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Hello there wrestling fans and welcome back to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. I hope you all are recovered from the Super Bowl last Sunday…WOW What a game, and what an epic collapse by the Atlanta Falcons. However, we are not here to discuss Football, we are here to discuss the latest happenings in professional wrestling. So let’s not waste any time, and let’s get right to it.


Power rankings

1. John Cena- Will John Cena’s 16th championship reign be short lived? Or will the champ come out on top at the Elimination Chamber.

2. Randy Orton- Orton is lying in wait for the outcome of the WWE World Championship match at the Chamber.

3. Samoa Joe- First timer on the Power Rankings, after back to back destruction of two of the Shield members, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Joe has come to take names.

4. Kevin Owens- The WWE Universal Champion has his back against the wall as he is now slated to face Goldberg at Fastlane. Can Owens, even with the help of Jericho overcome Goldberg?

5. Baron Corbin- I originally had Braun Strowman in this position, but after Corbins Fatal Four way match on Smackdown, I had no choice but to put him back into the top 5.


this week

1988- Andre the Giant defeated Hulk Hogan to win the WWF World Championship. His title reign would last a mere minutes, as he surrendered the championship to Ted Dibiase. The title would eventually be held up and defended in a tournament at Wrestlemania IV.

1990- Sting is kicked out of the Four Horsemen after just a two month stint with the group for not vacating his championship match against Ric Flair. Ironically, Sting tore his ACL and was out for several months before returning in July to win the championship off of Flair.

1990– Larry Zybysko wins the AWA World Championship from Jerry Lawler, Zybysko would be the last AWA Champion crowned, as the company folded a few months later.


And now let the Roundtable commence. Here are the questions for this week!


The Elimination Chamber is this Sunday. It has been rumored that Bray Wyatt will in fact walk out as the WWE World Champion, and go on to face Randy Orton. Would this be a good call for the WWE writers?

Steve: As much as I would like to see Bray Wyatt as the champion. Having him enter Wrestlemania as the WWE World Champion against Randy Orton would be a marketing nightmare. Wyatt and Orton have faced off before, and while under different circumstances, having it at Wrestlemania for the company’s top prize just doesn’t do it for me. I think to get the best match you need to have Cena win the Chamber match, and then go on to lose it to Orton at Mania. Then, and only then do you have Bray Wyatt take the title off of Orton to set up a nice little feud between the two for the belt.

Chad: It’s a good idea;  but the WrestleMania timing in my opinion is not good just because the marketing draw is not there for me for Wyatt/Orton. Cena/Orton while done 100 times under almost every type of match possible has never been done on the grandest stage of them all. But with them facing off on Smackdown this week I don’t think we’ll see in Orlando in April.

Tyler: It would be a fantastic call, as this would be a long-overdue push for Bray, and a great capstone to what has turned out to be one of the best feuds of 2016


women chamber

With all the promotional matches that the Divas were involved in, Hell in a Cell, Falls Count Anywhere, and an Iron Man match. There are three women’s matches at the Elimination Chamber. Do you think the WWE should put all six in a Chamber match?

Steve: It’s not going to happen, but yes I think having three matches for the women puts a lot of pressure on the female division. The women are going to really make or break this show, and if they perform well, then the show should be great, but if they have three bad matches, the show will be a flop, even if the Chamber match is a success. I think it would be great for the division, and for wrestling just to put these six inside the demonic structure, and see what happens. I would watch.

Chad: I don’t see that happening this time but down the road with the group of women wrestling right now I definitely can see it happening in the future

Tyler: I think so.  We’ve already seen the women can go in the big gimmick matches, so why not make history again and put them in the Chamber.



Buy it or Sell it? It has been reported that the reason Roman Reigns entered the Royal Rumble at #30 was to set up a match against the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, and also to give Orton a better fan reaction when he won the match. Do you buy this logic or sell it?

Steve: I buy the reasoning behind doing it, if only to eliminate the Undertaker from the match. It is a good set up, but I sell the match. I don’t like the idea of Reigns vs Taker at Mania. I will concede that it has the makings to set up Reigns for a heel turn, and that is what the fans have been thriving for for the past year. It could solidify Roman Reigns if in fact he actually defeats the Undertaker, but I don’t see Taker dropping the match if this could be his last match. I think fans would be more interested in a Cena vs Taker match, but that is not going to happen so who knows how this will play out. My faith in the WWE writing is not very high.

Chad: A challenger losing a title match should not be rewarded with a spot in the Rumble but the logic I guess makes sense although I have no interest in Undertaker vs Roman Reigns we want Cena/Taker if anything.

Tyler: Sell it.  While WWE has once again been trying to shove Reigns down our throats (with little success, given the crowd reaction to his loss to Samoa Joe and Braun Stroman’s interference), this sounds a bit too complicated for the WWE writers to come up with.  Besides, it’s looking like maybe Stroman/Reigns is where they’re going right now.



Buy it or Sell it? Randy Orton recently said that the Super Bowl does not compare to Wrestlemania. Buy or Sell?

Steve: I love Wrestlemania, but I sell this. If you are a Football and a Wrestling fan, which I am, the Super Bowl is probably more beloved to many than Wrestlemania. That being said, if the WWE only held a handful of Pay Per View events each year, then I could buy this as wrestling fans really look forward to Mania all year round. Because you have upwards to 20-24 events a year, Wrestlemania just doesnt have the hype that it used to have.

Chad: Sell, They are comparable in that the event takes over a city for a week but they are also unique in how they are presented.

Tyler: HA. While I appreciate Randy supporting the home team, there’s no way Wrestlemania compares the Super Bowl.  Sorry, Sell it.


samoa joe

Buy it or Sell it? Samoa Joe will be the Universal Champion by the end of 2017?

Steve: Buying this 100%, he has already proved that he can work with the top guys in the business. He took out Seth Rollins, and holds a pinfall victory over Roman Reigns. So it is obvious that he is starting off a house of fire, and they are ready to roll with him. Kevin Owens has been a sub-par champion, and Joe would be a good fit to be the next top heel on Raw, and carrying the title would be good for his career.

Chad: Buying, I wouldn’t be surprised if Samoa Joe is a major factor in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and fighting for the belt by Summerslam.

Tyler: Buy it.  I can see him replacing Owens as the main heel for RAW by the end of the year.




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