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Round 2 of the Wrestling March Madness Tournament

Hello there wrestling fans and welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. This is the second round of the Wrestling March Madness Tournament. We had a week of great matches, and thanks to the overwhelming emails I got from you fans to vote. I counted so many ballots, and did not realize that it would take up so much of my time. It is well worth is as we are on to the next round.

Plus, we have some great questions to get to as well. All this and much more!

Here is the updated bracket

1 Goldberg                                                                                                   1 AJ Styles

9 Rey Mysterio                                                                                           9 Sheamus

5 Triple H                                                                                                    5 Chris Jericho

4 The Miz                                                                                                    4 Finn Balor

6 Big E Langston                                                                                       11 Cody Rhodes

3 Dean Ambrose                                                                                        3 Bobby Roode

7 Shinsuke Nakamura                                                                              10 Roderick Strong

2 Roman Reigns                                                                                         2 Seth Rollins

1 Brock Lesnar                                                                                            1 John Cena

9 Jeff Hardy                                                                                                8 Sami Zayn

12 Adam Cole                                                                                              5 Dolph Ziggler

4 Randy Orton                                                                                            4 Samoa Joe

6 The Big Show                                                                                           6 Baron Corbin

3 Jay Lethal                                                                                                 3 Braun Strowman

7 Luke Harper                                                                                            10 Matt Hardy

2 Bray Wyatt                                                                                                2 Kevin Owens

Steve: Here are the winners of the Round of 32

Goldberg, Triple H, Dean Ambrose,  Roman Reigns

Brock Lesnar, Adam Cole, Jay Lethal, Bray Wyatt

AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Bobby Roode, Seth Rollins

John Cena, Samoa Joe, Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens

Frosh: Here are the winners for this week:

Bracket 1: Goldberg, HHH, Ambrose, Reigns – as much as I would like for Nakamura to win, Reigns takes it to set up Ambrose/Reigns in the Sweet 16.

Bracket 2: Lesnar, Orton, Lethal, Wyatt – The Lethal/Show match is interesting, and I think Lethal pulls it out to set up an interesting Sweet 16

Bracket 3: Styles, Balor, Roode, Rollins – This bracket has the most interesting 2nd round and Sweet 16 matches, by far.

Bracket 4: Cena, Joe, Strowman, Owens – High seeds win here.  The Strowman/Corbin match has some interest, but upsets wait for the next round.


Goldberg, Triple H, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns

Brock Lesner, Randy Orton, Big Show, Bray Wyatt

AJ Styles,Finn Balor, Bobby Roode, Roderick Strong

John Cena, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, Matt Hardy

There is a reason I picked Strong and Hardy over Rollins and Owens because in my book they should not move past this round because they will always be known as paper champions!



Goldberg, HHH, Ambrose, Reigns

Lesnar, Cole, Lethal, Wyatt

Styles, Balor, Roode, Rollins

Cena, Joe, Strowman, Hardy


Goldberg,  HHH, Ambrose,  Nakamura

Lesnar,  Cole,  Lethal,  Wyatt

AJ Styles,  Finn Balor, Bobby Roode,  Seth Rollins

Cena, Joe,  Strowman,  Owens

And here are the questions we have for this week

With their most recent episode, the company formally known as TNA Wrestling is pulling out all the stops to redeem themselves in the eyes of the wrestling world: finally dropping the TNA name altogether and renaming themselves as Impact Wrestling; adding Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantell, and Bruce Prichard back as the creative team (and on-air authority figures in the case of Mantell and Prichard); refreshing their depleted roster with a combination of indie talent, former TNA workers, and members of Jarrett’s own (floundering) GFW promotion; and putting their world title on Alberto El Patron (aka Alberto Del Rio). Is this all enough to finally turn things around, or is it a case of too little too late?
Steve: How many TNA rebuilds have there been? How many failures have there been? Seriously way too many to count. I don’t know how TNA is still surviving, they lost there greatest asset in the Hardy Boys, they lost Drew Galloway, they are about to lose Maria and Mike Bennett, and I would not be surprised if EC3 leaves soon. It’s time for TNA just to fold up the shop and shut it down. Maybe the best thing to do would be to merge with ROH and maybe together they can give the WWE some sort of competition.
Frosh: Wait….TNA is still in business?
Todd: This is a last ditch effort to stay in business. This is a desperation move. Expect them to go out of business by the end of the year.
Chad: They need to stop trying; let’s keep in mind that Del Rio was their option C behind keeping Drew Galloway and resigning Bully Ray. They need to just merge with ROH or another promotion. It’s a last ditch effort and it’s sad state for a once promising promotions.
Tyler: While I would hate there to be less competition for WWE, Impact Wrestling has been dying a slow death for several years now, time to let it die already

What should the WWE do about Money in the Bank this year. It’s been tossed around to A) Eliminate the concept all together. B) Have two MITB matches. Or C) Have one match where the winner can choose the title he wants to pursue and could show up on either show. What are your thoughts?
Steve: I think at this point the Money in the Bank has ran its course, and it is pure overkill if you have multiple briefcases and two matches. While the matches I have no doubt they would be epic, lights out type matches. Having two guys with the briefcase is just too much. If they do keep this around, I would have no problem with one match, one case, and the winner can appear on either of the two shows and challenge the champion of either brand anytime he wants. If they want to have two matches, then why not give the ladies an opportunity?
Frosh: I do not like the idea of the separate PPV’s. I LOVE the MitB match itself though.  I think it should return home to Mania.  But, now that we have the Memorial Battle Royal, that won’t happen.  I do like option C, as that adds a bit more surprise to the eventual reveal, as the MitB cash ins have been pretty mellow lately, but then, really, since the first one happened, and you really knew how it worked, you knew almost everyone will cash in on a weak opponent to win.  Only twice has one been lost (Cena to Punk, and Sandow to Cena…a truly missed opportunity)  I don’t know that there is too much surprise left without changing something.
Todd: Well if  WWE was smart they would get rid of this brand split as it has not worked since they have started it almost 10 months ago. That will probably wont happen though. I like the MITB matches, im just not sure if 2 of them make much sense. Maybe option C makes the most sense. That will keep everyone guessing and keep some excitement going into every ppv.
Chad: Option C makes the most sense as the holder can show up on each show to tease cash ins
Tyler: I say one match where the winner can go to either show, makes it less predictable.

Unless you are in Frosh’s inner circle of thought process. Shane McMahon will face off against AJ Styles at Wrestlemania. Some say this is a major step down for AJ Styles. Does AJ Styles have to win this match, and what would a loss do to his career in the WWE?
Steve: It would be a huge setback for AJ Styles if he loses to Shane McMahon, to go from an amazing 2016, where he had multiple wins over John Cena, and won the WWE Championship over Dean Ambrose. After all that, losing to a guy like Shane McMahon, who is an upper management authority figure, that would set back AJ for months, and while I have respect for what Shane can do in the ring, and I expect him to do something absolutely insane in the match. I have gone against Frosh before in his thought process, and many times he has proven me wrong. So I may actually think he may be on to something, and Daniel Bryan may be the one who takes on AJ at Mania. You never know!
Frosh: Even facing Shane is a step down for Styles.  After Smackdown this week, I have had to change my stance a bit, as it seems pretty clear that WWE is intent on the trainwreck that will be Shane//Styles.  They missed such a great opportunity to throw a MAJOR swerve at us.  It could have been Daniel Bryan (I truly hope they still do).  Could you think of a better way to get a HUGE pop out of the crowd? It could have been a way to introduce a newbie from NXT (maybe Nakamura).  WWE should NOT follow through with this match.  Shane has no business in the ring, the story makes little sense and isn’t new.  It was perfected by Stone Cold/Vince, and does not need to be re-told.  If they go through with the Shane/AJ match though, look for a couple of good spots, but it will be the popcorn break match of the show.
Todd: So why does Shane has to even be involved in Wrestlemania? It is definitely a step down. WWE is wasting AJ Styles talents on this Match. AJ deserves a way better match than this.
Chad: This is a step down for AJ and as of right now its a traditional match not something Shane is used to; this booking makes no sense. You could maybe debut Nakamura against AJ
Tyler: While a loss wouldn’t completely damage his current WWE, I think that a loss to Shane is a definite black mark on an otherwise fantastic year for him, so it’d be better if he won.

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