Movie Review: Push

Father and son go into a hotel room.
Father knows people are coming for him, so he tells his son to go hide and not make any moves a “watcher” can track, and some force shoves his son out. Looks like Magneto’s power waves in the X-Men movies.
Roll Credits.

Voice-over during those “redacted” credit rolls you get in spy movies. Always a fun little thing when you see what they take out. There was one movie where the white lines spelled words and stuff, not here, just took out names.

The voice-over goes into something called “The Division” some secret organization that is trying to boost the telepathic powers of people to weaponize them, but the drug kills them. Seems like they need a new drug. Cue Huey Lewis.

We enter your standard hospital where a woman is being dragged down a hall, and drops a ball, and another woman is given the drug, she survives and makes a break for it as the ball bounces around. As the security door closes the ball stops it long enough for her to get away. Pretty good sequence, nothing new, but solidly well done.

Chris Evans shows up and he’s able to move things with his mind. Good thing is he uses his power to cheat at dice, bad thing is, he sucks at his powers.

Two men show up at his apartment, one of whom is Darren Cross/Yellowjacket from Ant-man if it that drives you as insane as it drove me. The two men are sniffers, able to see things if they touch something another person has touched. They are looking for a girl, but he’s clean. As he is setting up to take off again, Dakota Fanning shows up and reveals she’s a watcher, someone with limited precognition. She has a plan to go after some case that everyone is all excited about.

So how is Push?

Visually? Spectacular. Some people’s eyes become blacker as they use their powers, some becomes cat’s or snake eyes, we can see what happens when something is pushed or a body is repaired. You see everything, and it’s all a great effect, even the backgrounds are well done.

Chris Evans is a star. You care about the guy, and it’s not just that residual Captain America love, you actually get to care about what happens to him.

Dakota Fanning, eh, not so much. She shows up as this prick character, a know it all, but doesn’t really pull it off. She goes from smart-ass to needy and never changes a facial feature. It’s like she’s the one used to wearing a mask. She’s been better in other movies.

The rest of the cast is solid, Camilla Belle I don’t much care for, as her ending turn isn’t really built for her doe eyed “I need Help character” she was doing so well before. Djimon and of course, Agent May just own the movie when they are on the screen. Cliff Curtis is one of the more interesting characters, whom I am so glad to see in more movies.

The larger problem of the movie is the end. It simply takes too long. Building a house of cards should take longer than it falling apart- either in a good way or a bad way. I do enjoy the characters, I enjoy the story, and I would love to see a sequel, or better yet, a TV series based on this world. I’m going a 7 here. I think this is a solid movie, and I will be looking for a Blu-ray or some great commentary tracks on it.

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