NBA Trade Deadline deals, and thoughts

Welcome to the NBA Trade Deadline aftershow!

I’ll take a look at a trade by trade breakdown and my quick thoughts on the swap.

Phoenix Suns get:
Mike Scott, F

Atlanta Hawks get:
Protected second-round pick

Reaction: No one cares, Next!

Los Angeles Lakers get:Lakers
Tyler Ennis, G

Houston Rockets get:
Cap space

Reaction:  No one cares, Next!

Brooklyn Nets get:
K.J. McDaniels, G

Houston Rockets get:
Cap space

Reaction: No one cares, Next!

Los Angeles Lakers get:Houston Rockets
Corey Brewer , SF
2017 first-round pick (unprotected)

Houston Rockets get:
Lou Williams, SG

Reaction: All three of these deals are about getting cap and roster space to get players that will be cut in the next few days. Lou Williams is the only player here that matters (remember when Cory Brewer was a piece?)

Toronto Raptors get:
P.J. Tucker, F

Phoenix Suns get:
Jared Sullinger, C
2017 and 2018 second-round picks

Reaction: Sneaky good trade here. Sullenger is a nothing player on a team going nowhere, but Tucker is a solid defensive player that isn’t exactly going to shut LeBron down, but will not make him happy to see him come into the game. Not a lot of players can say that.

Denver Nuggets get:
Roy Hibbert, C

Milwaukee Bucks get:
Protected future second-round pick

Reaction: If Denver was in the East, this would make sense. Even if this was Indiana Roy, this won’t make an impact this season. I have to think that this move was made so Denver can kick the tires on Roy for this offseason.

Let’s get to the Trades that Mattered.

Oklahoma City Thunder get:OKC Thunder
Taj Gibson, F
Doug McDermott, F
2018 second-round pick

Chicago Bulls get:
Anthony Morrow, G
Joffrey Lauvergne, C
Cameron Payne, G

Reaction: Not exactly the Jimmy Butler trade we all wanted. I’ve long been a fan of Morrow, and he has yet to return that faith that he will be a solid player. Decent yes, but if he is on the floor with 5 minutes left in the game, you got problems. Lauvergne is a body, and another decent one, but again, moving on. Payne is supposed to be a building block, but not exactly going into a situation that is going to develop him- of course he wasn’t in one before. I don’t see why Chicago asked for the moon for Butler but sent two players that could help a contender for bit parts and a second round pick from a mid-tier playoff team.

Over on the Thunder side, this was a no-brainer deal. Gibson is a player who has been around for some time, likes to play defense and McBuckets is what we thought he was. He shot 42% from deep last year, not exactly the second coming of Jason Kopono, but not Adam Morrison either. The only downside is Payne was Russell Westbrooks running buddy, but if he’s ok, this was a no-lose deal to get some decent bench parts.

Philadelphia 76ers get:NBA: JAN 07 Hawks at 76ers
Andrew Bogut, C
Justin Anderson, F
Top-18 protected first-round pick

Dallas Mavericks get:
Nerlens Noel, F

Reaction: What the blue hell was Philly thinking? Noel is a restricted free agent after this season, and this is all Philly could get for him? Bogut is a trade chip. Anderson is a good defensive player, but that’s about it. A top 18 protected pick? Really? Is there some 6’6 Serbian they have their eyes on? This is what ticks me off being a Hornets fan, was Cho not home? Hornets couldn’t flip a top 10 protected and Frank the Tank for Noel?

Washington Wizards get:
Bojan Bogdanovic, SG
Chris McCullough, PF

Brooklyn Nets get:
Andrew Nicholson, PF
Marcus Thornton, SG
2017 first-round pick (lottery-protected)

Reaction: Headline here is the Nets have a first round pick! It’s lottery protected but the Wizards are making the playoffs unless the bus crashes. McCullough is a throw in, but Bogdanovic can add some three point shooting (35.7%) and can at least create his own shot.  That’s something the Wizards can always use.

Final Q:celtics
Who blew the Trade Deadline?

Pacers and Celtics.
Paul George would have made the Celtics into the number 2 seed no matter what the Raptors did. I understand the Celtics didn’t want to miss out on the superstars in this years draft. All those pretty 19 year olds. The Celtics could have top-3 or even top 2 protected the pick and sent Bradley, Zeller, Crowder and Brown for George and brought Big Al back. The Celtics stood pat in a year that Kevin Love is hurt and LeBron is playing a ton of minutes. Nothing like riding for second place hoping a rookie can take LeBron on next year, because that happens every year.

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