with CBS

Chad: I’m sure Jerry Jones had a hand in helping get the position on CBS and stealing Phil Simms job. Probably an arranged retirement to not pay him the money due on the contract.

Dan: I think he made the right call. The Cowboys have moved on and they don’t seem to be trading him any time soon. He doesn’t know how much longer he can play, or if he can even stay healthy in order to complete a season.

I think entering the broadcast booth will be a nice addition to the CBS’ crew, but I definitely wouldn’t have put him on the number one crew. He’s never been a broadcaster in his life, I’d let him start a season or two doing games before putting him number one. He has all the games in prime time including some Thursday night games with an additional Sunday game in the same week. All I can say is good luck, because how the media is coming out about the move, it’s going to be extremely difficult for Romo to make a quick and efficient transition right away.

Simms out on CBS #1 broadcast team, Romo in.

David: a) He just didn’t feel the love from other teams. Houston didn’t care and Denver didn’t return his phone calls. CBS or the Jets?

Let’s be honest with this here. Romo got beat the hell out behind the BEST LINE IN FOOTBALL, and now he’s going to play 16+ games behind a bottom tier one? I’d call games on ESPN3 if I could keep my 16M.

b) Dick move on Phil Simms. I guess they figure they need a Troy Aikman to blow the Cowboys fans.  

Earl: I’ll start with the second part of the question and say that I like the move for CBS. Yes, they had to get rid of Phil Simms to bring on Romo, but in Romo they get a young and popular guy and it doesn’t hurt that he was a star QB for the Dallas Cowboys.

I think Romo made the smart decision in retiring. He may have wanted to play on, but the injuries he has taken is likely taking a huge toll on his body. He’s young, he’s got a family, and he’s made enough money. Probably was best to retire now instead of starting over with a new franchise.

2) Is Tony Romo (again assuming he eventually doesn’t return to the NFL with another team down the road) a lock to get into the Hall of Fame? Why or why not?

What are Romo’s chances for Canton?

Chad: No, he is not a lock for the Hall of Fame. His playoff success is zilch, nadda, zero. His stats are just OK.

Dan: No, he’s not a lock and I don’t even think he’ll get into the Hall of Fame. He was a very good quarterback, but he never led the Cowboys to a Super Bowl; he let them down in key moments and just didn’t really stand out as a top quarterback in the league enough in order to garner a Hall of Fame vote from me.

Nice, solid career, but not Hall of Fame worthy.

David: Shit, no. If, Romo played for the Titans or the Vikings, this wouldn’t be a question. He played for the Cowboys… so, he’s probably get in.

Earl: Romo is not a Hall of Fame player. Never made it to the Super Bowl and he missed a lot of playing time with all of his various injuries. He’s a good QB, and he’ll be remembered fondly, but he does not warrant induction into the Hall of Fame.

3) Now, that Romo has said he is retired from the game, how does that effect the Houston Texans immediate QB plans?

Do they stick with Tom Savage; go after an available free agent left on the market or consider using their pick (25th), or maybe trade up in the draft, to get their future franchise QB? 

Any, none or any combination of the preceding and why?

Should Texans promote Savage to #1 QB or are they on the clock in the draft for a franchise QB?

Chad: I think if you don’t feel a free agent would help you; you would need to make the move and draft a QB even if that means trading up.

Dan: I don’t think Romo retiring should change the focus the Houston Texans’ had at quarterback. They still need one. And, they should address the quarterback situation not only in free agency, but also in the draft. And, I’d argue that they should make a quarterback selection in round one. It’s that big of a need and could be the difference between a Super Bowl appearance and going home.

David: Wait till after the draft. 

Earl: Sticking with Tom Savage is not a bad thing. Savage played well when he had the chance last season. Giving him a shot to start makes sense. Selfishly, as a Jets fan, I would love it, if Tom O’Brien came calling for his old protégé in Christian Hackenberg, but that is just wishful thinking on my part.

4) is reporting that “In the past two weeks, on three separate occasions, (Seattle) Seahawks general manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll have made it clear publicly that (Cornerback Richard) Sherman is available via trade.” Putting aside the why this has come about (rumors abound from he argued too much with the coaching staff, to he asked to be traded), Sherman is 29 at the peak of his career and owed 2 years at $11.431 million and $11 million per year… 

a) What do you thing is a reasonable asking price for Sherman?

b) Which teams would be interested?

What’s Richard Sherman’s trade value?

Chad: Multiple Draft Picks.

For a game changing shutdown corner like Sherman on the backend of a deal would be at least a 2 and a 4 or maybe 2 3’s. But, I think it is multiple picks.

Dan: The Seahawks’ asking price should be a top player and a draft pick. He’s highly touted after and he’s the best corner in the league. Why take whatever you can get when you can keep him on the team and be set at corner for a couple more seasons?

Some teams that have shown interest are Green Bay, New York Jets, Tennessee, New England and Jacksonville. I personally don’t see a trade happening due to his price tag as well as the draft class. The Patriots are out because of where their draft pick lands. The Packers aren’t trading away top draft picks and neither are the rest.

David: a) 2nd rounder? Double 3s? If, I’m the Cowboys I give up a 1 for Sherman and a 3rd.

b) Any team that won 8 games that has a coach with Balls. Why I’m hoping the Cowboys do it, since that would be SO much fun.

Earl: That asking price is more than reasonable and even though the New England Patriots have traded a few of their picks, I would expect them to be at the front of the line. I would expect the New Orleans Saints to make a play as well considering they have a need at the cornerback position.

5) Marshawn Lynch says he wants to come back into the NFL fold and the Seattle Seahawks still own his contract rights. With the Seahawks permission, he has already visited with the “Still the Oakland Raiders.” But, with a contract that carries a salary cap hit of $9 million in 2017 and a base salary of $7 million in 2018 that might be too steep for the Raiders as well as many other teams to try and acquire Lynch. That salary hit might also be too steep for the Seahawks to keep Lynch. 

In your opinion, and of course depending if Lynch is serious about a comeback, do you think a team might make an offer to get Lynch before another team can strike first or are teams going to wait it out and wait for the Seahawks to release him from his contract?

Marshawn Lynch coming back?

Chad: I’d play the waiting game because you cannot guarantee what kind of shape he is in after a year and being in the league as long as he has been.

Dan: I don’t see a trade offer being made to Seattle for Lynch, but I do see a lot of teams sitting and waiting for him to get released by Seattle.

The top two teams will be New England and Oakland. This will be an interesting story to watch because New England needs a RB and Oakland really wants Lynch, especially for when they move.

Seattle doesn’t seem likely to make a decision with him until after the draft, though, which is smart.

David: I so don’t care about Skittles boy. I’ll care whenever he signs and not a MOMENT before.

Earl: If, Lynch comes back it’s going to be for his hometown Oakland Raiders. Money won’t matter with Lynch since he’s a different kind of cat. A chance to close out his career in front of his friends and neighbors and play for a team that could possibly contend for a Super Bowl is the only thing he wants.



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