Big Ben, Jets pick 6th & more @ NFLRT 3/31


Big Ben… will he stay or will he go? And either way… is there a QB in this years draft for the Steelers?Do the Jets take a QB with their 6th pick in round one? Or, just punt and take the best player available all the way through the draft? They need everything!

And the crew takes a look at some rule changes in this week’s Roundtable…

The questions…

1) Ben Roethlisberger (35-years old) hasn’t played a full season since 2014 and rumors are flying around that he is close to calling it a career. If, not this season then relatively soon. Fox Sports is reporting that in an interview with the NFL Network (to air on March 29th) that head coach Mike Tomlin, when asked about Big Ben’s future said, “I think we’ve been in that mindset (his retirement) for the last several years, that’s what this business tells us to be in. (And)We better start sharpening our sword in terms of evaluation of quarterbacks and what’s available to us or potentially available to us, that’s just due diligence.” 

Considering Tomlin’s words… and, in your opinion… is there any chance the Steelers might try to trade up to draft one of the QBs in this year’s draft?  

Chad: Probably not.

Ben Roethlisberger… will he stay or will he go?

They have Landry Jones who can be a good QB for them and has had to prove it due to injuries in the past.

Dan: I don’t think there’s any chance of a trade for the Steelers. They have some pieces that they need and I believe their quarterback situation is okay at the present moment. Next season would be the year to look at drafting a quarterback, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a mid-draft pick get spent on a quarterback this season. Injuries were already a concern with Big Ben and this retirement thing is pretty big but the quarterback need isn’t urgent quite yet.

David: I can see him leaving, but, I think he gives it one more year. The Steelers have had his back through everything, and I don’t think he leaves them up the creek. I can see the Steelers drafting a QB, and letting him sit behind Big Ben. I can’t see them trading up to get a QB, but if one should fall …

Earl: It’s entirely possible.

Ben Roethlisberger & Mike Tomlin

Big Ben calling it quits soon makes sense considering the amount of punishment his body has taken. He’s won a couple of Super Bowl’s, he has had some great seasons, but if he is worried about his life post football than retiring sooner rather than later makes sense.

The Steelers currently have Landry Jones and Zach Mettenberger on the roster. Both quarterbacks do have NFL starter experience and both come from that big QB mold that the Steelers seem to like, so I can see one of them carrying on as Ben’s successor. But, it would make sense to take a QB in this draft. If one falls to them, then they should jump on it. 

2) The NY Jets have the 6th pick in this year’s draft and more than one writer and/or draft prognosticator has said that they would be crazy to draft a QB. Do you agree or not with that estimation? And why or why not?

Chad: They wouldn’t be crazy. I just don’t see the difference maker in the draft for the Jets.

With the 6th pick in the NFL draft the JETS select…

Dan: I would agree. They’re in a rebuild right now. They need to focus on replacements for the places they got rid of, solidifying the defense and worry about a quarterback next season after they get him some weapons and some offensive line help. There’s no point in bringing in a quarterback this season just to have him suffer and be permanently damaged since he has zero help around him. I think they need to go with a corner or a safety to help ease the burden of losing Revis.

David: As I have said. The Jets need to suck. They don’t need a high ceiling QB. They need the next Andrew Luck. They need the next holy crap this dude is good. They need Mitch had he come back to UNC for another year and then draft him.

Take the best player available and forget competing in 2017-2018.

Earl: As a Jets fan I would not draft a QB at #6 even thought it would make sense. Why? The Jets have a ton of needs and taking a QB at #6 is a bit of a waste. Going with McCown for this season while hoping that either Petty or Hackenberg comes good sounds like the direction the Jets will go in.

As a fan, I hope they do not take the QB early. Taking one of the defenders on the board or drafting a running back like Fournette or Cook just seems to be the best move, and they can identify a QB in next year’s draft. 

The next three questions deal with some proposed rule changes that the NFL is considering for the 2017 season… 

3) Eliminate the limit of three total challenges per team… good, bad or indifferent and why? 

Chad: Indifferent.

I just want to see the calls get called correctly and for the rules of the game to be correctly enforced.

Dan: I think the elimination of the three total challenges is good. But, I think they should put a cap on it. You shouldn’t be able to continue challenging over and over and over again and lose. If, you keep winning them, then you deserve to keep challenging. But, if you keep losing them, what’s the point?

I do like the elimination though because towards the end of the game, there are usually a couple calls that should be challenged but since the team is out of challenges, they’re out of luck. That’s not exactly fair, but then again, that’s just part of the game.

So, I’m rather indifferent, as long as they put a two challenge cap on losses.

David: Give them one challenge per half, if they are correct, they get another one. Teams should not be penalized for having a crappy official.

Earl: I’m good with this because it will speed the game up some.

The challenges, and then the subsequent replays of the play in question slows the game down. Dropping it down to two challenges will speed things up a bit. 

4) Permanently move touchbacks to the 25-yard line… it was a test rule change last year… good, bad or indifferent and why? 

Chad: Good.

Keeps in line with college ball on kickoffs; less chance of injury on kickoffs.

Dan: I thought it was successful last season and I think this will be good for the NFL. It will hopefully prevent kickers from kicking the kick-off miles and offer up more returns, etc… since nobody wants to give the other team a free starting point from the 25-yard line. Nobody wanted to give the opposing team a free 20-yard line start. The five extra yards should help.

David: Kind of indifferent.

Earl: I’m indifferent to this to be honest.

Starting at the 25 does move the ball closer to the end zone, and closer into field goal range, but it doesn’t move me, to be honest, if the ball starts off at the 25 or the 20. It’s still up the offense to score and the defense to stop it. 

5) Permit a coach to challenge any officials’ decision except scoring plays and turnovers… good, bad or indifferent and why?

Chad: Bad.

From the sounds of it the could start challenging thinks like Penalties which would cheapen the game.

Dan: I think it’s good, to a point. I mean, they’ve already been able to challenge this. But, I don’t think penalties should be included. If, an official calls pass interference on the defense, but it shouldn’t have been called at all (or been called on the offense), you shouldn’t be able to challenge that. That’s ridiculous. You need to allow for human error and determination in this as well. But, if an official gives the ball to the offense and it’s supposed to be to the defense, then I would support a challenge flag being allowed to be thrown.

David: Bad. You can’t challenge pass interference. You break down a play and there is holding all over the place. There won’t be a third down play without whining.

Earl: Bad.

There are plenty of plays on a field that can change the direction of the game. Like the catch rule. That should definitely be up to challenge because the officials can call something a catch, when it may not be and without the chance to overturn it, that one play alone can change a game.

So, no, I am not in favor of limiting what can be challenged.


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