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Tom is just your normal inner city lid growing up in the slums of London, he just wants to survive long enough to take the entrance exam to a good school and get the heck out of there. He knows who the bad people are, but like most people in these neighborhoods, he just wants to get through the day. Tom has a good friend- holy crap! That’s Arya Stark! She wants help studying so Tom comes by later to help out and finds a group of people leaving. Oh, this has not started well for Arya. Tom tries to run away and calls the police. Tom gets shot in the head. We started a movie off with a gang rape of Arya Stark and our hero getting shot in the head.

Tom wakes up and is told that parts of his phone are now embedded in his brain from the bullet wound. Somehow this now allows him to affect electronics. He can basically hack into computers and cell phones and make them do what he wants. Don’t ask how the sausage is made, it’s a really interesting turn in the story. Now Arya has withdrawn into her room a bit shell shocked from the whole thing, but Tom is slowing learning how to handle his powers and taking revenge on the gang, and trying to find out why she was attacked. iBoy also is trying to bring Arya out of her shell through text messages that she thinks is from iBoy. As the movie goes on, iBoy starts to take down more and more of the incoming drug trade into the neighborhood, and gets more and more attention from the gangs.

So how is iBoy?iBoy 1

At it’s heart iBoy is a superhero movie. It reminds me a good bit of Kickass, but it a great way. We have a hero who just wants to live his life, but circumstances have not allowed him to just take the test, and get out of the slums. iBoy’s life was changed and the first thing he wants to do is make things right for his friend. Like the better superhero movies, he has problems that his Superpowers just wont walk up and solve. Everything was fun and games until he wasn’t a ghost anymore. Things got real when his family got put in danger. The movie didn’t have to create a Supervillian for iBoy to go against. iBoy goes up against himself in trying to figure out what’s happening to him, then against your common gangster. The good thing is this guy is smart, and without superpowers is more than a match for iBoy.

I’ll be honest, a major drawing card for this movie was seeing Arya Stark outside of Westeros. In this movie Arya is pushed to the background outside of a need to shove the plot forward and then during its conclusion. One of the best parts of this movie is I don’t need Arya at all, I am so pulled into iBoy by the time Arya comes back, she’s not even missed. That’s not to say that Maisie Williams does a bad job, just how strong I felt the structure was.

I’m going an 8 here. There is a good bit of goodness here, and If I find a DVD of iBoy with a good bit of special features I’d be all over it. Would I be fine if the only way I ever saw this was tossing it on Netflix? Absolutely. Would I watch it again with my kids? Sure. So 8 sounds about right.

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