Movie Review: Phantasm II

We get a recap of the last movie, cut in with a girl reading some journal. Must be hers as there are little hearts when we see a picture of Mike. Oh geez, are they in High School?

Then we see what happened after the last movie, Reggie hears something and goes upstairs, and sees the Jawas. He goes to the kitchen because stupid people don’t keep guns and bullets in the same place, and is attacked by a Jawa. Reggie blows up the house in a pretty ingenious way and saves Mike.

7 years later, Mike gets out of the nuthouse he’s been in. Reggie shows up to stop Mike from digging up another grave, after finding 3 empty already. Reggie is pretty stupid here, trying to convince Mike it’s all in his head. Why? Reggie was frikken THERE.  Reggie takes Mike home, just in time to see the house blow up. Oh, Mike and the Tall Man now have some kind of link for no good reason. Phantasm 2 Humpback

Reggie’s house blown up again, Reggie decides to join Mike and go after the Tall Man. Where is Corey Feltman in this?

So they go after him, right behind him, but always too late and seeing rows and rows of empty graveyards.

Boarded up place, with new candles on the side, and I mean BRAND NEW candles, as they have not even started dripping wax yet. Mike finds a body on a slab that vanishes when he turns around, and Reggie finds the chick from before huddled in the corner by the furnace. When Mike gets there, the Tall Man pops out of her back and tells Mike to go east. Oh goodness. Reggie Burns it, Burns it with FIRE! Yet another voiceover says this isn’t the first time, so why were the pair shitting their pants?

The chick is shown at a funeral for her grandad, and she is psychically calling to Mike. Her sister(?) blows out in the middle of the funeral to go back to town. Hey the Priest is Kenneth Tigar, damn, this dude has been everywhere. You may not know the name, but you know the face. He stakes the granddad as he’s in the casket, so he knows something ain’t right. So now Mike is coming to save the Chick, and let’s see what the Priest can do!

Phantam 2 Golden GlobeSo how is Phantasm II?

Well, I have covered the boring parts, and yes, I do mean BORING, this movie would be so much better if we got the Two Coreys instead of Mike and Reggie. I just don’t think these two meld into a road show revenge film as I just didn’t care.

That being said, once we get the action, such as it is, it improves. I do enjoy how it’s cut, jumping from Mike to Reggie to the Chick and back around. The final act is really tight, and like a lot in this movie Chekhov’s Gun is all over the place. There isn’t a thing done that isn’t called back. Sadly, you also see everything coming for that same reason.

What hurts is still we leave with all the questions unanswered, two movies in. What are the Jawas for? What is the Tall Man doing? He’s cleaned out Eastern Oregon, and must have several thousand of Jawas, but there is only one of them in the alternate world- still got no clue what’s up with this place. I’m going to go 4 here, because there isn’t anything new here other than the extra spheres and they are all kinds of cool. One for each Sphere and one for the awesome ending.

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