Brandon Harris from LSU to UNC

I’m an UNC fan, and the thought of having to replace Mitch Trubisky is not exactly a great thing in trying to break through to the top of the ACC and stay there.

Also, the Bride is an LSU fan, and if there is a way to see LSU play in the city of Shreveport the past decade, I’ve seen it.

So Brandon Harris is going to UNC.


This is a guy who couldn’t beat out a guy that bounced out of Purdue, and couldn’t get to a New Year’s Day bowl with a handful of guys that are going to be first and second round picks next month.

So Brandon Harris is going to take over?

This is a guy that has a completion rate of 53%, with 13 TDs and 8 INTs in his final year as a starter going 9-3.

13 passing TDs. Not for the first month. The entire season.

Somehow I don’t think FSU and Clemson are scared.


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