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Hello all you Wrestling fanatics and welcome back to another round of questions by our esteemed panelists. This is the Wrestling Roundtable. This week, we touch on the Bullet Club, and their rise to dominance in the world of wrestling. Also, Is Randy Orton going to face off against Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania? All this and much more!

The Wrestling Roundtable would like to take a moment to express our deepest sympathies to the families of George the Animal Steele and Ivan Koloff. Two greats in the wrestling industry. Steele and Koloff both passed away this past week.

Power rankings

1.Bray Wyatt- The WWE Champion is ready to roll into his first Main Event at Wrestlemania. Can anyone stop him?

2.Braun Strowman- Again was in the main event on Raw against the Big Show, and after narrowly escaping with the win, he is still unpinned in the WWE.

3.Kevin Owens- Owens seems like a new person after ending his relationship with Jericho. Can he overcome his biggest threat to date as he faces Bill Goldberg at Fastlane?

4. AJ Styles– Could AJ Styles face off against Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship? This time next week we should have an answer.

5. Randy Orton- Something tells me that there is something more in the head of the viper. What will his role be at Wrestlemania..if any?

this week

1978 – At Madison Square Garden in New York City, Bob Backlund defeats Superstar Billy Graham with an atomic drop to win the WWWF World Heavyweight Title. In a bit of poetic justice, Graham’s foot was on the bottom rope for the pin, but the referee didn’t see it, as Graham used the ropes for leverage in his title win over Bruno Sammartino.

1993– Barry Windham defeated The Great Muta to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

2010 – WWE held their Elimination Chamber PPV, which featured a bizarre pyrotechnic mishap, as Undertaker’s trench coat caught on fire as a flame effect used during his entrance went off near him. Undertaker quickly removed the coat and got into his pod for the Elimination Chamber match.  He (unseen by most fans) doused himself with water from bottles handed to him through the cage, as he suffered several skin burns from the incident, yet still worked the match. Chris Jericho would go on to win the championship due to outside interference by Shawn Michaels.

And here are the questions this week.


Agree or Disagree: If Randy Orton does not face Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. The Royal Rumble will go down as one of the biggest wastes of time in wrestling?

Steve: Disappointing that is for sure. It makes no sense for Orton to win the Royal Rumble if he was not going to compete for the championship at Wrestlemania. I think it takes away a little of the prestige of winning the Rumble itself. It would mark just the second time since the rule was implemented that the winner gets a title shot, that the winner of the Rumble did not face off against the champion. The other was Vince McMahon, and that was in part of a story line with Austin. This would make zero sense, and would be a booking disaster. I guess we couldnt ask for much more though with these writers.

Tyler- Agreed.  While I appreciate holding off on Orton’s inevitable turn until the last second possible for maximum impact, if he doesn’t get involved in the main event *somehow* then what the hell was the point of him winning the Rumble?

Chad- Agreed not having the rumble winner in the title match at Mania just should not happen.

new japan

New Japan Pro Wrestling is gearing up to make a run in the US, with a couple of shows already announced.  Between that, the hiring of Kevin Kelley and Don Callis as their permanent English commentary team, and their recently launched English-language website, that would cement their place in many people’s eyes as the number two promotion in the world, not to mention the US.  If they are successful, what does that mean for second tier promotions like Ring of Honor or Impact Wrestling(formally TNA Wrestling)?
Steve: Ring of Honor is going to be fine, TNA is already a disaster so I don’t see much happening with them anyway. As for New Japan, it is a nice addition to the United States wrestling as we see it. It gives the fans and the wrestlers more options to watch, and generates some competition with the WWE in the process. So that is great for the business. I just wouldnt go as far as calling it the #2 wrestling promotion behind the WWE, as I am not convinced that the Japan style of wrestling will click with American fans. Its a great idea, and I love it, but Im not ready to call it the second best promotion….yet.
Tyler- I think that if that would happen, then it would finally give WWE something it’s needed for quite some time: legitimate competition.  As far as ROH is concerned, they’ve had a good working relationship with NJPW for years, so I think they would be fine. TNA…er, Impact Wrestling…whatever the hell they’re calling themselves at this second…they wouldn’t survive.  Period.
Chad- TNA is done. I think since there are already ROH/NJPW shows that have happened that these two promotions can definitely work together to be a nice alternative to the WWE.

bullet club
Along those same lines, The Bullet Club has added several American wrestlers over the past few months, with Frankie Kazarian being the most recent addition as of the last round of ROH TV tapings. With them now having 13 active members, does the fact they are that large hurt the idea of them being an “exclusive club”, or does it make sense to have both US-based and Japan-based groups, considering the possible expansion of NJPW into the US?
Steve: Lets call it what it is. I said it before that the Bullet Club is simply the NWO 2.0. It has members in many companies, including the WWE, Japan, and Ring of Honor. I don’t think it takes away the “exclusiveness” of the club, because still 13 out of how many wrestlers? That is still pretty exclusive if you ask me. However, if it grows any more, then it could get boring, much like the NWO did in the 90’s.
Tyler- If The Bullet Club is the NWO 2.0, then the current version of the Club is the later, bloated, full of jobbers NWO. I can totally agree with Cody Rhodes and Adam Cole being members, but Frankie Kazarian? “Hangman” Adam Page?  Time to trim the fat fellas!
Chad- 13 guys yes but very rarely are all of them seen together I think having seperate squads with minor overlap allows the group as a whole to dflourish and become one of if not the best thing in wrestling today.

golberg vs owens
Agree or Disagree: Goldberg will walk out of Fastlane as the WWE Universal Champion?
Steve: I dont think so. I think he wins the match, or loses by DQ. He will not be pinned, lets keep it at that. Goldberg is done with the WWE after Wrestlemania, and Lesnar’s contract is up after Wrestlemania. Having those two face off for the title would be pure stupidity on the writers part. If he was going to be around for a while, and or they had a contract extension for Lesnar, then I would be on board with it, but it will take away any momentum for the Universal title if a part timer holds it.
Tyler- As much as it pains me, agree.  Unless we have Jericho shenanigans that leads to an Owens/Jericho feud.
Chad- Disagree- I can’t see two part-timers fighting for the gold at Wrestlemania win both are not setup to be there past Wrestlemania.

luke harper
Agree or Disagree: Luke Harper is not ready to enter the main event scene at Wrestlemania.
Steve: If Luke Harper is in the main event at Wrestlemania. I will go down as one of, if not the single worst main events in the history of Wrestlemania… second only to maybe Lawrence Taylor and Bam Bam at Wrestlemania 11. Luke Harper has the (if I can quote Frosh) charisma of a dog’s chew toy. He is not really over with the fans, and putting him in the main event at Wrestlemania would be awful. It may even cause me not to really care to watch it, ok yea I still will watch, but I could care less about it. Not that I think Harper could get over, but he is just boring, and looks like a damn wildebeest in the ring. Again, a booking nightmare, and if it happens, I am submitting my resume for the WWE writing team. ON a side note. Having Harper win, could set up Orton to reinsert himself in the match for the title, and if he were to walk away the champion, I would be fine with it. Harper is just not ready with this current character. Maybe if he does win the belt though, he can at least buy some new shirts, or afford to wash them once in awhile.
Tyler- Agree.  Harper/Wyatt makes for a great story for any other PPV; the former cultist breaking free from the charismatic cult leader and taking his revenge.  But that’s not good enough for Wrestlemania.
Chad– 1 on 1- Disagree period he is not ready. Triple Threat with Orton and Wyatt I could see that working and him being a a dark horse wild card type in that kind of match.

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