Epic comeback or epic fold @ NFLRT 2/10



Epic comeback or epic fold? 

That’s maybe  the biggest question surrounding SB LI and the crew kicks off this week’s roundtable with their takes…

Tip of the cap to the entire Patriots’ organization for winning SB LI… Belichick, Brady and all the rest…

1) Super Bowl LI… Epic comeback or epic fold? Why?

Chad: Epic Fold by the Falcons… to be going along and then not be able to do anything right… even staying in FG range late. Just an epic collapse by the Falcons with mistakes, penalties, etc…

The Play That Changed the SB LI? Pata LB Hightower (yellow circle) brings pressure from the left side, while Falcons RB Freeman (red circle) misses a block, resulting in a strip sack of QB Ryan
The Play That Changed the SB LI? Pata LB Hightower (yellow circle) brings pressure from the left side, while Falcons RB Freeman (red circle) misses a block, resulting in a strip sack of QB Ryan

Dan: I always like to give the team who came back the favor in this sort of situation, so, I will say it was an epic comeback by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Not only did their defense have to step up and perform, but, they had to do their part on offense in a way they just couldn’t through the first three quarters.

Tom Brady and Dion Lewis really pushed the magic to happen for the Patriots leading them to yet another Super Bowl victory.

David: Good luck San Fran, your new coach just seriously blew the Super Bowl, TWICE.

There is no reason to lose that big a lead when you basically get to sit around and rest for an hour with that youth. I don’t know what it means when you are playing the Pats and the term “and 1” comes up and OCs think they have to pass and the Head Coaches let them. Must be a Seattle thing.

Earl: Going with both, actually. The Patriots coming back from 25 down, is obviously a Super Bowl record, but, the Falcons folded too, by moving away from their game plan.

The Falcons were having success running the ball and stretching the Patriots defense on tosses and sweeps, but, they moved away from that once they had the lead and the Pats made the adjustment in the second half by giving Brady the time to throw the ball down the field. Also, the Falcons had no answer for James White out of the backfield. Brady was the obvious MVP choice, but, you could have made the case for White considering how he kept on gashing the Falcons defense.

2) Did Julian Edelman’s catch top David Tyree’s catch for arguably the best and probably the most clutch… as well as maybe the most outrageous… catch ever in Super Bowl history?  

Chad: Yes, for the reason he had multiple guys on him and there was a tip.

Edelman catch
Edelman catch

Dan: Yes, I believe it did. Not only was it incredible, but, nobody thought he caught that in real speed. It was miraculous. He had to make that catch, too, and, he did. He was going to the ground, with two defenders on him and he just barely made the catch. It was the most impressive and the best catch I ever saw in my entire life from highlights or anything.

And, that’s why I think it tops Tyree’s catch.

David: I think the Pittsburgh catch with Big Ben to win the game is still number 1.

Earl: I’ll still give the edge to Tyree, since part of that catch comes with the fact that Eli was able to shake off a sure sack to even throw that ball up there, but, Edelman’s catch is a clear #2.

I was so convinced that the ball hit the ground but Edelman did show tremendous concentration in catching that ball. It was clutch, timely, and the reason why he’ll soon have another Super Bowl ring on his fingers.

3) In your opinion, should the NFL consider canning the neutral site for the Super Bowl and give home field to the AFC or the NFC in alternating years?

Should the Super Bowl Be a Neutral Site Game?
Should the Super Bowl Be a Neutral Site Game?

Chad: No, the Neutral Site allows the game to be an event for the NFL and the fans, as well as for the city hosting. Leave it as is.

Dan: No, keep the neutral site. It’s a lot better that way. Imagine if that game is in Foxboro, there’s no doubt in my mind how that game would have been altered. We wouldn’t have saw anything like what we saw in Houston. The game would’ve been in New England’s favor. In a very cold, outside environment; we wouldn’t see the type of game we saw from Atlanta. It would’ve changed everything.

Keep it the same. It’s not broken, so there’s no need to try to fix it. A neutral site pits the two best teams together with even playing fields and that’s the way it should be for the Super Bowl.

David: No one wants to go to New England in January, or February. The Super Bowl isn’t for fans, it’s for corporate suits. They want to hang out in LA or New Orleans and Miami.

Earl: Goodness no. Keep the game in an alternate site and preferably a warm weather City.

Yes, the weather in the Northeast has been extremely pleasant this winter, but there’ s no guarantee that the weather would be pleasant in a Northeast or Midwest City in early February. I would hate the game to become impacted by weather so keep it in Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, Dallas etc…

NFL HOF class of 2017
NFL HOF class of 2017

4) LaDainian Tomlinson, Kurt Warner, Terrell Davis, Morten Andersen, Jason Taylor, Jerry Jones and Kenny Easley are in this year’s NFL Hall of Fame class for 2017.

Should Terrell Owens have been in that class and how big of a slight is it that the 47-member selection committee left Owens out of this year’s HOF class? Or, do you believe the 47-member selection committee got it right and Owens deserved to not be selected for a bronze bust in Canton? If, so, then why? 

Chad: It’s a slight but sometimes guys have to wait to get into the HOF; I think he will eventually get into the Hall of Fame.

Dan: Yes, I believe Terrell Owens should have been elected to the Hall of Fame. He was an awesome wide receiver and while a lot of media members didn’t like him due to his antics and how he conducted himself on and off the field, I think that relayed too much into the factor of putting him in or out of the Hall. He deserves to be in and his stats definitely tell the story of a Hall of Fame player.

Not this year... Maybe next year in 2018...
Not this year… maybe next year in 2018…

One player who needs to be in, who has very similar stats to John Lynch and Brian Dawkins is Leroy Butler. And, he didn’t even make the ballot, which is absolutely ridiculous. Put him on the ballot and put him in the Hall of Fame. He had that type of a career and his numbers are incredible (very similar to Lynch and Hawkins, and, in some cases, beats them both).

David: It’s the Hall of Fame. It should house the greatest players of all time.

If, there are 27 wide receivers in the Hall, then those must be the 27 best wide receivers in the history of the game. How you can say that TO doesn’t qualify is beyond me.

I don’t really have a problem with any of the Class of 2017 getting in.

Earl: Terrell Owens got robbed. Let me get that out of the way. He is absolutely an NFL Hall of Famer and that committee should be ashamed of themselves because they are clearly letting their personal feelings get in the way of good judgement.

Now, with that said he will get in eventually but he should have been in by now. The fact that he’ll go to a third year without induction is just silly.

However, congratulations to those who have gotten in. The players that were inducted deserve it, but Owens should be in the Hall. He should have been last year, but, he better get in next year.

5) Will either of the two teams in Super Bowl LI be in Super Bowl LII? Why or why not?

Chad: If Tom Brady and Bill Belichick come back, then I say the Patriots… because they are the Patriots.

Dan: Yes, I believe, if Tom Brady comes back that he’ll be back in the Super Bowl next season. The Patriots are an insane team and with how the coaching is and how much success both him and Belichick have had, I definitely can see them repeating.

Super Bowl LII openiong odds... Patriots lead betting as the favorites over the Cowboys
Super Bowl LII opening odds… Patriots lead betting as the favorites over the Cowboys

They’re the best team in the AFC year in and year out and there are only three teams with more cap space than them this off-season. They’ll be back. If they aren’t, I’ll be surprised.

Atlanta has a good chance, but, I think they lucked out in who they played in the playoffs in order to reach the Super Bowl. It’ll be a lot harder for them to make it next season and I don’t expect them to be back. It would be a fun re-match, but don’t expect it. At all.

David: The Pats could make it. I mean Tomlin is still in Pittsburgh, and Big Ben might not be. Denver isn’t going all out to get Romo, Alex Smith is still going to be in KC, the Raiders are moving, so who is going to beat New England?

The Falcons are going to have problems. Kyle’s brainfart is going to hurt the team going forward, much like Carolina this year. The NFC is deep, with Carolina, Dallas, Green Bay and Seattle still a threat.

Earl: Easy and smart money would say that the Patriots will be back. As long as Brady and Belichick are around, then you have to bet on them. You have to.

The Falcons? Not a chance. Losing Kyle Shanahan as he is about to take the 49ers head coaching job will be a huge loss, and everyone is going to see Atlanta coming at them next season. They won’t be flying under the radar, and the NFC South is a hard division to win. You would have to imagine that the Panthers will be back, and the Buccaneers are on the way up. I won’t count out the Saints either so I would say there is no chance the Falcons get back to the big game next year.


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