Pounding 7’s Wrestlemania Edition

We are less than 24 hours removed from Wrestlemania 33 and boy what a night of action it was. This is Pounding 7’s and this is the final week of our Wrestlemania series. This week its pretty cut and dry. I will countdown the top 7 moments of Wrestlemania 33. What went right? What went wrong? What did I take away from the event.

Here we go! These are in no particular order, as I just added as I watched the show.

7. NXT Takeover- If you watched NXT Takeover you were not disappointed. You saw a Baron Corbin 2.0 debut. Plus you saw a fantastic triple threat tag team elimination match. Asuksa retained her championship and her undefeated streak against Ember Moon in a decent match. And the main event between NXT Champion Bobby Roode retaining against Shinsuke Nakamura. This match was a classic in itself, and possibly a match of the year candidate. It was a great week to kick off the Wrestlemania weekend.

6. The Hall of Fame ceremony- The Hall of Fame was interesting all the way up to Kurt Angle’s induction. When he came out wearing his wig, and then the small cowboy hat, then poured two jugs of milk over his head, that was classic. Jim Cornette behaved himself and even acknowledged the fact that everyone was on pins and needles when it came to his induction speech. When the Rock and Roll Express came out, they paid tribute to all who helped them along the way, and gave credit to the Midnight Express, and maybe set up an induction for them next year. Great show, full of emotion, and gave us fans a way to reflect back on their careers.

5. The Hardy Boys return- The crowd in Orlando went absolutely crazy when we all felt that the New DAY were going to insert themselves into the ladder match, when out of no where, familiar music hits and out comes the Hardy Boys,  they came in a house of fire, and captured the tag team championship for the 7th time.

4. Bayley retains- In one of the best spots of the night, Bayley defeated Sasha Banks,  Nia Jaxx,  and pinned Charlotte for the second consecutive PPV to retain  the WWE Womens Championship. The match was full of great spots and action,  and went down as an instant classic.

3. The Proposal– John Cena finally did it, he popped the question to Nikki Bella. After the win over the Miz and Maryse,  Cena grabbed the microphone and proposed marriage to Nikki. It was a Wrestlemania moment that will likely always be remembered. Plus it was the first time in a long time that Cena was not booed out of the crowd…another Wrestlemania moment.

2. Seth Rollins defeats Triple H- Okay so maybe not the best match on the card, but Seth went through a vigorous rehab just to make it to the event. It was a great match from the start, and it was full of spots, perhaps the best one was Stephanie McMahon actually taking a bump through a table. Awesome match, and a great finish to a good story.

1. Jim Ross returns to call the main event- In what is likely the Undertaker’s final match in the WWE and what could be could be called a surprise,  Good Ol’ JR returned to the commentator table to call The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns match. It was first said by Ross that this was a No Holds Barred match ad there was little hype to that effect. It was great to see Ross again after the tragic passing of his wife just a couple of weeks ago. Roman prevailed over the Deadman and after the match the Undertaker laid his hat, gloves, and cost in the middle of the ring and walked away with his head held high. Having Ross call this was undoubtedly Takers idea as he had lobbied for Ross on many prior Mania matches.

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