Ranking the Super Bowl Commercials

Let’s talk about the commercials, First off I do want to say I DQ the TV and Movie offerings, even though I did love the Baywatch one, and even though I have never seen the show (no, not once, I have the internet) but the commercial made me laugh out loud.

So let’s count them down.

Honorable Mentions:
Skittles – Any other year this is forgettable, but at least it tried. Frozen Beef by Wendys  – I thought it was inventive, but guessed it was Wendy’s by the end. Still better than most this year. T-Mobile – Snoop and Martha, comedy gold. Budweiser. Yup, this slips from the top 5. I love seeing on comment boards about how much of an FU this was to Trump. Can’t see how a Swedish company’s remaking of how it started a mega-beer mega-brand. Again, most years I don’t care, but this year ow.

So let’s go with my top 5.


Buick – Yes, I’m a Cam Newton fan, but this was just very well done. The kids bouncing off him from chest bumps at the end was just really well done. I only wish Cam had done this last year.

Verizon – This Fifty Shades tribute was the only commercial I had to back up for the wife to see. That makes it markedly better than anything else, plus had a solid Hashtag that let the company track how good they did. Bravo.

Kia – Melissa McCarty is really hit or miss, and here she again is playing the female Kevin James. HIT. The point was this was very funny. Draw a line here for quality.

Avocados – Early leader in the clubhouse from what was starting off with a REALLY bad commercial slate. Just a solid home run, but I don’t think it’s going to hold up long-term, but in this movie, it was great. Still not eating an Avocado though.

Bai – Oh Hell. Christopher Walken making an N*Sync lyric. Oh Hell. I was not a fan of the band, being a hetro-sexual male who grew up in the 80s, but I did catch the lyrics after a beat of two, and damn was it funny. Then you pan over to the only member that matters from the group, and the look on his face makes me with he wasn’t so damn good a singer and went to SNL full time. This was the best one out there in a crappy year that could hit any top 5 list on any other year.

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