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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome back to week 2 of our Wrestlemania countdown. Last week we counted down the top 7 Wrestlemania events. This week we will reverse that and count down the Top 7 Worst Wrestlemania events. This may be controversial to some, but these are my opinions, and you can deal with whatever I put down!!! Okay, sorry you can prove me wrong by leaving a comment, or shoot me a comment on Twitter or Facebook as well. Here we go with the countdown.

Here are the top 7 Worst Wrestlemania events.

7. Wrestlemania 10- Many would disagree with me on this one as it featured one of the greatest matches in history with the ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship, featuring Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels. It was the first ladder match in pay per view history. The other matches featured not one but two WWE Championship matches. Yokozuna defended first against Lex Luger, in which Luger lost the match via disqualification due to Mr. Perfect doing the screw job. Then Yoko went on to face Bret Hart, where he lost the title back to Hart, who he won it from a year earlier. Both title matches were lame, and boring. The other matches were not very interesting either, and the whole show was very slow moving, and with the exception of Razor and Shawn, you can throw this Mania into the archives and forget it existed.

6. Wrestlemania 9- Can you say Toga? That is exactly what the announcers had to wear throughout the night. While Jim Ross made his debut on this night, that may have been the only real highlight of the night. A couple of things happened at Wrestlemania IX, that seriously made me cringe. First and foremost, Hulk Hogan steals the night away from both Yokozuna and Bret Hart as he used his creative control to capture the WWF Championship once again. He would not defend it until June of that year when he lost it back to Yokozuna and then left the company. Also, Lex Luger defeated Mr Perfect in a decent match, but earlier in the day, Luger knocked out Bret Hart at a Breakfast function. It would seem that the two would feud with each other, but nothing ever came of it. Finally, the Undertaker had the worst match of his Wrestlemania career, as he faced off against an 8 foot Giant Gonzales, it what may have been the worst match of the night as well. It was a nice venue outdoors in Las Vegas, but the show could have gone so much better.

5. Wrestlemania 13- The second Wrestlemania that came to us from Chicago Illinois. Again, I was at this event as I was in Detroit at Wrestlemania III. I was a little older this time, and really looked forward to the event. I left the night, bored out of my mind. The main event was sloppy with the Undertaker vs Sid for the WWF Championship. While I enjoyed the Undertaker walking out as the champion. He should have had a better opponent. I guess it could have been worse with the Giant Gonzales, but still Sid was not a Wrestlemania Main Event type wrestler, even if he was the champion. The match of the night was easily Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret Hart in a submission match. We saw a double turn with Austin turning face as we all got behind him, and then we turned our backs on Bret Hart. Hart won the match as Austin passed out from the Sharpshooter. This was the only match worth while on the entire show. The rest, even the title match, could have been on Raw for all I cared.

4. Wrestlemania 16- Wrestlemania 16 featured something that we will likely never see again. Only one match…yes ONE MATCH was a singles match. The rest of the matches involved multiple participants. 16 was highlighted by the first ever TLC match between Edge and Christian winning the tag team championship from the Dudley Boys and the Hardy Boys in a fantastic match up. There was another decent match on the card with some interesting stipulations. Kurt Angle came in to the night as the Intercontinental and European Champion. He defended both championships against Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho. The first match was for the European title won by Jericho who pinned Benoit, and then the Intercontinental championship, won by Benoit who pinned Jericho. So Angle lost both of his titles without taking either fall. Two matches were good, but the rest of the card was sub-par. Including the main event between Triple H defending the WWF Championship against The Rock, The Big Show, and Mick Foley. This match featured a McMahon in every corner, and was ultimately won by Triple H.

3. Wrestlemania 27- On paper this may have been the worst Wrestlemania of all time. We had a guest host in the Rock, who really was only there to get involved in the Miz’s title defense against John Cena, costing Cena the match and setting up their big match a year in the making at Wrestlemania 28. Having any sort of interference in the main even makes me sick, and that is exactly what happened. A) It took away what could have been a decent main event. and B) It took away any credibility for the Miz to main event the show. We also saw Edge’s last match as he successfully defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del-Rio. Some of the other barn burners of a night featured Michael Cole….yes Michael Cole facing off and actually defeating Jerry the King Lawler inside the ring. And if that was not bad enough, we witnessed Snookie compete in the ring in a six person tag team match. Can you say awful? It was not all bad though, as we got at least one good match between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, in what would be Shawn Michaels last match in the WWE.

2. Wrestlemania 11- Another horrible Mania came to us from Hartford Connecticut. In what I think happens to be the absolute worst main event of pay per view history, not just Wrestlemania. We had to sit through 10 gruling minutes of Lawrence Taylor and Bam Bam Bigelow in the main event of Wrestlemania 11. We saw a great match between Shawn Michaels and Diesel for the WWF Championship, but it was not the main event, and even that was fairly slow moving considering the participants. We then saw Bret Hart get some revenge from a few months earlier as he defeated Bob Backlund in a submission match with his own cross-face chicken wing. Overall, Wrestlemania 11 was never exciting, and maybe the highlight was Owen Hart getting his hands on his first taste of championship gold as he teamed with a returning Yokozuna (which I just heard almost was going to be Chris Benoit in this match with Owen) winning the tag team belts over the Smoking Gunns.

1. Wrestlemania 2- If you look back at some of the all time worst Wrestlemania’s you have to go all the way back to the second Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania 2 was held in not one, not two, but three different cities. New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The main event featured Hulk Hogan defending the championship inside a steel cage against King Kong Bundy. It was a slow moving match and Hogan escaped the cage. Could be one of the worst Mania main events of all time, had Lawrence Taylor and Bam Bam not have existed. The night was not totally blown though as we did see a great WWE Tag Team title match between The British Bulldogs and The Dream Team, good match that witnessed the Bulldogs winning the tag titles from Valentine and Beefcake. Honestly I can’t even really think of any other even okay matches. We even saw a bunch of Football players enter into a Battle Royal in which Andre the Giant won.

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