QB questions & sniff, sniff… what’s that? Smoke? @ NFLRT 4/7

The seemingly ever present quarterback questions still abound throughout the NFL.. this week we look at Denver, Pittsburgh… and… yes, the Jets, one more time. They got a new offensive coordinator, but even if they have their QB questions resolved will it really matter?

Sniff, sniff… what is that odor? We also lead off by looking at Jerry Jones’ proposal that the NFL stop penalizing players for using marijuana.

And… Seriously? AP a Patriot?

This week’s questions… 

1) CBS.com is reporting that “After years of trying to get the NFL to overturn its marijuana policy, the NFLPA might finally have someone in its corner who can actually make that happen: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. 

They also reported that “According to Pro Football Talk, Jones and the NFL’s 31 other owners held a private meeting at the Annual League Meeting in Phoenix last week, and during that private meeting, Jones told the other owners that he wants the NFL to “drop its prohibition on marijuana use.” 

Any possible move on this suggestion by Jones would probably need to wait until the next collective bargaining agreement due to be negotiated in 2020. 

However, what is your opinion on this possibility? Good, bad or indifferent and why? 

Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones told the other owners that he wants the NFL to “drop its prohibition on marijuana use.”

Chad: I think it’s time.

When you have teams in 2 states that have it legalized it shouldn’t be a league violation, but that’s just my opinion

Dan: I think they need to. It’ll be legalized throughout the United States within a couple years in my opinion and the NFL just needs to follow suit. It’s not harmful, it’s MUCH, MUCH better than all the pain pills that the athletes are prescribed and are getting addicted to and it can definitely heal and prevent certain diseases and illnesses as well as sicknesses that come from the prescription pills the athletes are given.

One rule I would institute, though, would be, if the NFL is able to figure out a way to test, if the player is high for the game. I wouldn’t recommend having a quarterback or a running back or a lineman high as he’s trying to play the game. After? Fine. But not during.

Legalize it. How is it fair that Denver and Seattle players are in a state where it’s legal, but can’t partake in it? But, they’re allowed, per the NFL, to go get slammed at a bar right after a game. Makes no sense to me when, in both Colorado and Washington (and other states including Washington DC), marijuana is legalized on the same level as alcohol.

Earl: I’m indifferent. Only, because, I don’t see the NFL changing their policy.

2) Per ESPN.com former Vikings RB Adrian Petersen met with the Patriots on Monday. The Pats need a RB since they haven’t resigned LeGarrette Blount after his contract expired following the 2016 season.  

If, the Pats do wind up signing Petersen is it just about time for the rest of the NFL to sing “turn out the lights the party’s over”, or, he won’t make a difference any way he’s old (32) and has bad knees?  

But, seriously… if, the Pats sign Petersen would he fit their team’s need for a RB? Why or why not? 

Chad: I think he would fill a need as the Patriots also have Dion Lewis and James White as running backs and would not have to be a full workload. So, why not?

Dan: I think he would fit their team needs at running back, but I don’t feel like he would have much of an impact.

I think he’s reached the end of his road. I wouldn’t want the Packers to try and sign him and I don’t think he’d do much good for New England either. He’s old, for NFL running back standards, has had injury problems the past couple of seasons and when he was healthy, he wasn’t making that much of an impact (especially last season — just look at the Green Bay game before his injury).

If, I was the New England organization, I would consider signing Peterson for a cheap one-year deal and make sure to either re-sign Blount or go to the draft and grab a running back quickly.

Earl: Signing AP makes sense only because of the running back by committee approach that the Patriots have. All of the burden wouldn’t be on Peterson’s shoulders and he has the veteran leadership that would go along well in that locker room. 

3) Denver Bronco’s coach Van Joseph says right now they have their number 1 and 2 QBs on the team… Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. 

However, with 10 picks in this year’s draft, what are the chances GM John Elway doesn’t take a QB? And, what are the chances he might trade up to grab one of the top three QBs available, if one or more of them happen to drop down out of the first round?   

Chad: It’s about 70/30 odds he doesn’t make the move to trade up and get a QB in the draft.

Broncos’ GM Elway thinking QB in this year’s draft?

Dan: With ten picks in this draft, I definitely think Denver will grab a quarterback. It won’t be early, but later in the draft.

While, I think they do think they have their number one and two quarterback in Siemian & Paxton Lynch, I think Denver will still grab a quarterback. They won’t trade up for one, though. Maybe a different position, but not quarterback.

Earl: I think the chances are high that they do not take a quarterback. The last thing they need is another young signal caller. In Siemian or Lynch, I think they have enough arms to last through the season.

With the 10 picks, they would be wise to turn their attention to the defense as well as a running back or two.

4) Rumor flying around is that the Steelers are looking at 6’2” 230 lb. QB Patrick Mahomes. Many pro football peoples say Mahomes is “very talented, but nowhere near ready to play NFL football.” 

What is your opinion… should the Steelers consider drafting Mahomes as a viable project to prepare for the inevitable retirement of Big Ben? Why or why not?

Steelers looking at Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes?

Chad: The time has come for the Steelers to consider a quarterback to replace Big Ben as he is getting up in age.

Dan: The Steelers should definitely consider all quarterback options in this year’s draft especially with the question marks surrounding Big Ben. They have no idea what his plans are going forward and barely know his plans for the 2017 season. Grab a quarterback in this draft and develop. Grab two if it makes you feel more comfortable but avoiding a quarterback would be a huge mistake. If, a top three quarterback falls to round two, it might be worth considering trading up for or going ahead and grabbing him.

Earl: Mahomes has a big arm, but he has an attitude problem by all accounts. With that said, sitting behind Big Ben and learning how to be an NFL pro from an organization with the history of the Steelers should be of benefit to him.

The fact is Ben’s time will come to an end, and even though identifying a replacement is something that they need to do, it is not something they need to address immediately.

5) Saints’ head coach Sean Payton recently told the NYDN that the Jets new offensive coordinator John Morton’s “work ethic, creativity and teaching skills” are beyond compare but that ultimately “… it’s going to be who’s playing quarterback. Has that been solved?” 

If, the obvious answer is “no”, then, in your opinion, will Morton have any measurable impact on the Jets’ offense capabilities in the 2017 season? Why or why not? 

Are the Jets giving new offensive coordinator John Morton a chance to succeed?

Chad: They have not found their QB, so I do not see John Morton having an immediate impact for the Jets.

Dan: No, I don’t think his impact will be felt this season. Why not? Because the Jets need one major factor for him to really have a measurable effect: an offense. Their quarterback situation is a huge question mark. They lost Brandon Marshall, who went to the Giants, so that leaves their huge question mark at quarterback with another question mark… who’s going to get the ball. They have Powell and Forte at running back, but that’s about it for their offense. They need more impact players in order for anything meaningful to happen from Morton in New York.

Earl: Measurable impact? No. I’m not knocking John Morton but he doesn’t exactly have the tools needed to have a season of measurable impact.

The offense has holes. Big holes. Quarterback is a question mark. Running back is solid in Forte and Powell but there is a need for a game breaker at the position. And, wide receiver is unproven outside of Decker. Offensive line is also a bit of a question mark.

Hopefully, these needs are addressed in the draft, but outside of that, I can’t see Morton making a big difference.

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