Movie Review: Mi-5

We kick off with . . .a traffic jam. Yup. Gonna be one of these kinds of movies. A car in the front and back of a moving van, holding a prisoner in a cell. The cars can’t move for some reason. The helicopter is even called away for a “police emergency” as we find out that the prisoner is being sent to the CIA.

Soon a whole bunch of bike start rolling in, but no one can do anything. Even when the female agent grabs at her gun, she’s stopped by her partner saying they are outmatched. Dragged to their knees, they are threatened with death if they don’t open the van.

Few points.

One; If I’ve got, say Charles Manson in the van. A whole bunch of his Family show up and want to free him. Why wouldn’t I kill Manson then try and fight them off? I’m most likely dead even if I let him go, and he’s going to kill a bunch of people if he does get away.

Two; Why drive during rush hour? Why take streets that could be clogged? You have a helicopter? Why not take him in that?

Three; Open your doors. Motorcycles are a bad match-up for doors.Mi-5 Kit

Four; ONE Helicopter? Where is this? Montana?

Finally; Why only two cars? You have this scary guy, and 8 guards. Brinks has half that many getting money from the dropbox at Walgreens. There are more than that watching them at the security center.

So the suits let the prisoner go, and they take off on the bikes, and of course, our chickagent is the only one with balls to go after him, even breaking her partners grip. One of the CIA goes with her, and gives chase. He gets shot because he’s an idiot, and she takes two shots at the back of the van, but doesn’t aim for the tires, and looking the back of the van, has aim that Stormtroopers would fail with at a gun range.

By the way, we are 33 minutes in before we get Jon Snow. The rest of the runtime is introducing Jon Snow, finding out who the bad guy is, and getting him back in custody, right?

So how is Mi-5?

The start is wonderful. Let me be honest and upfront. I love this opener. I started to watch this movie because I wanted to see some non-Jon Snow Kit Harrington and see how he did, and I have been watching some Mission Impossible movies to get that series done, not to mention all those damn James Bond movies.

With all that in mind, I feel that Mi-5 kind of blows the great setup it was given. Jon Snow looks constipated, but then again, he looks constipated quite often in Game of Thrones as well. I’m not going spoilers here, there simply isn’t any need. The movie isn’t done badly, and everyone is giving an effort, but I’ll go a 5 here, simply because there isn’t the rewatchablity of a good Bond movie, and there isn’t the skill here of a Mission Impossible. This is worth a watch when it comes on cable, but not much of a reason to go looking for a forgettable movie.

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