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When the elephants attempted to replace the Affordable Care Act with the poorly named, and almost plagiaristic, American Health Care Act, they ultimately came to the realization that it was doomed to failure. Simply, because not enough elephants would vote for it. The pure fact was that no donkey was in favor of it or about to vote for it, so, it fell to making sure they… the elephants… had all their ducks in a row and they simply were not seeing that.

But, before House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the elephant healthcare repeal-and-replace bill from going to a vote, Trumpty Dumpty’s chief strategist and advisor Steve Bannon went and tried to twist some arms with a pointblank confrontation that they needed to get with the program. Reportedly he told some elephants: “Guys, look. This is not a discussion. This is not a debate. You have no choice but to vote for this bill.”

Needless to say, his attempts to bully and bulldoze through recalcitrant elephants fell flat as a pancake with at least one elephant in the room saying, “You know, the last time someone ordered me to do something, I was 18 years old. And it was my daddy. And I didn’t listen to him, either.”

So… ultimately… the bill wasn’t gonna get the necessary votes and Ryan pulled the bill and in doing so didn’t sugarcoat anything as he said… the Affordable Care Act will remain in place for the “foreseeable future.”

There is a saying… you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

When peeps have something, they are tied to… when they believe they have a stand to make… must make… whether right or wrong… whether they are being pigheaded or solemnly moral… you sure as hell ain’t about to ever get them to change their minds, if you come in at them, and try sticking a cattle prod up their rectums.

Just a fact of life.

You challenge a person with self-righteousness and dragon fire, who is bound and determined; there is no way you can ever get them to think otherwise. Especially, if they believe you got nothing that you can take from them or make them lose.

The bigger picture…

What this speaks to is something that is probably gonna doom Trumpty to being a one term prez… that is if’n he don’t just up and quit before his term is out, or get removed by, either impeachment, or the use of the 25th amendment.

You can’t run the government… especially, the federal government… as if it were a business.

Time after time various political candidates have said they were running because they had big business… corporate… experience and would apply that to running the governmental office they were seeking… be it a mayor or a councilperson or head of the police or school board. Whatever…

And, to an extent they probably could. At least on a city or lower governmental level. Still governmental procedure just ain’t a business and it is invariably managed by principles that are just not cut and dried or very cold and business like most of the times. And, particularly when speaking of how much the federal government is so deep in big muddy type debt… you might think business principles or procedures would work real damn fine, but they won’t, and, in fact, they cannot.

At least two media pieces… a video ( and an op ed piece by Derek Larson (teacher of History and Environmental Studies at The College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University) …  have popped up where the originators of the works make the point much more better than I could ever do it. But, I do agree with both in that the gist of the problem is that government isn’t a business and no matter how much you want it to be, and, how much you may want it to be run like one, it just can’t.

In the video, the point is made that “Having a CEO run the country as a business is one of those things that’s sound good in theory but when you actually stop and think about it for 5 seconds, you realize it’s really a terrible idea.”

The government isn’t a business … and we shouldn’t run it like one.

Governments (at least governments founded on some sort democratic principles) are not trying to make a profit. They are trying to govern a country and make decisions (hopefully anyway) that are good for the welfare of the country.

Businesses and corporations on the other hand… their express, and maybe sole, purpose is to make money… make a profit… for their investors be they the owners or the stock holders.  Businesses are totalitarians in nature… a kinda, sorta benevolent dictatorship. The CEO is the ruler and what he says generally is the rule of law for the business. Yes, he can be fired but while he is in power… his word trumps (no pun intended) all.

In government, we have freedom of expression. You or anyone else can go online or write an or twitter a tweet criticizing the president all and unless what is expressed is libelous or slander we can’t be punished for it.

In a business, the CEO and/or owners make the rules and what they say goes. Regardless of what the Human Resources peeps say about the business being conscious of works rights and being sensitive to community needs, the CEO et. al. is the decision maker, and, if the workers don’t follow the marching orders, then they very well will be marched right out the door. Try and criticize the top ranks of any business that employs your ass, and see how far you ultimately get, once the word goes up the ladder.

The video makes two distinction that illustrate the differences between government and business…

The first one is when companies like FedEx or UPS set up business offices they do so where their locations will give them the best opportunity to make money or profits. Nowheresville, USA with about 20 people would not be a prime location for an office simply because it would never generate enough business to even cover the salary of the person running the office. Plus, the rates they would charge would not be cost effective to meet most of the mailing needs of Nowheresville’s citizens.  But… the Post Office on the other hand would.

The difference? The Post Office is not a business. It is not designed to make money. And, contrary to popular belief it’s not supposed to make money; it is supposed to provide a service that is affordable for everyone.

The second point, the video makes is that if you run health care like a business then you prioritize it so it makes money… profits. But, if health care is run like a government function then that means care and saving lives are the most important goals. It goes on to say “Anyone concerned with governing and not business would be looking to provide more care for more people not more profits.”

The video concludes that when Trumpty talks about running the government like a business that would only be good if we were a totalitarian dictatorship… or…  hmmmm…

Larson makes the same points, but in a slightly different manner…

He talks about a government’s mission being to taking on “… on myriad forms, ranging from the provision of infrastructure to national defense, from the justice system to social welfare programs, and from providing education to funding scientific research for the benefit of everyone. None of these activities hold profit as a central motive, nor should any activity of government.”

Larson says, “Attempting to force the culture and values of business onto government is doomed to fail under the best of conditions and with the best of intentions.”

He adds that when a person such as Trumpty who ran for the prezness by touting his “great” business IQ and acumen (which is debatable since he has had many of business ventures go belly up) we are rewarded with the reality of what was doomed to occur, “… a self-absorbed CEO leading the nation through a divisive political era intent on dismantling the very structure of government itself.”

He adds that “Government requires a different leadership style and philosophy than business. When democracy functions well, elected officials are responsive to all citizens, including those who did not vote for them or their party. Good politicians are consensus builders, are adept at compromise, are open to new ideas, are knowledgeable about many issues, and seek out advisers with expertise and experience.”

He admits some business leaders have some of these qualities, but then adds, “Trump clearly does not. His business experience … his chief qualification for leadership… is rarified and not really like that of typical CEOs. Trump is not the leader of a publicly traded company beholden to stockholders and overseen by a board … he is no Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or even a Carly Fiorina. Instead, he led a relatively small (in number of employees) family-owned company over which he held total control and operated in secrecy, without oversight or the need to report to shareholders.”

He concludes that “What our nation needs as leaders are not more businessmen, but better politicians: women and men who understand and support the role of government, feel called to serve, will surround themselves with experienced advisers, and who want to make government work rather than attempting to dismantle it in service to efficiency or ideology. Just as you wouldn’t hire a politician to run your business, America should have learned by now that the reverse is true as well.”

Go ahead and type in “The government isn’t a business … and we shouldn’t run it like one” on any online search…

Forbes; The Federalist, The Boston Globe; The Daily Kos and Huffington Post… they all have variations of the statement and they are representative of all sorts of ideological stances…  left, right, and in-between…

Think maybe after Trumpty is done with his run down second rate tragi-comedy act that the fact might sink in that the American government ain’t a business but a function of we the people that is supposed to administer to our health, welfare and well-being? And, not damn profits?

Or, is that too much for a rabble rousing, lefty leaning, working class American to even think about?

Crazy Captain Gunboat Trump…

When Speaker Paul Ryan was floating his version of a poor excuse of a healthcare act, Trumpty was all in favor of it. Although, admittedly he sure didn’t go stumping for passage of the bill like the Bamster did when he was advocating for his version health care, Trumpty was still all in on tweeting on how great it would be and how wonderful it was gonna be for all Americans.

But, not long after Ryan made his “I’m not going to sugarcoat it” speech… Trumpty was tweeting for folks to tune into the Fox News program “Justice with Judge Jeanine” at 9 p.m.” He didn’t say why he just said tune in.

Jeanine Pirro’s opened the show by roasting Ryan for royally fucking up one of the hallmarks of Trumpty’s presidential campaign…  “This bill didn’t just fail, it failed when Republicans had the house, the Senate, the White House and the timing. I want to be clear, this is not on President Trump. Nobody expected a businessman to understand the nuances of Washington.”

She then threw in… “I want to be perfectly clear (Trump) and I had absolutely no conversation, no discussion, no email, nothing.”

Now… before I say anything else…

Why the fuck did Trumpty tweet for everyone to tune into her show unless he knew sumpin was up? Huh? Anyone?

Of course, Trumpty press secretary Sean of the Dead said something to the effect of… What little ole us knew sumpin? He’s just a fan of the show and thought it would be nice if peeps would listen in.

Regardless of any of that bullshit, here is the truth…

Trumpty and everyone connected to his administration are a bunch of two faced motherless sorry sacks of shit without balls who sold Ryan out for not even twenty pieces of silver.

While Trumpty sat there and fiddled out public praise for Ryan that he worked “very, very hard” and said it was because the damn donkeys refused to pitch in on the elephant’s crusade for real health care reform.

Right… as if they were ever gonna support something that was gonna repeal a bill they worked to pass, for a bill that was gonna cost more, give out less care, and leave over 20 million Americans high and dry and left to die.

Trumpty even went so far to call the Washington Post and say “I don’t blame Paul.”

But every one of his aides and cronies and political supporters … including Jeanine Pirro… said Paul Ryan, who had seven years to get it right and still couldn’t do it, was the reason the elephants health care bill failed.

What that tell ya’ll about being a Trumpty loyalist if things start going to hell in a hand basket?

Yes, that kinda, sorta is the way the political game is played… but… really? To hang an elephant leader… the Speaker of the House… to hang him high and dry to take all the blame ?

Or, do ya’ll think maybe Trumpty don’t have the heart to admit that maybe something he pledged to the American people fell flat on its ass? That he failed? Maybe that he ain’t the best deal maker in the world after all?

Or… maybe… that this is some sorta payback for Ryan not stumping for him during the election campaign?

And what the fuck is that Pirro nonsense about him not being hep on how politics is played?  Because he is a businessman who ain’t aware “of the nuances of Washington?”

You cannot have it two ways. Either he is a businessman who was gonna drain the swamp and tear down the bullshit of Washingtonian politics and run government like a business or he is gonna be just another politician when all is said and done.

It was a hallmark of his campaign that he could fix the government because he was a great businessman…  a great dealmaker. It was what he did. It was what got his rocks off. And, yet, when it all came down to the nitty gritty and the bill… the first real test of his administration … he failed… he then he stood off to the side and let his lackeys pile all the blame on Ryan.

Not that I feel sorry for the mutt… still…

Let me ask… no matter where you stand on the Bamster, ya think he would have let his Speaker hang out there to take the shit or would he have it said… “It’s on me”?

With serious apologies to Bill Payne and Lowell George who wrote the song “Crazy Gunboat Willie” …

Crazy Captain Gunboat Trump 
Growled out his commands 
And all the able seamen 
Clicked their heels and swore 
They would protect the noble ship 
In peace-time and in war 

And they danced a jig until the dawn 
Sang a loyal sailors song 
Drank a pot of steaming rum 
Did all the things that loyal sailors do 

Captain Trump expressed great glee 
All the things that he had planned 
Were made to go his way 
All the fares he had collected and salted away 
Made his lips turn in a smile 

Just then Bannon the rat from down below 
Called to Gunboat Trump 
He said… 
Listen to those madmen wail 
They’ve been at sea for ninety days 
Without the sight of land 
No, it doesn’t look so good to me 
No, it doesn’t look so good at all 

Trump pondered what Bannon had said 
Until he could think of nothing more 
Then he threw his crew into the foaming sea 
At least a thousand miles from shore 

And he danced a jig until the dawn 
Sang a loyal captain’s song 
Drank a pot of steaming rum 
Did all the things that loyal captains do 

Bannon looked hard at Gunboat Trump 
And he said in a serious style 
As he leapt into the water 
Don’t believe, no don’t believe 
Don’t believe everything that you hear 

The Journal speaketh…

Last week The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board raked Trumpty Dumpty over the coals for his… endless stream of exaggerations, evidence-free accusations, implausible denials and other falsehoods” that are demeaning and damaging to the presidency.

Among the list of the boards evidentiary facts were his repeated allegations and accusations that the Bamster… the previous sitting president… wiretapped Trump Tower. They said that his boy who cried wolf act would make it so that people could second-guess whether he is speaking the truth when something seriously serious did happen… say… like North Korea launching nukes at Japan… or… maybe Hawaii.

Now, this is not the first time the Journal has used its conservative think tank pages to criticize an elephant in power, but it is the first time it has used the such specific and dire words to criticize a sitting elephant… especially when that elephant’s public opinion numbers are sitting at the bottom of a toxic cesspool.

The Journal also said… “Two months into his Presidency, Gallup has Mr. Trump’s approval rating at 39%. No doubt Mr. Trump considers that fake news, but if he doesn’t show more respect for the truth most Americans may conclude he’s a fake President.”

Then, it added, “Yet the President clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle, rolling out his press spokesman to make more dubious claims. Sean Spicer… who doesn’t deserve this treatment… was dispatched last week to repeat an assertion by a Fox News commentator that perhaps the Obama Administration had subcontracted the wiretap to British intelligence.”

Now, far be it from me to contradict the Journal, especially when I happen to agree with its stand… but…  I do have one teensy, weensy bit of a squabble with some of its language.

That gin bottle analogy… ya know… “like a drunk to an empty gin bottle” one? That’s a bad analogy…

From personal experience, I know that drunks do not cling to empty booze bottles of any kind… we go searching for one that has at least a modicum of some alcoholic liquid within whatever container it may be… bottle, can, glass… whatever.

Sheeesssh… Any drunk worth his salt knows that!

Paul Ryan revisited…

The video is real, but it’s from 2013 and not 2017.

But… it is real… and… it does show Paul Ryan, at a press conference, saying, “This to us is something that we’re not going to give up on, because we’re not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the American people.”

Ryan, who was the House Budget Committee Chairman at the time, was telling media peeps that the elephants were going to do everything they could to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He later in his news conference he kinda, sorta cleared up what he meant when he said he wanted to destroy health care… “We want to prevent this law, which we really do believe will do great damage to families and the health care system in America.”

What he was alluding to was the fact the budget plan the elephants were proposing at the time… 2013… would repeal most of the law… effectively, destroying it.

HOWEVER… I have made this point many times before… I will emphatically repeat it now…

People are responsible for what comes out of their mouths. And, maybe what he said about destroying health care was not what he meant to say… and who knows… he may even believe that… but, the fact that those words came out of his damn mouth means that somewhere in his grey matter… no matter where it resides or how deeply it is hidden… somewhere in the recesses of his grey he actually does think that the reality of the destruction of health care for the American people as a right could be… well… a real reality.

And ya know what? This is why, I have never liked Mr. Ryan and his politics from the get go. And, why I think he is really, really, really, REALLY dangerous to the health of the American people… because, yeah, I do think he believes most Americans should not have health care as right and should only get what they can afford to pay for.

And… to me, that is abominable.

Especially, when I firmly and resolutely believe that health care should be a constitutional… if not one of the inalienable rights that our forefathers once spoke.

Another thousand words…


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