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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome back to the countdown. This week is pretty simple after last weeks tough one. This week I will countdown the top 7 wrestlers that are actually older than you think. No I will not mention Ric Flair who is not actually a 90 year old man as he looks, but he is still old. So Flair fans, before you bite my head off, Im going more main stream here. Lets get right to it.

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Troy chimes in this weeks about Todd’s favorite superstar.

Where did James Ellsworth come from, and how did he become such a big star after getting squashed by Braun Strowman.

Essentially James Ellsworth was a wrestler on the independent circuit for about 14 years before making his WWE in ring debut against Strowman. After getting squashed by Strowman, the wrestling world buzzed over James Ellsworth, perhaps because this new era of wrestling never saw jobbers like we old guys did in the past. The internet was buzzing over him and Vince had no choice but to put him back on TV. He was over, popular, and even got himself a championship match against AJ Styles THREE TIMES!! So it was really the internet and social media that got Ellsworth signed to a contract. It had zero to do with his performance against Braun.


heel turn

Since we are on the topic of James Ellsworth, we might as well use him as the Heel turn for this week. It happened just recently at TLC during a match between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose for the WWE Championship in ladder match. Ellsworth had been a favorite and was befriended by Ambrose in the weeks prior to TLC. He even helped Ellsworth hold two victories over AJ Styles proceeding TLC. So it was only fitting that Ellsworth did the unthinkable and as Ambrose was about to capture the championship. Ellsworth tips over the ladder and sent Ambrose crashing to the outside, allowing AJ to climb the ladder and retrieving the title to retain. Ellsworth claimed that he did it because he was confident he could beat AJ for the title, and it was no disrespect to Ambrose. However, during his match with AJ, he was on his own, and got squashed.



Here is the countdown of the top 7 wrestlers who appear younger than they actually are. The fossils are older than you think.

Honorable Mention

John Cena (39)- The man that has the secret ingredient on how to age properly. Cena looks nearly the same way he did 14 years ago when he debuted, minus a few outfit changes. Cena is almost 40 years old, coming in at 39. Still the man could pass for early 30’s

Goldberg (49)- Goldberg debuted in 1997, when he started his undefeated streak, and he was 30 as a rookie in WCW. After a brief stint in the WWE, he retired from wrestling only to make his return. Goldberg is now pushing 50, as he is 49 years old.

Eva Marie (32)- Unless Im talking worst talent ever, this may be the only time you see Eva Marie on my countdown. Her good looks is the only thing that is going for her, but she better move fast because Eva Marie shocked me that she was 32 years old.


7.Brock Lesnar (39)- It only seems recent that we were talking about Brock Lesnar being the Youngest World Champion in the history of the WWE. That was 13 years ago, and now after a long career in both the WWE and UFC, Lesnar is pushing 40 at 39 years old.

6.Dolph Ziggler (36)– Ziggler has aged very well since he came into the WWE as part of the Spirit Squad, he has a boy scout type look and appears to be in his twenties. Not quite, Ziggler is a firm 36 years young.

5. TJ Perkins (32)- This was a shocker, I thought TJ Perkins was like 22 years old. When I saw that he was actually 32, with that Billy Kidman type face, he could fool a lot of carnies at the guess my age game.

4.Finn Balor (35)- This one really surprised me. Finn Balor looks to be somewhere around mid to late 20’s, but at 35 years old, he is actually on the tail end of his wrestling career.

3.The Miz (36)– The Miz also has aged very well in his ten plus year career in the WWE, after being on the reality show, the Real World, the Miz has many wrestling accomplishments. He has a babyface, but the man is actually 36 years old.

2.Chris Jericho (45)- Chris Jericho has been a name in wrestling for over 20 years, and even before that, while wrestling for Japan, Jericho had some success. It still does not seem possible that he is 45 years old.

1.AJ Styles (39)– At 39 years old, AJ Styles who made a huge impact after making his debut in the WWE just over a year ago at the 2016 Royal Rumble. AJ does not appear to be as old as he is, especially what he can do in the ring.

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