The Brooklyn Nets are “Resting” Players in the Last Game of the Year

He needs to rest...
He needs to rest…

I am Brooklyn Nets fan… but right here and now, I am going to say I am embarrassed to say that.

And, no, not because they suck and are in last place in the NBA, but after what they did in their last game of the season against season against the Chicago Bulls? Bullshit!

The Nets, who have the worst record in the league, “rested” Trevor Booker, Jeremy Lin and Brook Lopez. Three other key players were out “due to injuries.” That is essentially their starting five plus one on the bench… “resting.”

Just last Saturday, the Nets defeated the Chicago Bulls  107-106 behind Lopez’s 13 points and Lin’s 12 points. Yeah, it was in Brooklyn, but they beat a playoff contending team. Then, last night with all of their starters on the bench “resting”, they lost to the same Chicago team… 112-73

This screwed Miami who won their game last night. Because, if the Nets even tried to beat Chicago, and THEN DID… Miami is in the playoffs. Instead, they gave the game to Chicago. They screwed Miami who needed the Bulls to lose in order to have a chance at the playoffs, which since they won, they would have grabbed.

From today’s NYDN…

Brooklyn coach Kenny Atkinson said before the game, “I’m going to be honest as a competitor, I understand it, I understand the point of view that some of you have, some of the press has and maybe other teams, I do understand it. But again, we have to look at it from the Brooklyn Nets franchise and what is best for us and that’s how we’re looking into it in a vacuum. That’s my responsibility as coach.”

You are fucking resting for what reason? You are in last fucking place. You are not going to the playoffs. You have no other games to play. You can rest your damn asses all damn off-season.

You have no fucking pride left? You have no professionalism? You have no desire to put the best product on the floor, if for no other reason than some dad or mom brought their children to see a damn professional NBA game with real top-level NBA players and not some scrubs off the last place on the bench? Add to the fact, that you need to rest now when this game has playoff implications for another team?  

This resting of the players has now gotten way out of hand and the NBA and the Players Association need to come together and establish some type of protocol… DAMN RULE!… on when and how many players.. if any at all… can be rested who are provably injury free.

Yes, I want a damn doctor’s note!

One more time…

In addition to this bullshit the Nets pulled on the Miami Heat and by extension the NBA and the game itself… what about we the people…  the dedicated fans?

The Nets so disrespect us the fans that they could care less if they have players… Brook Lopez is arguably one… that a dad or a mom, might bring their children to see… but, nooooo… they are tired…

It’s the last game of the season and then poor little Brook can go home to play golf… or go to Disneyland… or whatever… hell, he can even rest!  But, nope… Brook needs to rest now… he is tired.

One more time…


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