Super Bowl Reflections

Welcome to our Super Bowl Reflections. Don’t worry, we will still have the NFL RT later this week. The respondents were asked about the commercials as well.

Chad: The game an all-time classic….collapse by the Falcons just amazing they let that game get away. The halftime show was okay I mean Lady Gaga is not my cup of tea for music entertainment but they incorporated a couple of cool things into the show. The commercials as always were hit and miss this year. The Walken/Timberlake commercial and the Honda Yearbook ad were my favorites and that Mr. Clean commercial was cringeworthy.

Earl: I’ll start with the easy parts. The commercials were lackluster in my opinion. Usually, there will be a standout commercial that will leave you thinking about it or laughing at it the next day, and none of them had that impact for me after the game. None of them done. They were weak all across the board.

Ladt GagaThe halftime show was nice. I’m not a big Lady Gaga fan and I can’t say I watched it closely but it sounded like the fans were entertained and the reviews were good. So props to Gaga but I wish the NFL would go back to a more contemporary halftime show. Embracing hip-hop would be nice to. Hip-Hop is a huge part of our culture now and the fact that its shunned by the Super Bowl, and by the NFL is a bit pointless to me. I would have been far more excited to see the Migos up there and not Lady Gaga, but I guess it is what it is.
As far as the game itself, we saw history. Tom Brady has his five rings, Belichick has a total of seven, and the Patriots set the record for the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. On the flip side of that we saw the Atlanta Falcons have an epic collapse. What the Falcons did will be something that will take a long time to get over.
However, I have to give Matt Ryan and company their props. They started off on fire, and their defense is very good, but loss is inexcusable. They should have ran the clock out in the second half and they either didn’t do it, or couldn’t do it. Makes no sense.
Brady and the Pats made the adjustment to find time to throw the ball, and James White was catching passes out the backfield. Brady had to win the MVP last night but a good argument could have been had for White who definitely filled the role that Shane Vereen had for the Patriots a few years back.
Great game. Best game ever? Probably not, but we had the first Super Bowl to go into overtime, biggest comeback ever, and we got to see Roger Goodell give the Super Bowl trophy to a team that hates his guts. I think we will all take that.
David: The Falcons choked. Seriously. Why you go into the shotgun on 3rd and 1, and still back-pedal, I have no idea. I still wonder why they didn’t challenge the Matt Ryan fumble, as that could have been ruled a pass. The Falcons did everything they could to blow the game, and did. They let the Pats do what ever they wanted to do. Andy Reid could do a better job of clock management.  I thought FOX did a SHIT job broadcasting the game as well. Joe Buck is a frikken moron and should go back to doing baseball full-time if he can’t do better with Captain Obvious.
I gave my thoughts on the commercials here.
Was this the best Super Bowl ever? No. Best ending, by far. But the Pats spent almost 2 hours getting beat up, and people were leaving the stadium after halftime. No one Niners/Bengals or Steelers/Cardinals early.
I do think it was a memorable game, and I’m glad Lady Gaga showed up and did her job, and didn’t turn it into a political movement. I’m glad Brady, Hoodie and Roger all showed class. This was a great cap to an uneven NFL season. See you in April for the Draft.

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