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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Well the trade deadline is over and the only big move was Cousins going to the pelicans which we will talk about, we we also discuss what the 76ers should do with Ben Simmons, that and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Here we go:

Boogie Cousins

Will the Pelicans be the team to grab the 8th seed in the West after adding Cousins to the mix? 

Todd: While Cousins is a great player, it will take time for him and Davis to learn how to play together. So I don’t think they will make a playoff pussh this year. I think they need a few more pieces as Holiday just has not been consistent this year. I always felt sorry for Davis being a great player on a really bad team. The Cousins trade will help but will not put them over the top.

Steve: I don’t think so. So far the acquisition of Cousins has made the Pelicans worse than they were before. He even found a way to get himself likely suspended after his 18th technical foul. The Pelicans just are not a great team. You have a superstar in Davis, and two good players in Cousins and Holliday. Outside of that they have squat.

Dan: While they do have an easier path than in year’s past based on their record and conference, I don’t think they’ll be able to make it in. Their team, basically, is Boogie and Anthony Davis. Then Jrue Holiday. In my opinion, that isn’t enough to take over the eighth seed in the West. Plus, they lost back-to-back games since the All-Star break and one game against a team they needed to beat to stay ahead of them in the eighth seed race (Dallas).

Chad: I say not because they traded any outside threat they had to Sacramento to get another inside threat


Should Philadelphia hold out Ben Simmons until next year?

Todd: Well, Philadelphia has already announced that they are holding him out until next. There is really no reason to bring him back since realistically they are out of the playoff race.

Steve: By all accounts it appears that is what they are going to do. They should have Simmons recover fully and then try again next year. They are a much improved team already, and they cannot risk further injury to a promising young talent.

Dan: Philadelphia has already announced that he will be held out for the rest of the season and I do agree with them on the move. There’s no reason to force him to play or try to rush him back and get him on the court only to re-aggravate something or to harm his body even further. Just let him sit out the rest of the season, get healthy and prepare for next year. With his potential, there’s no reason to risk anything.

Chad: I would say this is smart allows him to fully recover and then you can gear up for a playoff run in the coming years with Embiid and Simmons.


Who is the biggest free agent signing bust this season thus far?

Todd: Well, you could say several guys here Joakim Noah who hasn’t done squat since signing his 4 year 72 million dollar contract and now is injured. Luol Deng who has done very little since signing his 4 year 72 million dollar contract and now has been relegated to the bench. The Winner is Timofey Mozgov who signed a 4 year 64 million dollar contract who has been relegated to the bench and has not played in 6 of the last 7 games.

Steve: Sitting at 0-3 after the trade and a potential suspension. The New Orleans Pelicans acquiring Demarcus Cousins seems to be a nightmare for them. Worst part is, he will probably elect to stay with them or take a 40+ million dollar cut.

Dan: I can’t think of anything worse this season than Timofey Mozgov signing a 4-year, $64 million deal with the Lakers this off-season, then recently getting moved to the bench and just contributing almost nothing to the team. He’s averaging 7.4 points per game and 4.9 rebounds per game. What’s the point of paying this man $16 million if he can’t play as if he’s worth half of that? The contracts were ridiculous this past off-season, but this was the worst one.

Chad: Really it has to be Mozgov and Rondo guys who were expected to play now sitting on the bench and not contributing at all.


Who is the biggest trade bust in most recent memory?

Todd: The Steve Nash trade to the Lakers from Phoenix had to be one of the biggest disasters in recent memory. The are still feeling the effects 2 years after he retired. He only played like 60 some games in 3 years. That is one of the reason Mitch is no longer GM.

Steve: Instead of saying an individual player, I’m gonna say a team. It was 2011 between the Cavs and Clippers. Who the Cavaliers got: Baron Davis and a first-round pick in the 2011 draft.Who the Clippers got: MoWilliams and Jamario Moon. The Cavs got the best of this deal as they ultimately ended up with Kyrie Irving with the draft pick. Could you imagine how good the Clipps could be with Irving?

Dan: The biggest trade bust in my recent memory was the Tractor Trailor trade the Milwaukee Bucks pulled for Dirk Nowitzki. Tractor ended up doing nothing contributive for the Bucks while Nowitzki is still playing and has had an, arguably, Hall of Fame career with the Mavericks. Imagine if the Bucks never pulled that trade what would have happened for the franchise.

Chad: I’m going to say the Bulls trading away LaMarcus Aldridge on Draft day for Tyrus Thomas and another player. Aldridge is a 20 point 8 rebound career player that the Bulls would love to have now.


Did the Mavericks give up too much to get Nerlens Noel?

Todd: The 1st round pick was too much. The Mavericks are gonna miss the playoffs this year, so that means they gave up a lottery pick. Noel has been injured before. Can he stay on the floor? I think Dallas took a big risk with this trade in giving up their first round draft pick.

Steve: No, because they are heading no where fast, and they can either rebuild around him, or unload him for future draft picks. It opens up options for Dallas’ future.

Dan: I don’t think so. Dallas is in the playoff hunt and I think they got the type of player they needed to that can help them for multiple years. As I heard on ESPN a couple days ago, the Cavaliers might sign Andrew Bogut so he was just a trade-in piece, I guess. Nerlens Noel is a very talented player and I think that Dallas did a good job in acquiring him. I still think they miss the playoffs, but it was a solid trade in my opinion.

Chad: I don’t think so Bogut was a throwaway piece going to a contender and the 1st round pick can be hit or miss depending on where they finish. Plus the Mavs still have a shot at the playoffs.

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