Final Four is set with 3 newcomers, and one Carolina Blueblood

I was watching the CBS College Sports to try and get some feel on the games, as I am in the Media Bracket from the local Shreveport Times. I just couldn’t think of who to take between Florida and South Carolina. I didn’t feel like recording 15 hours of ESPN to try and get a half hour of content. The men on CBS College Sports were finishing up the hour on the Elite 8 picks, so I threw it on record.

CBS College Sports spent every moment of the Kentucky vs UNC breakdown talking about the Tar Heels had no chance, when they were not playing games, something I got away from ESPN for.

All 3 took Kentucky, each and everyone and said it wouldn’t be close.


I did get more of a breakdown of the Florida vs South Carolina game, but it was something when all three experts took the exact same teams in all four games. I would think that some producer would tell them that made for boring TV, when you have an hour to kill.

So how did I do?
I’m 14th of 154 in the Shreveport Times bracket.

I’m in the Final Four in the media bracket, that is done round by round.

Far as overall?
3 others picked UNC
4 Picked Gonzaga
0 for Oregon and South Carolina.

The third place team has Gonzaga losing to Duke and UNC winning it all so in the same boat as I, I can’t pass him.

As far as my pick are concerned . . .

Roy Williams has been in the Final Four 8 times, more than the other 3 schools combined, of course I have been in the final four as often as two of the teams before this year.  Oregon won the first title, and hasn’t been back to the Final Four much less the title game since. Of course, Carolina has been 20 times.

Whatever you do, don’t turn that into a drinking game, you’ll be dead by Wednesday.

I’m taking Carolina, obviously. Too much experience, and even though I think Oregon might have the better player on the floor, Carolina just has depth to combat him.

The other game is harder. South Carolina has had a magical run, but Gonzaga damn near invented the magical run. I have to think that runs out eventually.

UNC beats Gonzaga for the Title.

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  1. I got the Zags in the title game but my other choice has already been eliminated. I’m rooting for Oregon but I fear I have to agree North Carolina has too much to offer for Oregon to pull it out. I gotta stay with the Zags to win their first championship.

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