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Welcome to another edition of NBA Roundtable. This week, is Magic Johnson the right choice, do you agree with the Rockets, that and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

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Agree or Disagree. Magic Johnson is a good addition to the Los Angeles Lakers front office to help them get back on track to their winning ways.

Todd: I am completely disgusted with this move to tell you the truth. Sure it might be good for the Lakers him helping the young Lakers on the court but are the Lakers really that desperate in winning where they have to hire are lire and a fraud to help them do it.

Steve: No, I have to disagree with this. Magic Johnson is currently an owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and I don’t see how he can devote the appropriate time to the Lakers and also fulfill his duties as an owner of the LA Dodgers. Johnson does not have any front office experience in the NBA, and failed miserably as a head coach for all but a half a season. I have the utmost respect for Magic Johnson, but I just don’t see this working.

Dan: Disagree. I think he’s a good addition to the front office but I don’t know so much about him bringing them back to their winning ways due to the simple fact that he doesn’t exactly have that experience that I think is needed to make a quick turnaround. I think he’ll be a good addition to their front office, but isn’t leading them back to winning ways like what Laker fans are used to.

Chad: Disagree it is good for PR but I don’t see the NBA track record of Magic succeeding off the court to push this team towards winning and prominence again.


Do you agree with the Houston Rockets retiring Yao Ming’s Jersey last week?

Todd: Well if you look at what he has done internationally maybe but if you look at what he has done in the NBA hell no. Sure he made a few All-Star games but he never took the Rockets to a Championship. He was a descent player when he wasn’t injured. I just thought he was injury prone. So I disagree with this.

Steve: It is neither here or there for me. I mean he brought the Rockets back on the map, and more so the NBA as far as its international relationships for the sport of Basketball. So I think his off the court contributions are far more important than what he did on the floor. I have no problem with it.

Dan: I think it’s a nice gesture. I think he was an outstanding player for the years he played, but he wasn’t a “retire my jersey” player. I think it’s mainly due to the amount of fans he brought not only to the NBA but to the Rockets as well. He had a TON of children and adults in China watching the Rockets’ every game, knowing the entire roster, etc. He made such a big impact on the sport and the team, I think his number did deserve to be retired due to that.

Chad: Individual Franchises retiring numbers are their business I personally don’t see it for his on court accomplishments. But, for being a global ambassador sure why not.


Agree or Disagree. We are looking at a 3rd straight finals with the Warriors vs the Cavaliers.

Todd: Disagree. I don’t think either team will make it. Like LeBron says both teams are top heavy. Neither team really has any kind of consistent bench this year. I think that will hurt them in the long run.

Steve: I said going into this season, that my sleeper pick in the East was going to be the Boston Celtics. I am going to stick to that, and say we will not see a three peat rematch of the Finals. I like Golden State to face off against the Celtics in the NBA Finals.

Dan: Agree. I don’t see any team stopping either. The Spurs and Rockets will definitely give the Warriors fits in the playoffs but they’re team is outstanding and they’re making it to the finals, I don’t have a question about that in my mind. The Wizards are going to give the Cavaliers some fits in the East Conference finals (or before that, whenever they face each other) but that’s about it. The Cavs, again, are too good for the East. They’re the best teams in each conference and will, again, make it to the Finals to even their score. They both won a Finals appearance against each other, who will come out on top?

Chad: Yes, although  both teams could face interesting matchups on their way to the Finals.

Boston Celtics

Boston is starting to play great basketball as they have moved into the number 2 seed just before the All-Star break can they catch the Cavaliers?

Todd: Well we are moving closer to the All-Star break and the Celtics are only 2.5 games back with about 30 or so games to play. I think they can catch Cleveland because I don’t think the Cavaliers are really that good.

Steve: So I just said how high I am on Boston. However, even though they are playing well right now, I still think the Cavs get the top spot with Boston either 2nd or 3rd. Boston and Toronto are going to fight for the #2 spot. I think Boston comes out of the East by beating the Cavs in Boston in 6 games.

Dan: I think that they can, and damn near did since they’re only 2.5 games back but I don’t think they’re going to beat them. They won’t get the 1 seed, that belongs to the Cavaliers. Boston has a great team, but they’re a second seed team and that’s where they’re going to enter the playoffs at.

Chad: I don’t see them getting the #1 seed but I do see them giving Cleveland all they can handle in the Playoffs.


Realistically everyone but the Brooklyn Nets is fighting for the 8th seed in the East? Who is the team you think will come away with it?

Todd: I think Miami Heat is gonna get the 8th seed. They have been on a roll as of late winning their last 11 in a row.

Steve: I would love to pick the 76ers as well as they are playing, but I still think they are probably overachieving this year, and are a year a way. I think it will be the Bulls that come out with the 8 seed. They need to get their stuff together, and put some of the bad chemistry behind them, but they have the talent to get into the playoffs.

Dan: I think the Chicago Bulls will snag the eighth seed. That means someone has to jump into the seventh seed and I believe that team is led by two young stars who are bringing back their third star Wednesday night vs the Heat and that’s the Milwaukee Bucks. I really thought they could have hit the fourth or fifth seed mark, but since they went on such a cold streak, I think it’s over for those hopes and dreams. They’ll land the seventh seed, though, and be able to have a chance at winning at least a first round series. If they can go on the type of run the Miami Heat are on, 10-0 in last ten games, then they’ll reach the fifth or fourth seed plateau, but until they do that, they’ll be happy at the seventh. Their team is too talented, in my eyes, to miss the playoffs.

Chad: The Heat could probably vault into a higher seed in the playoffs; I see the Bulls with all of their problems gaining the 8th spot and getting run over by the Cavs in the 1st round.

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