The Blog About Nothing 2/17 Edition

Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 17th of February, and before you know it the month of February will be over. February always goes by in a blur as far as I’m concerned. It’s probably the 28 on the calendar but I’ve always felt like February is a blink and you’ll miss it month.

In the sports world, February kicks off with Super Bowl Sunday and it ends with the NASCAR season starting with the Daytona 500. In between is the start of spring training, and the NBA All Star Game.

This weekend the NBA All Star Game will be played in New Orleans, Louisiana. In past years I would be all in for All Star weekend but I’m not feeling it this year. That does not mean that I won’t be watching, but I’m not that excited for it this year.NBA All Star 2017

Truth be told I’ve never really been into the All Star Game itself, but I usually looked forward to the Dunk Contest and Three Point Shootout on Saturday night, but this year I don’t care. I’ll still watch but I’m not anticipating anything crazy.

Why? Despite a changing of the guard in the NBA which sees Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James as the oldest players in the All Star Game at the age of 32, there is no young star that really excites me about watching. In past years, this weekend would be the weekend where you would see the next can’t miss prospect take the next leap, and I’m not sure that guy is involved this year.

A lot of that would have to do with the weak quality of the past couple NBA draft classes. Yes, there has been a Karl-Anthony Towns, a Porzingis, and one of the few players I do like in the Greek Freak but overall the last few classes have developed good players but no real stars. It would be nice to have the next wunderkind come through but it might be awhile.

Ben Simmons being injured hurts. Simmons was poised to be that wunderkind with the Philadelphia 76ers but he hasn’t been able to play because of a foot injury. Joel Embiid being out with a knee injury also hurts. This could have been the first real opportunity for people to really see Embiid play and that opportunity has gone by the wayside.

So, here I am, unenthused about the All Star Game. Never thought I would get here in my 35 years, but here I am. I absolutely have little excitement about something I’m going to watch. I hate that feeling but that is life I guess.

I’m done. Thanks for reading.


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