Movie Review: Psycho 2

The original Psycho is a stunning movie, and more than holds up today. Here is what I said about it.

“This is a perfect 10 movie. If this movie is not in your DVD collection, it is incomplete. I look forward to picking this one up when fiances allow, and to be honest, I’ll be getting the collection that has all the Psychos on it. ”

Well, finances has not allowed it, yet, but one of my premium channels had parts 2 and 3 on late one night, so I threw it on the DVR.

The movie starts with what might be the most famous scene in movie history, the shower scene. I can see why it’s there, since it’s awesome, but it also sets a high bar for the rest of the movie- and thats a bar that many movies can’t even see, let alone reach.

I did get a quick charge for a half second when I saw this-Psycho II start
Special Visual Effects by Albert Whitlock

Oh, so close.

We open with a courtroom where Norman has been judged sane and is about to be released, there is a woman there with a petition to keep him, but the court lets him go anyway. Whoa! He killed 7 people? Norman’s doctor is played by That Guy Hall of Famer Robert Loggia, by the way.

So Bates has a job at a Diner as a kitchen helper, and he meets sack-sack waitress Mary, who just got kicked out by her boyfriend. Norman invites her to stay at his hotel.

At the hotel, Norman meets up with Dennis Franz, who has been turning the hotel into one of those you pay by the hour ones. Norman fires him and states his wishes to bring the Hotel back to it’s former glory. Mary and Norman become fast friends, and Norman starts repainting the place with Mary’s help. Soon Norman starts getting notes from his “mother” and then phone calls.

Then people start dying.

So how is Psycho II?

Psycho II endWell, as I said, putting Alfred Hitchcock’s shower scene first was a mistake. This movie doesn’t come close to that height. Then again, what movie does? That being said, Psycho II is a solid movie, but is dragged down a bit by the pacing and at times, awful acting. The sequel was made 22 years after the original, so it does seem like it’s a legitimate sequel with good reasons. That may have helped the this movie when it came out, but in today’s video age, you can watch Psycho then spin right around and watch the sequel, or even the whole series like what is on my DVR right now. I don’t know why it weakens this movie so badly in my eyes but it does. I suppose on it’s own, it’s a solid movie, and the effort is there, but I just can’t see myself ever watching it again. I think I’ll go a 5 here. The movie itself could be a 6 or even a 7 on it’s own, but it’s like eating a steak for dinner and then running to Burger King for a late night snack, nothing wrong with it, it just fails in the image of what came before. There are far worse sequels, and again, not entirely this movies fault, and to be fair, if Psycho III is a good one, I’ll be happy and it might raise this one a notch or two in a running system.

Final Note. I love the ending. No spoilers, but the ending is awesome.

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