Matthew Dowd and the First Amendment

ABC’s Matthew Dowd should be fired immediately. He’s incompetent.


He said “Trump shut down part of the First Amendment” based on who he (POTUS) called on to ask questions at a press conference.

Ok let’s forget for a second that the “news” organizations who are being ignored have spread lies (Russia dossier, CNN) or referred to President Trump as “Hitleresque” multiple times (MSNBC) let’s pretend those things didn’t happen. That the “main stream” media has completely clean hands.

The first amendment guarantees a free press without prosecution from the Government. It does NOT guarantee a right to ask the POTUS any question, ever. Trump has zero obligation to even HAVE a presser. Let alone to call on any organization that is openly hostile towards him.

Please tell me which CNN anchor has been arrested for reporting a blatantly FALSE story about Russian prostitutes? Which MSNBC talking head is sitting in jail for calling Trump “Hitler”? Um…none. They can write or say whatever nonsense story they like, such as “he’s shutting down freedom of the press”. No violation of anything exists. (For you children who don’t know, the REAL Hitler would have arrested and executed people for reporting anything unfavorable true, or not)

If Matthew Dowd doesn’t understand the first amendment then he’s definitely in the wrong job. Perhaps “would you like fries with that” is a job he’s more capable of comprehending.

If we the people, no matter what side of the political spectrum you reside, don’t hold the PRESS accountable for their false reporting then a free press is an “out dated” idea, anyhow. It’s nothing but a partisan rhetoric fest. Kinda like Facebook.

But you know what? We largely are holding them to account. The press so gleefully reports that Trumps popularity ratings are low. They forget to mention POTUS has better ratings on TRUST than THEY do. Ouch!

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