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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome again to the Wrestling Roundtable. What did you think of Elimination Chamber? Did they right guy walk out of the Chamber as the WWE World Champion? Also, has the internet destroyed professional wrestling? While it is not one of the questions this week. I want to say how vividly disappointed I am at how the WWE booked the Makeover of Emmalina, when she debuted. This may be one of the all time blunders if you ask me.  All this and much more!

Power rankings

1.Bray Wyatt- The New WWE Champion defeated five other men in the Chamber to capture the gold, the first of his career.

2.Kevin Owens- Best friends no more, Kevin Owens destroyed his former best friend, now heads to Fastlane on his own.

3.Samoa Joe- Joe is on a warpath with everyone in the WWE. Sami Zayn is his latest victim. What is next for the Samoan.

4.Braun Strowman- Talk about warpath, No one, and I mean NO ONE seems to be able to stop Braun Strowman. Can Roman be the first? It doesnt appear like it.

5.AJ Styles- A great performance in the chamber, puts AJ back in the Power Rankings

this week

1997- Shawn Michaels forfiets the WWF World Heavyweight Championship on Raw, just weeks after winning it back. Michaels claimed that he lost is smile, and had to find himself.

2003- The WWE loses an all time great as Mr Perfect Curt Hennig passes away

2004- Eddie Guerrero suddenly passes away in his hotel room. It was rumored that Guerrero was set to win the WWE Championship from Batista later that week on Smackdown.

And here are the questions this week!


The Elimination Chamber was ___________ and why?

Steve: Decent but predictable. Ill elaborate more on the predictable part later. I liked most of the matches. I thought the Bliss vs Naomi match was bad, being the main womens match. The other two women matches really excelled. The Harper vs Orton match was awesome, and could be a match of the year candidate. The tag team turmoil match was alright, but seemed to drag on. The Chamber match was good, but lacked some good key spots. It was rather boring to watch until the end. Giving Bray the title was a good move, and sets up some interesting storylines.

Todd: Alright. I am not going to say it was good or bad. Just some matches were better than others. First of all the Harper vs Orton match was by far the best match of the night and could be up for match of the year. James vs Lynch match was a really good match and the Bliss vs Naomi match was mediocre. The Bella vs Nattie match to me was horrible just because of the way it ended. The tag team turmoil match was boring. None of them tag teams deserve the titles. WWE made The Ascension look so weak by the Usos beating the Hell out of American Alpha and then they can’t even come out and finish the job. Really? You made American Alpha look unbeatable. The Chamber match was kind of disappointing. It wasn’t the same as past chamber matches. It was good that Bray Wyatt won though.

Tyler: Unexpectedly awesome.  Unexpected in that Alexis dropped the women’s title to Naomi already, and awesome being the Elimination Chamber match itself and Bray getting a long-deserved run at a major singles title.  I would also add the Luke Harper/Randy Orton match as well, as that was Harper’s best in-ring performance since being moved up to the main roster four years ago.

Chad:  Luke Harper’s moment of glory even though he suffered the pinfall defeat and weren’t going to beat  the Royal Rumble winner (even though it does happen more than I realized) but I thought it was a good match; Harper got offense in it was a notice to the locker room there could be another player in the main event scene.

goldberg vs lesnar

Do you want to see Goldberg vs Lesnar for the Universal title at Wrestlemania?

Steve: No, No, No, a thousand times NO! Both Lesnar and Goldberg are part-timers, and both do not have a contract after Wrestlemania. This feels like Wrestlemania XX all over again, with both guys likely to leave after Wrestlemania. It would be a disaster if they put the title on Goldberg and made the Lesnar match for the championship. It would lower the prestige of that championship.

Todd: Hell no! We don’t want to see this. Why would WWE even tease a match like this, because they are stupid idiots. Why do all these part-time idiots get all the big spot? I just don’t understand it. this match would make no sense.

Tyler: While I wouldn’t mind them going at it again, I’d only want them to vie for the title if either of them would maintain a full schedule afterwords.  No more of the part-timers winning the world title crap!

Chad: No, but since when has that stopped WWE. After Wrestle Kingdom 11 WWE said they wanted a WM Main event the quality of Omega/Okada I don’t see how this is it.


Over the past several years, the internet has been nearly giving out spoilers to shows, events, and even potential main events on pay per view events. In your opinion, has the internet destroyed professional wrestling?

Steve: This is the reason why I said earlier that the Elimination Chamber was predictable. Just like the Royal Rumble, where it was said that Randy Orton was going to win the Rumble, the internet also revealed that they are going to put the strap on Bray Wyatt. So you basically knew going in who was going to win. I miss the old days where there was an element of surprise, but I guess that gives us writers something to talk about and debate.

Todd: Well, to tell you the truth the same time I heard that Randy Orton was going to win the Royal Rumble, I also found out Bray Wyatt was gonna win the chamber and we didn’t even know who was gonna be in the chamber yet. I don’t know if it has destroyed professional wrestling but it has put a hurt on the element of surprise on the fans.

Tyler: The industry? No.  But kayfabe is certainly dead, which just means that the bookers and writers have to be more creative to hold the audience’s attention.  Not that I’ve noticed much creativity out of the WWE’s writers but there’s always hope.

Chad:  In the aspect mentioned you could make an argument and say yes. At the same time it has opened up the industry to where the common fan can see other promotions instead of tape trading (For the Young Readers that’s actually trading VHS tapes of matches, If you don’t know what VHS is; Goggle it) you can have one person upload a match onto Youtube and other Social Media and reach more fans.

owens vs jericho

Agree/Disagree: Breaking up Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho was the right call?

Steve: Eh… I guess I can get on board, but personally I liked the two together. I would be thrilled if they faced off for the Universal title at Mania, I think these two have great chemistry, and can work well together. But it made for some fun and interesting entertainment on Raw.

Todd: To be honest I don’t really care. I don’t like either one of them but its gonna create an interesting storyline going forward.

Tyler: I know they’d go that route eventually, but I don’t necessarily agree that doing that now was right. But they can give a good US title feud when Owens drops the Universal title to Goldberg at Fastlane.

Chad: With Jericho set to go away again and tour with Fozzy yeah this would be the match and the angle for him to go out on. 100% agree.


Bayley won the WWE Womens championship on Raw from Charlotte, Does she drop it at Fastlane, or will she go into Wrestlemania as the champion?

Steve: Depends on who she faces at Fastlane. If she takes on Charlotte for the title, then no she drops it at Fastlane. They are not going to end Charlotte’s PPV streak at a second tier event. They would wait for Mania to do something like that. If she is in a tag match or something, or faces off against Nia Jaxx just to name someone, then she will retain and go on to face Charlotte or Sasha Banks at Mania.

Todd: I think she drops it to Charlotte at Fastlane because Charlotte is owed a rematch. By the Way the women’s title is jumping around Charlotte should be 16 time women’s champion by the end of the year.

Tyler: My *hope* is that she keeps it until Wrestlmania and that they don’t play hot potato with the title again like they did with the Charlotte/Sasha program.  Realistically, I can see them trading the title a few times before WrestleMania.

Chad:  I say drop it Fastlane get a last chance match at WrestleMania and break the Charlotte PPV streak to win back the title and go from there.

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