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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. This week we will discuss Jabari Parker’s season ending injury, Charles Oakley incident in MSG, that and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

Here are the questions:

Jabari Parker

Does Jabari Parker’s season ending injury end Milwaukee’s playoff hopes?

Todd: I had them at the 7th seed before the Parker injury. Now that he is out for the season I think theie playoff hopes have faded. They were crushed thru 3 quarters by the Lakers. Yeah they tried to come back in the 4th but they were so far behind already that they didn’t have enough. I know they come back and beat the pacers on the next night but the pacers have been so inconsistent this year. The greek freek wont be enough to carry them to the playoffs.

Steve: Parker is a big loss for the Bucks, but it does not hurt their playoff chances. They still have an All-Star in Giannis Antetokounmpo. I think if he was the one injured, that may hurt their chances at the playoffs, but in the East, where an under .500 record may get you into the playoffs is likely to happen. The Bucks can sneak in there.

Dan: While I will say that it was a tragedy that it has happened, and it is the second time to that knee, I don’t think that his tragic injury will end the Bucks’ playoff hopes. They just got back Khris Middleton, way earlier than expected and he should help out a lot. Today, against Indiana, the Bucks looked very good and were able to pull out the win. They have Maker finally starting to get some minutes and he’s been stepping up nicely. I think the Bucks were just experiencing a cold streak and should get back to it after the All-Star break and be able to squeeze in at a seventh or eighth seed even without Jabari Parker.

Chad: It isn’t the end of the world for the Bucks but I cant justify giving them anything higher than 7th w/o him in the lineup the Bucks have enough pieces to get to the playoffs but that will be about it.


Do you agree with Knicks Owner Dolan in banning Charles Oakley from MSG?

Todd: That seems kind of harsh banning Oakley for life. Maybe for the rest of the season or even next season since this season is almost over. He screwed up. Maybe send him to anger management classes.

Steve: Absolutely! You dont go into an arena and start pushing security guards, and pushing Police officers. That is the kind of thing that will put you in jail, as Oakley experienced. I have no problem what so ever with Dolan banning Oakley from the building.

Dan: No, I don’t. While I think it was just a stupid situation, I don’t think that he should have been banned for life. I think for the rest of the season? Yes. For next season? Debatable. But for life? No, that’s not right. Then, to make matters worse, they fired the security guard who was in the altercation, even though he was doing his job. That right there makes it just all the more confusing and why it’s even more wrong for them to ban Oakley for life from Madison Square Garden.

Chad: Oakley just did what ever Knicks fan wants to do they are the laughing stock of Sports right now. He shouldn’t have pushed anyone. I would have been okay with a ban until the end of next season. For life just seems outrageous.


If the season were to end today. (2/11/17) There would be 2 teams in the East to make the playoffs with a below 500 record. Will it be like that at the end of the season?

Todd: For the first time in a long time it looks like the West will have a playoff team with a sub 500 record. The East is like that almost every year. Well this year it looks like they might have 2 teams with sub 500 records. Of course the Bulls and Pistons are 7 and 8 right now. Bulls will fall out of the playoffs to be replaced by the Heat. They are on fire winning 13 of their last 14.

Steve: Entering Monday you have the Bulls and Pistons both three games under .500. Detroit, I feel like Detroit is underachieving right now, and will come together to at least get to .500 or better. The Bulls however, I have less faith in, and think they will be under .500 and maybe on the outside looking in. I think you will see at least one of the two bottom seeds under .500 in both the East and West this year.

Dan: No, I don’t believe so. I think one Eastern Conference team will be at .500 or under and the other will be borderline. But that’s a typical Eastern Conference playoffs. I’d be happy if every team is over .500 who makes the playoffs, but I just don’t see that happening.

Chad: There’s a team or 2 on the bring on each of the league come playoff time I think with the Pistons and the Heat getting one of them might be.


What is your opinion of this Carmelo Anthony Saga?

Todd: It’s ridiculous. Jackson just needs to trade him and get it over with.

Steve: Phil Jackson obviously doesnt want him here. Anthony is a leader of any team, and a class act not retaliating. Get him out of New York and to a team that will appreciate him. Phil is exactly what ESPN called him, an AW-PHIL President.

Dan: I think it’s kind of ridiculous. If they’re going to trade him, they need to make it happen. Otherwise, just shut up about the whole situation. LeBron James just made the whole situation worse by his comments, then it’s become a huge distraction on an already distraction-filled Knicks team. Just leave the situation alone. If he gets traded, he gets traded. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. Stop causing more of a distraction and the Knicks need to stop entertaining this.

Chad: They are the worst franchise in sports. Tear the thing down and start over again. Does the NBA have the “Death Penalty” like the NCAA?


Agree or disagree. James Harden should be ahead of Russell Westbrook in the Kia MVP Race.

Todd: Disagree. For one Harden is the worst defensive player on the planet and never should be considered as the MVP.  For another Westbrook is doing more with less. Harden is the most valuable dumbass!

Steve: Only in regards to his teams success. Westbrook is going to have 30 plus Triple Doubles this year, and Harden is having a lot of success with the Rockets this year. I think Westbrook is having the better overall season, but Harden is probably the most valuable player.

Dan: I disagree. While I know that the Houston Rockets have a better record than the Thunder, I can’t support Harden being above Westbrook solely on that. Westbrook is averaging a triple-double (10.5 rebounds, 10.2 assists and 31.2 points) while Harden is close (8.2 rebounds, 11.3 assists and 29.1 points). Harden has a much better team around him as well since Westbrook is really doing this by himself especially since Oladipo has been off-and-on hurt and Kanter broke his hand/arm punching a chair in a child-like tantrum. Harden also is playing almost two more minutes per game. People have mentioned that Westbrook turns the ball over way too much (had another quadruple-double with turnovers against Golden State tonight) but in all reality, Harden averages more per game (Westbrook 5.5; Harden 5.9) while Westbrook gets a tad more steals per game than Harden (1.6 for Westbrook; 1.5 for Harden). I think the stats, and the overall supporting casts that each player has to deal with supports Westbrook’s case more than it supports Harden’s. Give Westbrook the MVP.

Chad: Disagree, without Westbrook the Thunder are a garbage basketball team; he’s clearly more valuable to their success.


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